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This 2004 Acura integurl is the.

This is my 4th Acura. This is a standard shift. -I say that because automatic or standard I will always. Choose an Accra because of its dependability. Low maintenance and endurance. The leather seats gave out 2 years ago. I have always relied on my mechanic to maintain the vehicle with regular oil changes rotation of tires and overall engine security. My wife and I enjoy the vehicle and we do intend to continue to drive it for 5 more years.

- James S

All in all, good car just wish I knew exactly why the issues occurred.

The rsx is a nice car, for someone young. It was pre-owned so it came with some issue. As I put more miles into it the more issues that came about. First it was transmission problems then steering wheel issues, and now the clutch is having some problems. All in all, it is a good car and it gets the job done of taking me from place to place but I wish I knew what exactly it is that is making all the issues occur.

- Selena R

2004 Acura RSX- Outstanding Reliability and Fun

My RSX has been a wonderful car. The handling is spectacular, and rivals any of the German vehicles I have owned. For the size of engine, it is plenty fast enough, although the low end torque leaves something to be desired. After 110000 miles, other than regular wear items(tires, brakes, etc) I have had exactly 2 things that have needed repaired. Since I did the repair myself the total cost was under $200.

- James F

Two door, silver coupe with hatchback trunk.

I have had a few troubles with my car, the knock sensor has broken, the window came out when rolling it down (the glue didn't stick). My seats (leather) have cracked. I love the race car type seats and on long rides it is very comfy. The car is very reliable. It has never not started (aside from one time that I was out of gas).

- Emily C

Love the factory rims and sunroof.Great on gas also.

Had motor mounts redone.other than that no major problems.Also like the fact you can drive standard or automatic.Car runs fast and very responsive.Hatchback gives room for items and back seats fold for extra room.Bucket seats are very comfortable.Not a family car but you can make it work if needed.All in all it's a great car.

- Joseph A

Acura rsx, shift into relaxation.

When I got this vehicle, it had a brand new clutch and tires. It drives very well, though my suspension is kind of shot. Also, the sound system is fantastic and I really love the 6-cd changer. It gets pretty good gas mileage. The only thing is that the car is rusting out on the one side.

- Alexa C

Fast and sometimes furious.

Very fast, looks sleek low maintenance, and will run forever as these cars are known for 150, 000 miles. It is repainted and we still get compliments about it. People also ask to be able to purchase it on occasion as we have taken such good care of it, and intend to keep it that way.

- Randy S

The accuracy of a vehicle.

The car messes up when running. The windows don't turn down. The transmission goes out. I wanted to get a Nissan vehicle with leather seats. It has shut off on me before. My tires had blown out multiple times as well. The windshield wipers don't help when it rains either.

- Brittany C

Very dependable beautiful car.

I love this car it goes really fast run smooth very dependable it has never broke down on me it saves a lot of gas good long distance vehicle and the Audio it came with. Is perfect its loud sound is very clear my has outlasted many cars and is very cheap to maintain.

- Shannon G

Difficult headlight replacement

A very fast car, great gas mileage. However, the wiring in the lights must be wonky because I keep having the headlights go out, and replacing them is time consuming and difficult

- Emily V

It is 2004 and has about 175k miles on it.

It is too bumpy of a ride. Pick up has gotten slower. The leather seats have torn. I know it is an older car so overall I guess for the mileage it is in good running condition.

- Jennifer M

It's a car from 2004 and get over 20 miles to the gallon.

Very good mileage for an old car. Doesn't have too many issues except for troubleshooting. One issue can be the engine can stutter if not taken care of properly, like any car.

- Randy U

Sporty two door coupe 6 speed.

Sport 2 door coupe love to drive fast and gets good gas mileage 6 speed standard Bose speakers and a stock subwoofer in the trunk smooth ride.

- Jacob L

Small black sports car with a wing

I love the way it runs. It's older so regular maintenance is often. It drives really well and I enjoy that it is an automatic

- Stephanie H

The body is rusting and not looking very good in places.

Great engine. Body is developing rust holes.Great mileage. Very dependable.

- Gayle G

fun to drive which makes it more than a car

I like that it is a sports car but very reliable

- Bobby G