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The aftermath of purchasing a used car.

My car was used when I bought it. I have had to get several things fixed before it could perform efficiently. Such as a new battery (the previous owner put the incorrect one and resulted in me having to call up someone to jumpstart my car for me, several times. ), replace the old green and gross antifreeze with new antifreeze solution, windshield wipers, and a radar. On the bright note, I love how my seats can warm up when it is chilly in the morning, along with the button features to adjust my side mirrors and even defrost them! My only suggestion if one were to purchase a used car is to make sure the car runs efficiently and if possible, ask the previous owner or see for yourself if you are going to have to take care of the aftermath of how the car has been taken care of in the past. I love my car but sometimes it can be annoying to find out you have to fix or replace parts because you choose to buy a used car, rather than new. Best of luck to future car buyers.

- Ariana K

I love the fact that you can drive it as an automatic or a standard.

My vehicle rides great and is reliable but there is a shake in the rear end that has not been resolved. Found out when buying breaks make sure to buy the more expensive ones because if not the brakes go fast and then the rotors. I like how the seats heat up in the winter, it comes in handy. The air bags that are located in the sides of the seats are a nice safety feature that I did not know it had. I do know that the transmissions are known for blowing up in the year of the car I have. There was a recall and it was done on my car but I am still worried about the transmission going in it. Otherwise, it is a very comfortable car to ride in even on long car rides.

- Rose B

The most important thing about my car is that it is extremely reliable.

My Acura 3. 2tl super sport is a very reliable car. I bought it with over 200, 000 miles on it and have been driving it the past 3-years. Beyond the usual maintenance, I have only had to replace the radiator and thermostat and currently I have a small leak in one of my power steering hoses. Also I currently live in Sacramento, ca. , and I recently drove my car to Hollywood, ca. And back the in one day. The car has a very smooth ride to it and is very comfortable. The only thing that I would change about my car at this point is, I would love for the leather seats to be new and I would love a more up to date stereo system.

- Nikki H

Acura 2002 reliable and great but not so much in appearance

I really love how well my car drives and I've had very few mechanical issues in my 3 years of having it. It has normal wear and tear with the interior. It has a navigation system and leather seats which I am content with. I've only had to replace the valves when I first bought it and had to replace the battery on it. It has 174,781 miles on it and continues to be so reliable. my biggest issue is it's physical appearance. The paint is almost gone on it and it has a LOT of oxidation on the hood and trunk. I just want a better looking car

- Mikela G

Great gas mileage very safe and very beautiful car.

So comfortable, great gas mileage, beautiful exterior and interior. I really like how the dashboard is set up and this is a really dependable car I love it so much and it has never let me down. I use it for my commute everyday which is 50 miles total and the gas mileage saves me lots of money and the car is also rated very safe which is very important to me because if I crash I want to live.

- Cheyenne K

There is only one original key and the remote does not work.

I have a 2002, silver Acura TL base. The car has a sun/moonroof, power windows/locks/mirrors/seats, but there is a short somewhere in the wiring where some things work intermittently. The interior is black leather. dash is cracked but not too bad. Interior is clean. Ac runs nice and cold, everything is working as it should. Tires are able to ut 50% tread.

- Rachel C

It was a great car and well loved. We It has provided comfort and a good ride for many years.

It's nice, but getting older and now has a lot of miles on it. It was damaged in the recent hail so there are remnants of glass that we can't get rid of. Perhaps in its glory days, I would not have complaints, but now the little things like trunk won't stay up on its own and compartment between front seats sometimes randomly pops up.

- Lyanne T

The comfortable ride memory of the seat location with the heated seats very nice

The performance of this vehicle is very nice for being a luxury car has a 3.2 engine has a lot of power fully leather four-door sedan sunroof heater AC everything works but it's very comfortable ride I would recommend I'm buying this car to a friend family R to even a stranger very nice car

- Don U

This is the best car that I have ever owned. It is so amazing.

I love the look of the car and the way that it drives. I love how the seats seem to hug you as you sit. The steering wheel is perfect and I like to gripe it while speed along in the cars smooth ride. The car is extremely dependable I have never had any issues with it. I love it.

- Joanna C

Luxury, long lasting vehicle that provides all the comforts for a great ride.

Comfortable ride, super dependable with little to no maintenance required besides normal wear and tear such as new tires, brake pads, oil changes. Top of the line technology for the year it was made. Long lasting car as it is 17 yrs old with only 151k miles on the car.

- Lisa D

Pros & cons of owning an 2002 Acura tl.

Recall of transmission, recall for airbags, body rust issues,brake rotor issues, paint chipping issues, glue holding door panels to frame issues,I like the heated seats,I also like the cruise control,I like the body style,I like the way it rides when it has new tires.

- Eddie J

Great family car, terrible on gas.

Drives great runs great, had to replace transmission and power steering pump other then that very dependable I just think its ugly and to long of a car and not very cheap on gas leather seats do not last long and very hard to find floor mats to the fit in the back.

- Tori F

2002 white Acura; 80000 miles.

My car has performed very well with no problems. It has had maintenance as needed and recommended. My Acura only has approximately 80000 miles at this point (considered low mileage). It still looks great and has been well cared for. I can happily recommend Acura.

- Barbara D

A really nice car that gets you to a to b.

It's a full stocked car with built in GPS. Seats are leather which sucks but still nice interior. Comes with fog lights and Bose speakers. Has very spacious room for driver and passengers big trunk space. Great on gas. don't like that it is a standard/ automatic.

- Amanda R

If I was to highlight one interesting detail of my vehicle it would reliability.

The 2002 Acura tl is a really reliable car. It currently has 209000 miles and running strong. I would drive this car any place and can trust it to get me to and from any place. If you are looking for a good reliable car I highly recommend buying and Acura.

- Henry L

One important thing people should know is that it is a very good affordable car.

I love that my has performed very well over the past 16 years that I have had it. I also love the sound system it is by far the best stereo system I have had in a car. Also the acceleration is superior to most cars I have driven.

- Carl A

The most important thing I would want people to know is learn how to take care of the vehicle. Learn the car , the way it drives, because the car lasts a very long time if you take care of it .

I like how the car drives and runs very smoothly. I like the interior of the car as well, and it runs really great on gas. I don't have any dislikes about the car , I would recommend to any customer to buy it .

- Vataria I

The Acura TL is a nice family/town car, pretty good on cas, comfy, semi-luxurious.

It was a really reliable car for a couple of years, but it's since garnered some mechanical problems that nobody seems to be able to fix. Not quite sure what's wrong with it, but it was great until it died.

- Matt K

That it has a great working air conditioner and engine that's all

My vehicle is a 2002 acura old car works good and has great working air conditioner the windows work and the engine is top notch the doors open the only problem is the oil change it's not good

- Fred A

I haven't had any mechanical problems.

I like my car because I haven't had any mechanical problems. My car is very dependable and haven't let me down. Most cars these days are to computerized and won't last as long as my carm

- Kim R

It is an older model and still runs relatively well

steering is not very good in the rain the car can start to drift and the breaks are not the greatest. the car also has engine problems in the winter and starts up slowly

- john j

The passenger car door does not open from the door handle.

The car is in good condition. The features are limited because the car is kinda of old. The features include sunroof, heated seats with leather, navigation system.

- Tammy J

They are a little pricey to purchase, but worth it for the amount of miles you can accumulate on them.

I have accumulated 325,000 miles on my Acura with minimal amount of maintenance, mostly regular. Car still drives great, doesn't burn oil, and is fun to drive.

- Thomas B

The car drives fast very reliable but uses a lot of gas in very quick.

The car is good has nice stereo system and do not have problems with it. The car drives really smooth. The only knock on it is the gas mileage is not to good.

- Leak M

It is a reliable, fun to drive car

It is pretty old so it's having some problems. Transmission is a little shaky. My parents think it's going to break down soon. I enjoy driving it though

- Trevor c

My car has lasted a very long time but has also had lots of work done.

Transmission is a little questionable and has had to be replaced before which was very expensive. It takes premium gas which is also very expensive.

- Elizabeth K

Best used car for young drivers

Best car I've ever owned. Has about 200,000 miles on it right now and runs like it's brand new. No issues, just regular maintenance needed.

- Sarah K

It's a good car to own. Well made is all I can say.

I like my car just fine. It is reliable. I like it just fine. I get some pretty decent gas mileage and I am overall happy with the car.

- Jacob V

The Benz is expensive to maintain.

The transmission on the Acura dies at about 120, 000 miles. It drives well. I forgot to state that the CD player does not work well.

- Gordon B

Don't put DVD players in a cars trunk,

The car is a TL and has every feature possible in an early 2000's. Having a dvd player in the trunk however is extremely annoying.

- Anthony G

Regular car but fast for the price

The car runs smoothly for the most part until the transmission starts breaking down, something common among this line of cars

- Amy N

This is a great car. standard maintenance needed. well worth the money.

This has lasted a long time. the interior is very nice, and it has some good power. overall very pleased with this car.

- Trevor K

Acura good on gas mileage.

The car is very reliable and good on gas. Hardly have anything wrong with it. Still in great condition after a few years.

- Kylie C

My car is reliable. I've never had any problems with it.

My car is reliable and haven't let me down. Acura are good cars because all they are, are Hondas. I love my car.

- Kim M

Built with class and luxury

No problems. Runs great. vehicle is well taken care of . Very reliable. Inside vehicle is very luxurious

- Christian B

I like that my car has a six disc stereo as well as cruise control.

I like my car but it is old and is starting to fall apart. It has great bones but is slightly outdated.

- Sydney L

It can get up to 140 on a straight road

It's fast and has a lot of horsepower. Fixed the cylinder pack. Runs smooth. Goes about 140 topped out

- Alex D

It still runs great even though it's logged over 200,000 miles

It's dependable and looks great. It is on the older side and unfortunately uses premium gasoline only.

- Peter K

The gas gets really expensive. If you are on a budget this car is not for you.

I like the look of the car. But I hate the fact I have to use premium gas. It gets so expensive.

- Jaime B

It's reliable. I can count on the vehicle to get me where I need to go.

It's a good vehicle. Gets the job done. Takes me where I need to go with little problem.

- ason G

It's very reliable and trustworthy.

Nothing at all.the cars runs good. There's no need for for complaining.

- Mike A