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This car has a fantastic steering system; it runs very smoothly.

The 2015 Acura rx is a fantastic car for anyone who wants something practical, but with some sports car features. The all wheel drive, Bluetooth features, zone a/c are all fantastic features that I may not have considered when originally going out to look for a car, but I am glad I ended up choosing one with these features. The one thing to remember is this car is very sensitive! For example, if some sort of debris gets swept into the car it will mess with the electrical system, so you have to make sure you drive it consistently. Other than that, I would certainly recommend this car.

- Samantha L

My Acura experience is above average, this is by far my favorite car so far.

Great reaction time with good safety features. Sleek exterior and interior is leather in mine. The gas mileage is above average for a car its size, and the passenger seating is roomy. Mine does not have a back up camera which some models do. If you buy from the dealership, they for the most part offer great service in the sales and maintenance departments.

- Sally H

Great car that gets you where you need to be safely and one stylish ride!

My car is excellent had it for over a year now (about 16 months). Bought it used and so far the only thing I had to do was change out the factory battery and get a replacement. Car is super comfortable. Rides smoothly and is stylish. One thing that is a plus is it is really great on gas!

- Janice C

Where have you been all my life.

I have nothing bad to report. My car is beautiful, great on gas, family friendly and rides like a dream. This is my first Acura and I am definitely a fan. It is pure luxury. I drive it daily and as long as you service it on time, you'll have no problems going anywhere.

- Alta S

The maintenance on it could turn out to be very costly.

The experience that you have with this car is just amazing all around. The car is very spacious and allows space for everyone. Nevertheless, the car is just a luxury itself.

- John S

The Acura is an amazing car.

The maintenance is high but it is very reliable I am not at the shop often. It rides smoothly, I love my stereo system. It is spacious internally & beautiful outside.

- Maya W

It easily converts from passenger van to a cargo van - very versatile that way.

My car is very satisfactory, it does the jobs I need it to with very few issues. It gets me where I need to go and doesn't cost a fortune for upkeep..

- David T

Engine Quality is simply awesome and gives the good performance

I like the engine quality and the performance is unparalleled and Acura is name enough for one who is looking for new vehicle

- Arjun A

dream car for average drive

it is a Japanese car, it has everything that you ask for, everything automatic. Solid, smooth, quiet and quick.

- william n

Its good and stylish car.

Nice but tough. I think everyone should try one of this car in this type of model. Its speedy and stylish.

- Abdul H

all the features and interiors of the car are awesome..

i love it acura and the sports look of the vehicle.. and I love each ride

- John N

It has a lot of problems. I also Is needing to go to the shop for some stupid reason. I really wish I had a different car. Don't buy!!!

It is a terrible car. Whatever you do don't buy it.

- Morgan T