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ACURA RL (2006) great car when new, now starting to fall apart.

This car was incredible when it was new - beautiful interior, new technology, great driving. Now, over 10 years later, its still running well and a great car, but out of date. It doesn't have an aux plug, the air conditioning is broken, and a million other little things have gone wrong. Great car, doesn't really stand the test of time. :)

- Haley B

Love our Acura. We are going for 300k miles! Has been a great car for us.

We have had very few issues without Acura. We had to had a/c work las year, but the car has almost 200k miles on it so we are very happy with it. We have done the scheduled maintenance. We do warning lights that are on constantly, and they cannot be shut off. Yet no problems with the warnings indicated.

- Lisa B

My 2006 Acura rl 190, 000 + miles pretty good car.

My vehicle has been great over the years until recently my transmission went up. The body is still in great shape. The interior is fair. It has the navi package which I love. My only issues I have would be motor mounts and transmission. Other than that it runs great and I have over 190, 000 miles on.

- Ashley D

It is important to know if the car is close to empty, get gasoline immediately.

I drive an Acura, it is an older version. However, it only has 52,000 miles on it and it was garage kept. Having an eleven year old son, the most important feature in a vehicle is the safety. I am very satisfied with my Acura 2006.

- Anna A

Awesome family vehicle Acura.

It is a great family vehicle and lasts a very long time. The parts are expensive but well worth what is paid because it is a dependable vehicle.

- Alexandra O

AWD does not get very good gas mileage.

Very durable. The first "luxury" vehicle I've ever owned. I bought it brand new for $7K under MSRP. It's time for a new car now.

- Michael B

The color of the car is silver and has leather seats.

My car is clean and looks really nice. I love the model and the brand. Acura has always been the car brand I have drove.

- Craig N

It a good car. Not much else

It's a good car. Not my first pick but I do like it. It drives smooth and get the job done when I need it

- Matt S

do not make a mess in the car. and you can ride with me

great leg room. great safety. great tires. it is my 2nd car I love it.

- Ron R