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Must see to appreciate. 2003 Acura tl. All power including sunroof.

It's very roomy and comfortable. Power seats and windows. Heated seats, air conditioning, handles very well on all surfaces, easy on gas gets good mileage. 6 Disk CD player, power sunroof has never leaked. Low profile 16 in tires great road handling. Leather interior easy to keep clean. Fog lights. High performance transmission, you can drive it as a automatic or standard. It's a very reliable car kind of sporty. Runs great, fast on take off. Has high miles but still sounds and runs smooth.

- Tammy C

Great ac, great heat, sunroof is in great shape.

Aged, cosmetic issues, very high mileage. Overall, very good car. Purchased it with 115,000 miles. Currently has 262,000 miles. There are a lot of little things that need to be maintenance more often than not.. Can become frustrating. Then you have to consider cost benefit between having car payment and not having one.

- Brian D

2003 Acura still runs great!

This car is fully functioning. Super reliable. My car is currently at 160, 000 miles and has had no history of breaking down and no issues. Still has a cassette player and features a 6 CD player but no Bluetooth or AUX cord inputs. What it lacks in extra features, it makes up for in reliability. No complaints.

- Megan D

Acura is a great car to buy.

Acura 2003 has a transmission fault that will cost the owner over $2000. This does not seem to be a problem after 2004. In spite of having to have another transmission this has been an incredibly good car. Great buy. I will be buying another Acura in the future. But most like one with 4 wheel drive.

- Sharon K

Best little car for you or just you and your one child.

Its nice sedan luxury type vehicle. Just not for me with 2 kids want more SUV type. It's great on gas. Has high miles but been with me for so long and well taken care of. I bought it from Texas to Cali in 2 days. No problems or break downs. About 4 gas fill ups. And few stops to eat that's bout it.

- Amanda M

Pros and cons of my Acura tl.

Transmission slips when going into 3rd gear. The seats need replacing and the heads as well, and they are too expensive. The sunroof is a great thing to have. Although it has issues, it still runs good. It's been quite reliable for me. I would rather have a smaller sized car.

- Christine F

It has power seats, as well as heated seats a sunroof.

Very reliable and great on gas, and bought it for a great deal, and haven't had any major problems except just keeping up the maintenance on it, it's safe for my children and other occupants to ride in it as well, and it great on gas, I wouldn't get rid of this car for nothing.

- Brittany T

Still going strong over 200, 000 miles.

I love the great gas mileage, comfort, horsepower, and overall driving experience of my Acura tl. I have driven over 200, 000 miles so far and I have not had to do much more than routine maintenance. The greatest frustration is that the paint job has not held up at all.

- Lisa M

Still good after 15 years.

Has been a really good, fun to drive car. There was an issue with the transmission at 100, 000 miles and it had to be rebuilt. Other than that, a really reliable vehicle. It still, at 15 years old, is a good looking vehicle. The leather seats have held up well, too.

- Rebecca B

Why I love my car and will only buy Acura now.

The look, the way it holds in a curve. The sound system. Space within the car. Truck space. The heated seats. The fact the car lets you know everything that is going on. Airflow within the front and the back of the car. It is a wonderful drive, short and long.

- Miko S

Still going strong after 200,000

I've driven over 200,000 in my Acura and it's still going strong. I love the great horsepower, gas mileage, overall comfort, and smooth ride. The one major frustration is that the paint job hasn't held up and the exterior does not look as sharp any longer.

- Lisa M

This car is reliable. I know I can always expect it to perform beautifully and not have to worry if it's going to break down.

This car is very reliable. I feel very comfortable and safe driving around with my family. The trunk is large enough to hold strollers and more gear for the know kids. The performance of the vehicle is very good. We haven't had any major issues at all.

- Michelle S

Beware of head gasket issues for 2003 Acura to.

This year in particular is known for having head gasket issues. However it's a beautiful car and so far no problems with that at 255, 000 miles. Also has enough room in backseat for my long legged child. Decent amount of trunk space. Very fun to drive.

- Vanessa W

It is a grey Acura with a lot of stains.

My car is on the older side, it has a few stains and a bit of bumps and bruises, I had to change the tires on it, getting new air fixing the arms pulling on the right, aligning it and also getting the seats re done.

- Koi W

2003 Acura TL 3.2 Review!

I did not buy my car new, but bought it in great condition with few miles. For its age, it runs fantastically. However, I have had multiple electrical issues with this car which no mechanic can seem to fully fix.

- Cassidy M

That if you keep up with it's maintenance, it will last forever.

I like the smooth ride of the vehicle. It doesn't make harsh turns. I like the dark color of the vehicle. I don't like the fact that after 10 years of maintaining the paint of the car it has been fading.

- Andre G

the clock has stopped working and acura does not know how to fix it

it is 15 year old car that still runs great and has very little work needed on it. but the clock on the navigation system has stopped working, set to 0:00 oclock and no one seems to care about fixing it

- bob d

It is easy and not too expensive to maintain.

I love the factory sound system in my car. I am not too fond of the size of my car it was ok when I got it but now that I have a family it is too small. And it drives well and easy to maintain.

- Courtney B

The Acura TL is a good car for any drives (long/short distances), but does inhibit itself when used for moving furniture.

The blower for the AC / Heater will regularly short out after about 100,000 miles. Be sure to keep a close eye on this, if you're planning on owning this car for a longer period of time.

- Nathan S

Dependable and a nice looking car.

The performance of my acura is great. It is comfortable, reliable, and is a great communing car. With four doors it is very easy to have riders. The size is perfect to park anywhere.

- Nancy Z

Others should know that the car does have some problems when it gets older, but if taken care of it will last a long time.

I like that I bought the car for a good deal used. I like the speed of the car. I have some small issues with the gas tank and the radio but they are easily fixable and small issues.

- Steph D

It does It's job and gets me too and from work each day and doesn't have a lot of issues

My car is an older vehicle it's in good shape but has a lot of miles on it. I am sure it would have been considered a luxury vehicle when new but now just gets me to and from work.

- Jim m

It is a very dependable vehicle.

Like the luxury of the seats and all the bells and whistles. Comfortable to drive. Safe too. Wish it was a larger car, but good size for its class. Could be better gas mileage too.

- Lindsay K

the clock no longer functions

hate that the clock is now stuck at 000. they should have a way to fix this. like the fact that this is a 15 year old car that works fine looks nice and still is nice to drive

- bob R

That it is a reliable vehicle.

I love the way this car handles. It looks great and drives better. I like that it is a large car and feel secure driving it. The sunroof is an added feature that. I enjoy.

- Karen S

It takes a lot of gas to drive long distances. Not very ideal.

Very reliable vehicle. However, due to its 6 cylinders, it consumes a lot of gas. To fill up, it would cost me $45, however that would only take me 250 miles, which sucks

- Bryant L

It does its job and gets me where I need to go. Even though it's an old car it's still in good shape

My car is an older car with a lot of miles on it but it gets me to and from work and is very reliable. If I had a complaint it's that the gas mileage isn't very good

- Jim S

The kea soul is so easy to operate and maneuver.

I like that make car is reliable. I love the size of my car and how much stuff I can fit in it. I hate that my cars had to replaced 2 times in the cars lifetime.

- Sarah C

This car is reliable even if it's an older model, it is still in great shape.

My car is great. It has had some repairs on the transmission, the AC and the car has been in great condition. I hope it works well for however long it can run.

- Marisela L

It's wonderful to drive and the car is very comfortable.

I have a 2003 Acura TlS. I love this car. I have heated seats, the mirrors lower when the car is put in reverse. I've had no major issues. No complaints.

- Deedee I

It has a fairly new transmission and its reliable.

My car is all black. All leather seats and also heated seats. It was a luxury car back in 2003. I have recently had to replace many malfunctioning parts.

- saul H

It runs well, pulls out quick, and is easy and feels safe to drive.

It runs really well, is a little old so I have had to make a few repairs, but it is a really reliable and good car that other people really like as well.

- Corinne S

It is reliable and has good gas mileage.

Well it's a very reliable vehicle, I just do not like the space in it. There isn't enough space on passenger side. The leg space isn't the best of all.

- Hannah W

Acura low miles good gas mileage.

I loved it till I was in a car accident. Even if it is a 2003 still had low miles. . I rear ended someone at a red light. Thank god no one was hurt.

- Shelley P

It is really dependable, reliable and great with gas.

I love my car. It has been a really great car over the last 16 years. The only issues were the breaks, non wind proof windows and the sound system.

- Michele S

It is superior to domestics.

It changes gears smoothly, accelerates smoothly, and brakes smoothly. It is beat up on the exterior, cosmetically, which is definitely a downside.

- Kara W

My vehicle is comfortable and I am able to transport items in it.

It drives fast and the seats are comfortable. It is narrow, but long so I can still transport large items. It only requires minor maintenance.

- Tammy W

The comfort and smooth ride are just great and it turns on a dime.

Drives beautifully, seat are really comfortable and heated. The stereo is Bose with great sound. Wonderful air conditioner and good on gas.

- Gillian M

It is old and has a bit of repair history. It has had engine issues in the past.

I like the color of blue paint on it. The remote controlled key makes it less of a hassle to manually open the door. It drives smoothly.

- Tommy N

I have to say it is reliability.

My acura gets the best gas mileage. It is the most reliable vehicle I have owned. I hate my power steering. An the stereo system is whack.

- A T

People should know how to take care of it properly.

The paint is not the best and started to come off a while ago. It is reliable and comfortable. I will drive it for the foreseeable future.

- Jane S

You have to be patient driving it and it can go really fast.

It is very comfortable to drive in, very reliable but the shock and tires get old real fast where you need to change them out frequently.

- Erin N

It is super old and fairly unreliable.

It gets me around. It is mildly fuel efficient. It needs a lot of repairs. It is ugly as all get out. It is old and lacking features.

- Daniel G

It is not a gas guzzler and has some good speed to it.

Very comfortable and reliable Acura is my favorite make on a car. Drives good, no problems and I have more than 230k on the meter.

- Jason G

Lives up to the Honda/Acura great reputation.

Looks great, high end vehicle. Great gas mileage. Very reasonable maintenance costs. Good trunk size. Good feel on the road.

- linda R

It is reliable no major mechanical problems. It has been good on gas mileage.

It is reliable, looks nice. Looks like a luxury car. It does not have a lot of major problems, just your usual maintenance.

- Melinda C

It's a great quality sedan with an excellent price point.

I like the sleek look of the car and the silver metallic finish. The only thing I dislike is the periodic rattling.

- Marc O

Love it to be honest great first car.

Well, my car is old. Windshields do not work well. Very reliable. Not a fan of leather especially in the summer.

- Stephanie S

It's the most reliable car I've ever driven, and I plan on buying another later.

Love everything about it. It is reliable. It has 260,000 miles on it. It's fun to drive. It's attractive.

- Katherine W

Sleek, black, fast, current.

I love my car. For an older model, it has everything I need. Awesome engine and leather seats. Great on gas.

- Ivy G

Dependable, good actually good gas mileage.

Has had it since 2003 and have not had many problems with my car. Just had to do regular maintenance on it.

- Martha A

Acura TL 2003 with Sunroof.

Good and reliable car. Gets me where I need to go. Transmissions slips on 3rd gear.. and it overheats.

- Christine F

The car is reliable and can last up to 300k miles.

No issues, but the tranny's on this car are not good. Other than the the vehicle is reliable and good.

- Danny G

The engine. You want one that will not give you trouble.

I love the engine on the car. It was worth every penny. I really don't have any complaints.

- Anna D

It's a good size and can help short people see out the front

I like the size of my vehicle. It drives well and works which is all that I need it to do.

- Christina H

It is in very good condition and very well maintained.

I like it because it feels luxury. I don't like the gas mileage or that it is very large.

- Brian W

It runs nicely and doesn't take a lot gas. Can fit up to five people.

It sets too low to the ground. It drives nicely. Has some pickup and go power.

- Rochella P

That it has great gas mileage and runs very smooth

I like the fact how well it runs as long as you keep up with the maintenance!

- Steve K

It was a very reasonably priced car for all the things that came with it.

Easy to drive, good ride, good gas mileage, attractive styling, good power

- Stephen H