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The most reliable vehicle you would want to own. Safety weathers all.

2001 Acura RL

It's a great car as long as you keep up with the maintenance of the vehicle otherwise it can be very expensive to fix. I live in the south and my car is pretty rare around here which also makes it expensive to find, replace and repair parts. It is preferred to use the more expensive gas for this vehicle but it is worth it. It's great on gas and great on mileage. You should keep this vehicle out of the heat and weather because the elements will easily erode the vehicle as well as the interior. Most of the issues I've had with this vehicle is the alternator, its seems like it needs to be replaced often but I also drive this vehicle often as well so I will cough it up. To normal wear and tear on the vehicle. This vehicle has been driven through tornadoes and hurricanes, hail, snow and even ice storms and has handle the weather like a pro. It is also. A. Very safe vehicle to. Drive. I've driven my year old son everywhere from appointments and even emergencies through inclement weather. I love this vehicle.

- Kim K

Awesome car!!!

2001 Acura RL 4dr Sdn

The only 2 things I don't like about the car is.....parts are hard to find (especially suspension & body parts) and also routine maintenance can be expensive (this vehicle uses a timing belt and not timing chain which can be costly to replace)! Rather than those 2 things in my opinion this was a classic Acura luxury car in '01 and one of the better cars Acura ever made!

- Derrick McKinney

It is sporty looking and can be used as a truck by using back cargo.

2001 Acura RL

I do not like the seats. I also do not like the size. But I do like the color. I also like the mileage.

- Kim T