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Sporty, reliable, stick shift control in driving and an unusually large trunk.

Super reliable with great gas mileage. Performance is excellent. The leather interior has held up really well. I change the oil and fluids on a regular basis. The only downside to this car is that you feel like you are in a cockpit and you have big blind spots, so you need to turn your head all the way around both ways before you merge or back up to park your car.

- Catherine E

Gorgeous 2006 black rsx, black interior.

It's an excellent car, I absolutely love how it runs. I've own this car since 2006 and had no issues with it whatsoever. Highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a sporty car, it is also on the smaller side but other than that it's pretty comfortable. Love this car, it is super reliable to get to work also great on gas!

- Mr R

My car is small, tiny, petite but fast and fierce.

I love my car. I love how small and comfortable it is. If you are single and have no kids this car is perfect for you. I rarely have problems with this car I have had more than six years and it still runs smoothly as if it was brand new. You should get this car if you are looking for a nice simple cute car.

- Lee W

Old white Acura is great!

My white old Car still runs like a champ even after all these years. If you love a car and take of it, you will have it forever. This is especially true with an Acura. It is a comfortable ride for myself and passengers. It is spacious. The trunk has great space. I cannot say enough about it.

- Jennifer L

Blacked out, inside and out. Rims as well

Brake changed. Like changed. Good condition, all problems have been fixed. Been used a lot but works in good condition. A/C works for the summer. Color is all black interior is blacked out as well. Other than that everything is good. Wheels have also been changed along with the motor.

- Claudia O

When it comes to Acura, you drive away happy and come back happy.

I have had my car brand new since 2006 and have had no major problems with it. Doing the regular maintenance has kept it running nicely over the years. I would recommend acura to anyone. From gas mileage to performance to design to reliability, I have no issues.

- thomas u

Nice car for the right person.

Extremely reliable. Easy to maintain. Perfect for a small/short person. Tiny backseat so I rarely drive if more than 2 passengers. Large hatchback. Poor turning radius, my only complaint. Consistent fuel efficiency. Love the 5 speed. Plenty of pickup.

- Donna H

It's fun to drive and great to look at. The RSX is sporty, with a muscular style and has the power and responsiveness you want to boot!

Sporty exterior and interior with a quick pick-up and smooth ride. I love the leather seats- they're super comfortable with awesome style. I've had very view minor mechanical problems. And most importantly, it feels responsive and safe when I drive.

- Adrienne W

I love my Acura. It is a good long lasting car that you'll fall in love with.

I have no issues with my car. It runs great and it drives great. It does have a lot of miles but it is still going strong. I have had to change the brakes twice and get three new tires but that is all since I have bought it.

- Hunter S

If you have a family this vehicle is not for you since its a coupe 2 door

This car is equipped with a very nice interior front and back leather seats and a very nice steering wheel. It has a K20 engine which is very fast, but the 4 cylinders seized engine also provides good gasoline mileage

- Christopher O

It can be driven like a stick minus the clutch.

I love how it is good on gas and has a smooth ride. But I do not like how tight and small it is inside. I cannot really have people in the back because it is tight and uncomfortable.

- Victoria T

That it is a type s model. Therefore it comes with a lot of extra things.

I like my vehicle because it's great on gas. It is compact so it makes parking easy. It has a small 12 gallon tank which is not too bad for fuel cost. I also love the reliability.

- Mario B

Trustworthy and its four wheel drive gets me where I am going to.

I love the luxury of it and the gas efficiency. I love the god built in and also the seat adjusts to my key fob. It's the nicest car I have had.

- Peggy C

It is a very dependable vehicle and if you had the choice you should get one too.

I dislike the fact that it is front wheel drive. All wheel drive would be a better system. I also don't like that it feels cheap on the inside.

- Kaynon P

It has not broke down on me but I do take care of it.

Not much complaints about it, it's a good car. The only bad thing about it is that it eats up gas I don't really want to explain about it.

- J P

Effective and efficient and fast.

There is really nothing wrong with the car when it comes down to performance, reliability, comfort, and the features of the car.

- David E

It is a manual car. It was custom made and has all black leather interior.

There are consistent problems with the car. I have spent over $4k in auto repairs in the last two years I have had the car.

- Haley K

It's a very small car. Not a lot of people fit in the vehicle. Don't take advantage of it.

The only thing I dislike about the vehicle is that you can barely find any parts to fix the vehicle at the store.

- Nancy L

My rsx car is 1 of the best cars from acura

The car is still in good shape, no accident have been in that situation, the gas really economical friendly also

- William F

It's reliable and fun to drive. The gas mileage is great. I feel safe in it.

I love the luxury features of leather and Bose speaker system along with the sunroof. I dislike the comfort.

- JT W

the car is sporty, comfortable, very good looking and reliable.

love everything about it. no complaints. Only dislike that the car model was discontinued.

- claudio p

It's s good car and very good family car would recommend

Has hail damage but has been a good car good on gas and smooth ride

- Brittany M