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The perfect blend of all the most important features a mid size sedan can have.

2001 Acura TL

I absolutely love my car. I haven't had a single problem with it since the first day I got it. The v-tech engine is a great mixture of power/speed and fuel economy on top of being one of the most reliable I've ever owned. Over 200,000 miles and you couldn't ask it to run any better. That's with minimal regular maintenance done and not a single major repair. The interior is also in amazing condition for its age. The leather has no rips/holes or fading whatsoever. All the seat adjustment motors still work and the padding is still as comfortable as I'm sure it ever was. For the year it was made it's considered fully loaded with features. The best motor, trim package, stereo and everything else upgradable. It's definitely a great car all around and I'd recommend it to anyone in the market for a mid size sedan with the perfect mixture of performance, luxury, reliability and looks.

- Tyerell S

Acura is has all the bells and whistles and meets all my requirements.

2001 Acura TL 3.2

Luxury car that is fully loaded and has the sport package. It has been very reliable car with very few mechanical repairs needed except for regular maintenance. My aura is great on gas mileage and is very comfortable, even on long trips. I love the seat warmers and separate climate controls. The sunroof is an added bonus and has all the bells and whistles. It has been a great car and I will buy an Acura next time.

- Tamara P

Still runs great with high mileage!

2001 Acura TL Base

The Gets great gas mileage, still runs good with high mileage, very spacious for a compact car, has automatic and manual transmission. Gets up and goes pretty quickly. Problems: 2 windows have come off the track due to the wiring breaking on one of the windows and the motor going out on the other. Comes with sunroof, and heated leather seats.

- Becky B

It is reliable and great on gas!

2001 Acura TL

I have little to no problems out of it, it is pretty reasonable to fill up but excellent gas mileage! It is very reliable, very few problems with 234, 681 miles on it. Even though it is an older molder is still has cruise control, and the parts are very cheap to replace since it is Acura and Honda coexist.

- Breanna L

Good things on Acura TL 3.2 and bad also

2001 Acura TL w/Navigation System

Shift solenoid gets clogged up and have to take out clean if not it causes bad shifting. And makes a harsh downshift always keep up to maintenance.. besides that car is good.. performance is very good when vtec kicks in u feel the power. Other bad thing are the motor mounts go bad real quick

- Miguel J

It is a car and gets me to where I need to go.

2001 Acura TL

Have had a lot of problems with electrical wise. Its uncomfortable just all around don't like the car you can feel every bump and crack in the road while driving I am not a fan of the leather seats it is small and doesn't have a lot of room but I do love the fact there is heated seats.

- Samantha S

It's really old and barely runs currently.

2001 Acura TL

It sucks the transmission blew up on me the first week I owned it. The tire blew out last week and had to buy a new tire someone keyed it at a football game last year just to add on to how bad it is. The car hydrolocked 3 months ago from heavy rain and I got stuck on the interstate.

- Nate D

Acura is a very well made car.

2001 Acura TL

I love the handling of my car. I have 2 kids and it is the perfect size for when I had a car seat in the back seat. The maintenance is relatively simple. The most important thing to keep problems away is to stay up to date on the oil changes. I love the interior of my car as well.

- Tanya J

A luxury car that was manufactured by Acura.

2001 Acura TL

It is a great reliable car as long as you keep up with oil changes and transmission fluids. I have owned this car for 3 years and have not had any major issues. It has heated seats, cruise control, and you can also control radio and volume from buttons on the steering wheel.

- Jenna R

Late model Acura TL review

2001 Acura TL w/Navigation System

This is by far the greatest car I've ever owned low maintenance costs runs great looks sleek I really enjoy it. Definitely a great low cost semi luxury car. The navigation and heated seats are great! Also gets amazing gas mileage and doesn't break the bank filling it up.

- Russell F

I call my 2001 Acura TL her Gloria!

2001 Acura TL Base

The 2001 Acura TL has Mostly small transmission issues but they are very affordable to fix. The body of the car is still stylish and up to date. It is a family safe car for long road trips and short work trips. I would not trade my Acura in for the world. Love my car.

- Kimberly B

Vehicle is okay don't recommend.

2001 Acura TL

The vehicle itself is nice but has a lot of issues such as with gas pedal, brakes and coolant system. But it is okay on gas and has lasted a while. I use it to get from point A to B. It has a sunroof and seat warmer installed. It has leather seats and AUX cord.

- Susan H

Nothing there is nothing to say about it

2001 Acura TL 3.2

No don't know what else to say about it thing I will keep it as long as I can I am not trying to sell it have nothing else to say about it what else is there to say what else is there to stay about it come on now I there nothing else to say about it I am done

- Judy D

Acura - 17 years old and still going strong!

2001 Acura TL

Love my Acura, low maintenance, no major problems. Dealership was quick to fix one problem (transmission) at no charge since I had less than 50k miles. They really stand behind the quality of their cars! My car has stood up very well for being 17 years old!

- Jo M

Good, lasting brand as well as nice look

2001 Acura TL

What I like about my vehicle is the sound system. I can increase the volume of the radio without getting a lot of noise. Also, i like how sedan-like it is. it is not compact and the people in the back of the room have plenty of space without being crowded

- JAime R

Older but classic and beautiful

2001 Acura TL Base

Love the trim always looks classy even though older. Fast and reliable and gas mileage is adequate. Very rooms for family huge trunk and very reliable. Good gas mileage always use 89 never 87; it's Honda luxury model. Even with the years still looks good.

- Marcia L

Its a fast car has plenty get up & go, good in snow, traction control & loaded.

2001 Acura TL

Been a good car, though have had to replace transmission, because Honda's who make Acura's have problems. Great stereo, Bose, great power when needed, good all around car. But reminder you can only put premium fuel nothing lower or it knocks and pings.

- Gina F

You WILL stick to the leather seats!

2001 Acura TL

I love how the car accelerates. I've driven other cars that take forever to speed up, and others that are too zippy. My only complaint is the lack of an aux cord, but the car is old.

- Brianna C

17 years and still running smoothly!

2001 Acura TL

The car is 17 years old and I have had no major issues with it. It has been very reliable and probably will continue to be. Car came with most features only add on was navigation.

- Nish P

It has a powerful engine and a sleek body

2001 Acura TL

I wish it was more eco-friendly. But the quality is good because it's been in my family for 17 years and is still in excellent condition. I also appreciate that it's a pretty car.

- C R

Overall a really good vehicle

2001 Acura TL

Overall this vehicle is a good car. The inside is not very spacious. There is no button on the outside to open the trunk you must open the trunk from the inside.

- Jenevie Q

An Acura is a very reliable car. It is luxurious and it has a very nice/clean look.

2001 Acura TL

I like the sound system of the vehicle. I can turn up the volume and the music sounds clearly. I also like the way it looks. It has a nice sedan/luxury look.

- Lizeth F

That it is almost 18 years old and still runs perfectly. It is a super reliable car.

2001 Acura TL

I don't like how expensive the headlights are to replace if they go out. I do like how reliable the car is and the quality of everything inside.

- Kiel P

It's black and not very practical in Sacramento although it does have air conditioning.

2001 Acura TL

Generally I like this car but it's not very fuel efficient. It doesn't have many modern convenience features. Very comfortable to drive.

- Lynda D

My car is extremely dependable.

2001 Acura TL

I love my vehicle. It drives well and is trustworthy. However, it does not have that good of an ac. It does not drive very smooth.

- Stacy B

I am enjoying my Acura car!

2001 Acura TL

I am enjoying my 2001 Acura with the sunroof. It is so comfortable to go for a ride and enjoy the sun and breeze.

- Barb M

The car gets really good gas mileage on the highway

2001 Acura TL

I like my car because it gets really good gas mileage. The only thing I don't like is car parts are expensive

- David B

Still looks and runs great despite having nearly 200,000 miles on it.

2001 Acura TL

Reliable. Still looks nice. Drives smoothly and comfortably. Sun roof.

- Dave B

It's dependable.runs well. It's good on gas. Starts every time in the coldest of winter

2001 Acura TL

I like the look. It runs well. It's good on gas. It never lets me down.

- Becky J

How to check/change oil and brake pads

2001 Acura TL

Like: Smooth ride. Reliable. Dislike: paint is chipping

- William C