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Car is all leather an interior is beautiful the outside of the car is beautiful.

I enjoy my car completely except my sunroof leaks I am pretty disappointed because it won't fix an we tried everything to fix it I feel it the car companies fault but can't seem to get anywhere but I love the car it goes so fast an drives smooth gas is no bad for this car either. Maintenance work is high but its high for all cars.

- Brenda B

Great vehicle for the suburban family.

It has good gas mileage and looks great! Small enough to park comfortably, large enough inside to be comfortable for a family of 5. The entry is a bit low though, which can make getting out hard on my bad back. Another issue is that the trunk is rather small, especially when buying shopping in bulk or going camping.

- Rachel S

Good for a smaller, urban family.

It handles well and is responsive around curves; I also like the gas mileage. however, entry/ exist is very low, which can be an issue for me due to back problems. The seats are very comfortable once in it though! Also, the trunk could be larger- ok for shopping but not large enough for garage sale-in or camping.

- Sarah S

Sleek, comfortable luxury.

The Acura rlx is a true luxury car. It has a beautiful body style. The seats are made to conform to your body and are very comfortable. The features that are provided make the driving experience a pleasant rather the trip is short or long. The brake hold feature prevents leg fatigue when stopping is frequent.

- Jennifer J

Good gas mileage, dependable.

Great gas mileage, comfortable interior, nice looking exterior, I haven't had any problems so far. Also I love that it is very dependable and I have had it for a few years now and I have never had any problems. This is my favorite vehicle I have ever had in my whole life.

- Cheyenne K

Smooth, stylish, good gas mileage, comfortable and roomie, great extra.

My Acura is in good shape. I keep it serviced. I keep it wash an waxed inside & out. that's my pride and joy. I have not had a min worth of trouble with it. My father always said if you take care of your car it will take you and bring you. That is so true.

- Mary F

My vehicle is great because it is the perfect combo of a sports car and a luxury car.

I love how it has the memory seating because my son and I are opposite heights (I am tall and he is short) so it is great that we can have the seat remember where we like to sit.

- Jay G

It is unique and you'll never want to drive another car ever.

I do not have any problems with this beautiful dependable car. I love everything about it from the interior to the exterior and all of its state of the art features.

- Tara C

The most important thing is its reliability. It hasn't let me down like other cars have.

The car is great and it has worked perfectly for the many years I have owned it. Hardly ever has any problems and would definitely recommend to other people.

- John G

Nice design and lots if space.

I love the space and ride of this vehicle. There interior design is extremely functional. I like that the service and repair costs are reasonable.

- Angela M

my car is so good I can not wish more

my car is so good, is so comfortable and got a big space, is so fast too, the unique problem of my car is the few pics to replace

- rober j

It is a sport luxury car. It has air conditioned and heated seats It will get up and go. It is black with black leather interior

I love the sporty look but yet it has all the luxury items on it. I love that it can get up speed when needed.

- Kimberly A

to sensor to tell you that you are very close to hit something when you backing up or move forward

everything is automatic with one simple button, it also has assistant parking and some command push buttons

- scott B

Its luxury brand but good to your pockets. However not fuel efficiency

Gas guzzler, gives best on highway but in city its horrible. It extremely comfortable and great leg room.

- Sneha S

Great Make and Model with a sunroof. Needs premium gas so it can get expensive when gas prices are high

I like it but wanted a Subaru. I think the Acura is a great car and I enjoy the sunroof.

- Brandy B

It's problem free and looks classy

It's a luxury car. It has a great ride. It looks rich. It's is problem free.

- Rex b

Has a great motor. I can use it all the time and it works great.

I like it because is comfortable. Has great appearance. Just love it.

- luz k

I have not had any issues with the car. I like how the car looks and how it feels when I drive it. It's a great car.

How good it looks. Acura does not disappoint when it comes to looks.

- Henry P