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Great engine, great perks, can last a while in right conditions.

The 3. 2 liter engine is great, has a lot of power behind it. And if it not for me living up north where there are constantly salt trucks laying down salt due to ice on the roads, causing the bottom to rust, the workings of the car would go on and on and on. The interior is fantastic, have a great Bose stereo system installed and the speakers sound amazing. As long as you have a Bluetooth radio that can connect to the radio you can play your own music too. Right now though I am looking for a new car though due to the body rusting away, but I am actually considering stripping it for parts, because while the body is in bad shape, the individual parts are in as good of shape a they were when I first bought it four years ago. I would highly recommend this car or something similar to someone else.

- Logan Y

Acura's are made by Honda, which we all know are reliable vehicles that hold their value. Buy an Acura, enjoy it for 5-10 years, then trade it in for a newer model.

I like the engine's performance, the overall look of the car and the comfort. However, because it's over 15 years old, I hate the cost of repairs because big ticket parts on the car are failing due to age, the leather interior is cracking due to age (I presume) and then there's the Rottweiler that bounced on top of the dash, leaving a "split" that isn't easily repaired. The cloth on the headliner is separating from the headliner like it's dry rotting,. I hate that I kept putting so much money into the age-related repairs that I'm in a horrible financial bind that's caused me to reach into my 401(k) more than once.

- Crystal D

It is a really good car and would be a great car for a family or a new driver.

The car is very reliable but parts are rather expensive to fix or replace. For example my headlight went out and it cost $200 to replace because the voltage is too high to do it without proper equipment. However the car is holding up very well to the cold weather around where I am. I bought the car used so I am not very sure if there were any other problems before. Also you have to use like the most expensive gas which kind of sucks but it is a nice car and I really like it.

- Kayla D

Use the premium gas. The car will run far better if you do.

My car is pretty good. I have noticed that it is kind of an expensive car. You can only use the premium unleaded gas. The parts for the car are also slightly more expensive if they need to be replaced however, they do last longer. Over all the car is pretty reliable if you maintain it well and do not drive like an idiot. It makes a pretty good first or second car if that is something you care about. The car is decent and would be reliable.

- Kayla H

200 Acura tl with autostick shifter.

The transmission shifts way too hard from first to second, our transmission went out way too early because of this, we have also had numerous electrical system issues, the heating/air conditioning will not turn all the way on, the headlights flicker quite often. This car has a pleasant amount of acceleration and power, but this makes it lose traction easily when the streets are slick, the front end gets loose because of that.

- Dee S

Blue-ish grey with the same interior color. Luxury model. Has seat heaters and back seat air conditioning. Seats withstand two crazy dogs running around on car trips.

While she's old she is reliable. No breakdowns ever. Very comfortable leather seats with Seat heaters that are life savers in the winter. Her headlights get an odd film over them but it doesn't affect performance just look. We've been driving her for 18 years and she gets great gas mileage and only needs the regular repairs and oil changes. Highly recommend Acura

- Jennifer Z

An interesting highlight is that it is a v6 engine which has some horsepower.

my car runs like a champ. I rated at a three because of how old the car is and how many miles on it. Because it is so old, in needs repairs that are pretty common. The seats are nice and leather. Power windows with a sunroof which is great for the summer time. It has a decent sized trunk which is convenient for holding all of my car tools and such.

- Jake J

If you take care of your car your car well take care of u.

I have a 2000 Acura tl 3. 2 it runs good gets me ever where I need to go even took a trip out North Carolina made me there and back my car really do not have no problems cause I basically fixed them all but the only problem I have to fix is my o2 sensor I got my car from the auction for 1100 not bad for a good running car I love my car.

- Alex W

2000 Acura to. Family of 4 with lots of outdoor activities.

We have never had problems with it. We can easily fit our family in it with plenty of room to spare. We do a lot of camping so the amount of trunk space is amazing for us! We do have a later model car but that doesn't mean it doesn't keep up with the newer ones. It makes for a smooth road trip. It fairs very well in cold climates.

- Clayton S

Strong and reliable 275, 000 miles still going.

I have a 2000 Acura to and it is my daily driver, comfortable in traffic, great gas mileage, reacts on a dime, not to mention it has over 275, 000 miles and still going strong. Minimal maintaining and still has a great radio. Leather heated seats, heated mirrors, automatic/ manual transmission make this car fun to drive.

- Michelle W

Would consider buying another Acura without hesitation

We love our Acura. The only problem we have had is replacing the transmission. But, that was done at the age of 16 years. Other than that, we have experienced no problems. We change the oil every 3,000 miles and have it oiled and greased regularly. We have gone on several trips with no problems. Smooth riding.

- Linda W

Formerly reliable Acura now a problem.

I bought my car used, I am the third owner. It has been a pretty reliable car until now. It now has oil leaks from the engine and the power steering is leaking also. Cosmetically it is not pretty. The paint started peeling off over five years ago. It had a transmission recall a number of years ago.

- Salina S

Acura/Honda is a rip off.

The dealership overcharged me by double what the car was worth. The transmission is going out. It's 18 years old and nothing has been replaced on it. It only takes premium gasoline. The only positive about the car is that it's infinitely more comfortable than the other car that I have access to.

- Ana M

Very nice and roomy. Family car.

Love this car. It greats very good gas mileage. It is also a reliable car that you know you cannot count on. It has a sunroof and wonderful child features. Such as locks and how far the windows go down. The trunk is spacious so as a mom you can fit a stroller and a bunch of groceries.

- Alyssa S

2000 Acura tl, a golden oldie.

Considering that my car is 18 years old, I am very pleased with its performance. We have had few repairs and it is reliable and comfortable. My favorite features are the heated seats and the back seat air vents. It gets pretty good gas mileage too for an old car, too, about 25 mpg.

- Lois L

Ride in style and comfort.

Comfy reliable rides smooths great stereo great acceleration food gas mileage lots of room. O have no issue with my car. I keep up on tune ups for it so it continues to run smoothly. I would recommend this car highly. This would be a good traveling car for the family

- Beth M

It can shift from auto to manual.

This vehicle is very comfortable and has a very nice sound system. The car runs very smooth and if taken care of can last a very long time. Mine has 166k miles and other than a few things I had to fix due to reasons, the car is still running great. I highly suggest.

- Steven B

Reliable, dependable vehicle.

The 2000 Acura tl is a very reliable, well built car. Even though it is 18 years old, it still gets very good gas mileage and we have had to have very few repairs. It is economical to repair as well. It is comfortable to drive and handles well on the road.

- Lois L

I would say buy an Acura or Cadillac mayday. Looks, style and dependability

My car is almost 20 years old with over 200k mileage. It drives better than most newer models. The features inside include heated seats, navigation system, sunroof. This car is still luxury and loaded compared to many of the compact newer cars today

- Teresa B

beautiful and spacious and reliable.

Check engine light is on. There is no power steering pump. It overheats just going up the road. But the car itself is great! The exterior is beautiful! The interior is super clean and amazing! It's no the biggest inside but it it's everything I need.

- Kirsten D

Nice for driving. Love the car. If I trade it in will be the same car but newer

Love the car. Hasn't given much problems. Drives nice and good on gas mileage. No rust. Has a sunroof no leaking. Nice in the winter time with the heated seats. Expensive for repairs for this car. Wouldn't give it up.

- lucille y

It's very Dependable and won't break down while driving.

Like the way it drives, hugs the road. It's dependable & looks a little sporty. The I interior is holding up despite Its age. Downside is it's expensive to replace headlights Gas mileage could be better.

- Tracy I

Electrical issues may occur.

I have put more money into it lately. Tie rods, cv axle, brakes & rotors. Some undefined engine issues. Not enough power in it. I am blessed to at least have a vehicle.

- Vaughn T

One most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very reliable.

I have had my vehicle for over 4 years. I purchased it used and it only had two previous owners. It gives me great gas mileage and is extraordinarily reliable.

- Dan F

It has been very dependable a very good buy for me

This has been a good stable vehicle for me I've had to put in a transmission and an engine do all the maintenance but it has been very good and dependable

- Floyd S

I really like how this car handles and drives on the road, parts are not really hard to come by and they are not very expensive. Working on my 2000 Acura TL is pretty easy as you can get to most items under the hood easily.

My 2000 Acura TL is fairly efficient in the gas cost/ mileage area and i have very few problems with it as long as general maintenance is kept up on.

- Michael H

This car has been very dependable over the years.

I love my vehicle i will have to be buying another vehicle soon this vehicle has served me well throughout the years is now beginning to break down.

- Floyd S

Great on gas, smooth ride. Great for me and my children. Spacious, reliable, safe

It's a great car get me from a to be having had any problems since purchasing. Smooth drive, usually maintenance required of course

- Erica H

Very good brand car. Acura is a very competent brand.

Like the horsepower and mileage in my car. Dislike the maintenance. Parts are very expensive. Does not hold gas very long.

- Ruth P

Drives smoothly and has good "pick up and go". Even older models still look stylish.

I like how it looks and has some convenient features. It needs some work and has a reputation with transmission problems.

- Mary N

My vehicle has excellent road handling. I love how it drives on the highway and long drives. The v6 engine is so powerful. I love the feel of the leather interior. The sound system is amazing. I love turning up my music and going for a drive. These vehicles are prone to having transmission issues. I had a new transmission installed a few years ago. It's running perfectly. I have over 250,000 miles on my car and feels like it could go another 250,000

It's stylish, comfortable and sporty. As long as you keep up the maintenance of this vehicle it will run forever.

- Melva G

I hate that it sits so low to the ground

Love the car but my only problem is finding tires to fit it. And it is excellent on gas mileage we love it

- Danielle k

Comfortable and inexpensive to drive.

No major or minor mechanical problems. Performs great in snow. Very comfortable in long and short trips.

- Therese A

It is 19 years old but still runs like a new car and is safe

Car is very safe and still drives smooth as can be. The engine does heat up quicker than I would like

- Michael P

I feel safe and I love the way my cars rides.

I like great customer service and I dislike when people are just mean for no reason.

- monique b

That it will run for a very long time; workmanship equals longevity.

It is very low maintenance. Good gas mileage after 18 years. Excellent workmanship

- James S

Great long term value for it.

It's the most reliable car I've had. Low cost repairs, quality Japan workmanship.

- Jamie M

Even though it is an older Acura it is very dependable. The weight of the car is good not light like another car I had in which I felt the wind blow it around. It has not given me much problems for its age. However it has a grinding noise that needs to be determined what it is.

It is worth the money I paid for it. I would by another Acura.

- Veronica B

The car is great on gas and also has low miles on the car as well.

i love the make of the car and how the car drives in gear.

- sean m