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The title of my review is the faulty transmission of an Acura please do better.

The Acura has comfortability it is a reliable car when you get on the road it is powerful I have no complaints but one with the Acura if you keep your oil changed and do your proper maintenance you will never have a problem with that Acura but the company always recalling the Acura 4 is transmission problems the transmission goes about a hundred thousand miles that is when all your problems going to start and it does not matter if you are keeping the maintenance up on it or what it is just something about the in house housing inside of the transmission always breaks down other than that I have no problems with the Acura I love them.

- Rodney J

2004 Acura tl with 148,000 miles.

Overall I believe the Acura has been a good reliable car. It is a 2004 with about 148,000 miles. I have had to recently replace the rear brake pads and rotors, a motor mount, and the transmission. I have always heard Acura, Honda, Toyota, etc are long lasting cars, and so far so good. The interior could use a little touch up. The seats are leather, so they are starting to tear. I will likely need to get seat covers soon. The dash also has some cracks due to heat. But so far I enjoy driving the car, and it gets us where we need to go.

- Heather A

The sun damaged paint of Acura tl.

I bought my car used about 8 years ago and loved it at first. As the years passed, the wear and tear became evident. The most noticeable being the paint. The paint recently became faded in certain spots. The front dash interior became cracked which I believe was from sun damage. The car requires premium fuel, which is more expensive and really adds up. The engine still runs smoothly with almost 200k miles on it. The leather also began to crack and break. I do like Acura's may be in the market for another in the future.

- Ryan M

Acura for life. Go get yourself a good car.

Extremely comfortable and reliable car - 14 years and going strong with only routine maintenance. The only negative I have about the car (and this is only for parents of young children) is that the car seat anchors are very oddly placed; there are four anchors, situated on either side of the car, but they are moved probably 4" to the center - just enough so that it makes it incredibly difficult to buckle a seatbelt and make the middle seat unusable.

- Jonah T

I love my car. She’s been a champ.

I have had my car for about 7 years now. It is been super reliable to me. It is never broken down on me. The check engine light has been on for a little while but it is never caused any issues. I use regular gas and it gets decent mileage. When I use premium it gets better mileage. I've only had to get the battery changed like once or twice. It gets a little bit harder to start up in the cold but like I said it is been a very reliable car to me.

- Lauren L

I am still able to use my hands free phone with this 2004 Acura tl.

I have been very pleased with my Acura tl 2004. This car has a sporty look, feel, and drive. It is very dependable and has driver safety features. The sporty seats can be set to be more comfortable that expected. I love the Acura, and as soon as I can afford to buy another car, I will by another Acura. Although the car is pretty, it has held together well. I have had to buy only a few parts. They are expensive though.

- Mia R

Acura to ability to meet the needs of many different drivers.

The car is very reliable and is good for a daily driver. I like that you can modify and add accessories easily. One thing I haven't countered with repairs is that the parts are a little bit more expensive because they are for Acura. I like the sunroof and I like how much trunk space there is. Overall it is a good car and I would recommend it to a new driver or as a family car for running around town.

- Ashley H

Quicksilver: this car is comfortable and fast!

This car is absolutely smooth, comfortable, sleek, performance, fast, v6 engine. Even though the car is old, it still get some attention. This car is absolutely smooth, comfortable, sleek, performance, fast, smooth, comfortable, it still get some attention. This car is absolutely comfortable, leather, grey both exterior and interior design, has great gas mileage, low mileage when I got it.

- Joel D

The perks of owning a Acura tl.

It is a great car very dependable and great on gas very spotty and has a catchy look so it looks a lot newer than it really is it is fully loaded leather seats sunroof electric locks and windows heated seats cruise control v6 motor large trunk area fog lights side mirror defrost heat and air work great power steering pump seems to about to go out but the car does have some years on it.

- Ashley S

My car is 2004 I am glad the carplay works on my Iphone.

This has been a very reliable vehicle. The performance is excellent. It handles well on the road. It has a sporty look and feel. I like the sound of the engine, it sounds very strong and powerful. The seating is in your own control for your comfort. The features are seat heating controls, side mirror and back window defrost controls. The car is even equipped for car play on my Iphone.

- Mia R

Reliable and comfortable car.

Very reliable car and comfortable. Never had any performance issues. Whenever I have needed to have any routine maintenance done I have taken it back to the Acura dealer and for the most part if the dealership needed to keep the vehicle for an extended amount of time, they have provided me with a loaner vehicle. Also came with Bose surround sound stereo that sounds amazing!

- Giovanni S

The fashionable Acura tl 2004.

The Acura tl 2004 is a really great car I haven’t had any problem the car at all. It is really fast, not to small, all leather sits and spacious on the inside I love the amount space that the trunk gives you. All of my friends love to hop in the car a ride with me when we’re hanging out. So if you take care of your car, your car will take care of you.

- Marcia M

It will function properly if it is taken care of: oil changes and maintenance.

The car is very reliable that is what I like the most of it. Since it is a 2004 model, people think that it would be causing some problems, but it does not. It drives well and I haven't had any problems with it. At least so far. The interior is good, well taken care of and outside there is a bit of rust. But it has always been a car driven in the north.

- Juan V

Sexy, sleek and fast! The tl may look like a family car, but its a sports luxury.

Strong as an ox and drives like a race car. This model was way ahead of its time in technology, including Bluetooth, navigation and other neat features. Fully loaded with leather, heated seats, 280hp stock - 0-60 in 6. 1 secs. Love my car! This has been the most reliable, and attractive sedan I have owned. This is also my 3rd Acura purchase.

- Haley D

The leather black seats are the highlight.

I've had problems with the engine recently. The tires have given me problems in the past but for the most part the car is in great condition. I installed a radio in the car and new speakers so I can have a better experience. Though, I had to buy a cassette adapter because the car does not have an auxiliary cord already in there.

- Pia L

The ins and outs of my Acura tl.

Gas is difficult. Small size sedan. Runs amazing, as the horsepower delivers. Smooth ride. Maintenance is fairly easy, and cost effective when you know the right people. Rides fast, not recommended for nervous drivers. Have had this vehicle for ten years. Will say it is not ideal for someone looking for space.

- Brittany D

It is great! It has heated seats, a sunroof, and runs very smoothly.

The alarm randomly went off for a few days. It has to be filled with premium gas, and gas right now is super expensive. I love the heated seats, it runs really well, and it has a navigation system. I am also excited to use the sunroof this summer. I have had the car since the middle of December! I love it!

- Erika L

No one thing, it is just a great car. Has nearly 200k miles and has no problems.

Love the luxuries and performance of the engine. Although, it is an older vehicle, so many of those luxuries are not considered luxuries so much any more. The only thing I really dislike about the car is that it requires premium fuel - though I understand why, it costs more and is a bit of an annoyance.

- Casey S

Most dependable car I have ever owned.

2004 Acura tl with over 100, 000 miles and nothing has ever gone wrong. Routine oil changes, tune ups, tires, battery, that is it. The most dependable car I have ever owned. I would highly recommend an Acura to anyone. The vehicle is also a very smooth drive. Grips the round in all weather conditions.

- Dan D

My vehicle is very good at going long distances.

My 2004 Acura has been great to me. Recently the air-conditioning broke and I have been having problems with my ac, rotors, battery, breaks, and oil leaks. I love how my car has a sunroof, and all the features that it does. But otherwise my car is 163,000 miles on it and I will be trading it in soon.

- Jalee B

Has call features which is pretty impressive for a 2004 car.

The reliability is absolutely great but the car has expensive parts if you were to experience any technical difficulties and what not. It's a smooth drive and the engine is real silent. The seats and interior are almost on the luxury side but if your looking for something fast, this isn't your car.

- Miles T

My 2004 Acura tl is the best car for me and my family.

I love everything about the car. I have been using it since 2015 and it has never developed any issues. I make sure I service it regularly so I am very confident about the drivability. The engine still sounds very great. It has screen and the seats are very comfortable. There is also enough space.

- Acura O

Amazing comfort, runs smooth.

Very reliable. Performs well. Love the navigation system. Love the seated seats. The seats really help accommodate me since I am 5 feet tall. The seats are very comfortable. It runs very fast and provides enough safety. The color of my car is midnight blue which adds to the aesthetic of the car.

- Gabriela T

The 2004 Acura TL I drive is sleek and comfortable. It still performs quite well, given its age.

I have only been driving the car for about a month. However, it performs very well. Previous owners have taken very good care of it. The car feels quite sporty, and can go quite fast. It's comfortable and sleek on the inside, but outdated, which is no surprise as it is a 2004 vehicle.

- Kacie F

My car is a pretty light shade of silver.

I really love this vehicle. The Acura to I own is very energy efficient, and saves lots of money on gas. I also love how this car looks, and how it feels when I am driving it. I think this car is the best car is the world. I wouldn't give up my car if you gave me a million dollars.

- Ray G

Acura TL 2004 is a good car to own.

This car was handed down to me in really great condition. I love the seats and that they have heaters. The navigation system in it is completely useless as it will cost at least $100 to have it updated and smartphones are better anyway. It drives really smooth and has a huge trunk.

- Kim T

Solid car with strong mechanical reliability.

It is a solid little car, it sat unused for close 2 years in the hot sun and still runs fine. It is a good deal for its price, plus the seat warmer are nice. . It has had no major mechanical issues since purchasing and it gets the gas mileage you would expect from an older car.

- Amy F

It is a machine and it helps me pick up chicks.

The vehicle has an excellent engine and rarely needs attention. It is a very strong car made by Honda, but because it is just a 2004 model, it does not have the features that you would see in other cars in 2018. I like the car and I am thankful that I can drive it everyday.

- Jim T

I would tell you to get this car, it has good gas mileage. Seat warmers for cold.

Radio does not work because I unhooked and hooked the battery up! Its comfortable, very reliable. Make sure you keep up with maintenance on the car won't be reliable lol it has navigation system and DVD is in the truck of the car you have to make sure it's up to date!

- Candace M

In summary, I would definitely buy or lease another Acura.

I have had very few problems. The car is very reliable and comfortable. The heated seats are very welcome in cold weather. I am very happy with the performance and fuel mileage. The cruise control is a great help with a long trip. The dealer service is first rate.

- Steve W

Gorgeous exterior and interior, very reliable, great performance, quiet, smooth.

Pros: great performance, v6 engine, comfortable, quiet, reliable, smooth, easy maintenance, sporty sedan. Looks great, very good handling, best looking Acura with other generation, excellent power, reliability, cons: crack dashboard, rattles due to cheap plastic,

- Joel A

Amazing body style. Handles beautifully. Transmission problems.

Transmission slips, starting to burn oil at 210000 miles, my brake caliper sticks on the back right. Love the performance of the car, it is good on gas, although it takes premium, which can get expensive. The leather is starting to rip, and the dash is cracking.

- Kayla K

It is a fantastic safe and beautiful car that will last for a long long time. As long you take of it.

I have owned my car for over 10 years it has been a safe and comfortable car. Remembering to change the oil and transmission fluid will go a long ways. Also do remember to take care of the exterior paint and the faux leather seats on the inside!

- Jeremy L

Fast and good on gas. Sharpe design in blue. Fun to drive locally.

A little rust. Leather seats are old and cracked. Minor electrical problem. Tony needs to be done over. A paint job would make it look good. Everything else has either been replaced or fixed by my mechanic. Will last another 5 years or so.

- Solomon A

My pimping style automobile.

I love the style of my car its sporty looking black with black tinted windows it's got great gas mileage and lots of room inside with leather inside my most favorite thing about my car is the heated leather seats both of them are.

- Christina D

It has a touch screen GPS and audio system.

I like the technology and convenience of a smaller car. I dislike the automatic seat and mirror adjustments according to preset passenger perseverance. Overall I enjoy trucks much better than cars.

- Mae H

The transmission will go bad on certain year and model.

Dislike the transmission problems and the console materials. Like the navigation unit and the choices of the radio. Like how the car drives close to the road. It drives smooth most of the time.

- Brigitte e

Fantastic vehicle. Will purchase an Acura again.

Fantastic car. Very comfortable and fantastic features for a car made in 2004. Just hit 200k miles with no problems. Take care of the car with routine maintenance and it’ll treat you right.

- Casey D

It drives great and has style.

I like that it is reliable and does not break down. The car looks sporty and is fun to drive. I wish it had more of the newer safety features such as blind spot alerts.

- Kara O

If you are looking for a car that is safe, well built and from a company that is a leader in cars this is the car for you.

I love that it is super sporty. I also love that it only needs basic maintenance and still drives well. I do not like that it is not very technologically advanced.

- Cheri S

Reliable, can get you to where you want to go and quick too.

Really no problem with the vehicle, very easy to use very reliable and quick, all car seats are very comfortable in my opinion and has a sweet navigation system.

- Owen O

It's a great vehicle. I have almost 150,000 miles on it and it still chugging along.

So far never really had an issue with it. Bought it from my dad 6 years ago which he was the original owner and he never had an issue either. Great vehicle.

- Brook M

Mechanically it is a great car. Fit and finish is not considering the price paid

Like the looks, power, options I ordered when I purchased the car. The dashboard is all cracked. Radio doesn't work anymore. Also had rust in the trunk area.

- Rafael M

A reliable brand of auto.

Like?drives well. Good size for me. Not a lot of miles. Good power. Dislike?no longer does well on gas. Does not fit more than four people comfortably.

- Laura B

That you have to use premium gas and that the internal system is computerized.

I dislike the fact that I have to use premium gas. I like the fact that I get good mileage. I also like the size of my car and the way it rides.

- Cynthia D

It's dependable! I've had few issues and the car is very safe

I love how dependable it is. This car has rarely given me problems. Also it's paid for! Really don't have anything I don't like about it

- Jason M

That it is cheap and affordable.

I like the speed. I like the color. I do not dislike anything. I wish I get however get a Mercedes Benz because that is my dream car.

- Erin N

It is pretty reliable for as long as i have had it. But can be expensive to fix.

I like the style of the car. I don't like the fact it is low to the ground. Also don't like the back seat not being very comfortable

- laurie H

It holds up for years but if its a 6 speed like ours the clutch will go out fast.

I love how smooth it drives bit I don't like how much new parts cost. If something breaks it's hard to come up with it all at once.

- Stephanie S

I'd prefer my Acura over a BMW any day.

I seriously love my Acura. I just put a new transmission in and am looking forward to the next 100,000 miles. It's fast and classy.

- Maximilian B

That it a very good car to have as your own.

It's fast, dependable and stylish. I enjoy driving my Acura and I know it will start every time. It can be loud on the highway.

- Debbie P

Lasts a long time as long as you take care of it and get the correct maintenance.

I love that it is long lasting. I also love that it has lots of features. However, I wish the phone system worked better.

- Jackie P

Acura TL 2004- A better Honda

Great used car. Good mileage and easy repairs since it uses Honda parts, Heated leather seats and great 6 cylinder engine

- Tracy B

It is amazingly fast. Also, you don't get much sportier for you dollar.

I love the sporty style of the body. The horsepower is amazing. Unfortunately, i don't care for the front end troubles

- Mark W

still running well with 145,000 miles. all manufacturer maintenance items performed

car is 14 years old and still running well. nothing but normal maintenance issues (tires, battery, oil changes, etc)

- bill g

It is good on gas it is a great car overall and I really wouldn't change anything

I think the acura has a great motor. The ride is very smooth on all terrain. This will be a good car for anyone.

- Early W

don't litter please. And mind your own business as it is my car.

I have had this vehicle for a little over 3 years. Overall great car. Takes me to point a and b without any issue.

- Meng L

Silver car that is runs great.

Runs fine just needs new tires. Air works, touch screen CD player, sunroof. Drives fast, in pretty good shape.

- Aaron G

Ready for the long haul!!

Very functional and will go for the long haul! Wish it didn't require premium fuel. Other than that, all good!

- Lamar B

Very cool and reliable I like it

I love it it is super reliable. I have had it for years and not many problems I've had with ur which is great

- Hay B

The mileage per gallon of gas.

There is nothing I do not like about my acura it is nice handles well. I wish it had better mileage on gas.

- Kim J

Have money for gas and car parts

I like how nice and sexy the car is and not to mention it doesn't waste a lot of gas

- Justin R

Labor is expensive, and I do not like the fact that things like tires are difficult to find. The acura is overall a good vehicle.

The vehicle is very durable, and the luxury features are a plus.

- Rachael J

It's super reliable and looks great. Especially for a 2004.

Great gas mileage. Fast. It's a Honda. Great car.

- Mark K