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13 years old and still running like a champ

This has been an overall worthwhile purchase. It has been a very good and dependable car over the last 13 years. The only issue has been that I did have to get a new transmission about 7 or 8 years ago but I have not had any issues with car besides the transmission. I have enjoyed this car and this is the longest I have had any vehicle in my life. The only thing with the model this year as far as features is that you do not have automatic lights. I have to physically turn the lights on whenever I use the car. Most cars have automatic lights. I would highly recommend this car for anyone. It has great pick up even after all these years. It is a v6 with good gas mileage. We are considering giving it to our teenage son once he gets his license to go back and forth to school his junior and senior year

- Sara D

Acura is Awesome sophisticated and luxury and love to drive.

I will never own anything but an Acura again. I have to say it is the best performing car. It handles the highways and roads so well. I love the comfort, the sound system and it has such an elegant style to it. The only issue I really haven't been happy with is the TPS system. That is for tire pressure system. The system itself is accurate, but had an incident occur where my tire had gone flat from running up on curb to avoid wreck and it messed up stem with tps on it and it caused all kind of messages to show on my display until new tps replaced. Was not expensive to replace just annoying for the most part. Other than that I love my Acura it drives like a dream. I can't imagine driving anything else. Sold on Acura!

- Vicki D

Acura�s are timeless, safe and fun to drive.

Not only is Acura less expensive with upfront cost but it is also less expensive when repairs, or maintenance is required. Besides being less expensive than any other luxury sedan in all areas. It's still provides you with a luxury sports sedan feel and look, with adequate power, style, handling and performance. If you have a little bit of know how you can repair majority of minor repairs and services for maintenance, saving you a ton of money overall. The gas mileage it's great for the size of the motor. This motor has been built to last and will last forever if the proper maintenance is given. Very spacious and comfortable inside.

- Nicole L

An oldie but a goodie, especially for the usage it�s given me.

My Acura is very reliable. It has been around for more than a decade and although the mileage is high, the functionality is almost perfect. I say almost because the a/c does not work and that is a very terrible thing in the summertime, but other than that everything seems to be okay. Every now and then I also smell a burning smell when I open my window during driving (tire burning) but I take the car to the auto shop very regularly and nothing seems to be wrong. Another thing is that since the car is so old, it is expensive to maintain, but it is built with very high quality.

- Cynthia K

Sporty, reliable, and luxurious.

The heated seats warm up quickly and are nice on cold days or when you are feeling a little achy. The sun roof can be opened two different ways to allow for different amounts of air flow. The key fob only needs to be near the car to open the doors. I love the push button start and the convenience of not having to dig my keys out of my purse to start the car. The digital display is nice. The only real complaint that I have is that GPS does not show up on the display. The paddles to change gears on the steering wheel were in my way before I became used to them being there.

- Michelle P

Reliable car that can get you where you need to go

I love this car! It gets up to speed quickly and has no problem getting in and out of traffic. The navigation system is a little out of date but the screen is a good size and easy to read. The powered seats are nice and offer a lot of options in seating position. The side mirrors tilt down when the car is put into reverse. The trunk is a good size and there's plenty of legroom in the back seat. The center console has lots of room and there are a number of hidden compartments

- Rachel C

I love my reliable luxury Acura tl.

Abundant user friendly high-tech features. Spacious. Superb sound system. Handles the road very well. If you are looking for a luxury car with great handling, looks great, reliable, great on gas and mileage, this is a great choice. This car is fun to drive, very comfortable seats, and great trunk space. I have had my tl for nine years. Overall, I would buy another Acura. Being that my family size has grown I am looking at the mdx.

- Tiffany N

Perfect beginner's drive!

My car is a small, black, 2006 Acura tl, and it has served me well for quite some time. I started driving two years ago, and it has never broken down on me or caused a lot of problems. I have had to bring it in for servicing a few times, but aside from a minor chain problem, it is been pretty standard and basic problems. I would recommend this car to pretty much anyone, especially for a beginning driver like I was.

- Maria B

2006 Acura TL - not my favorite

Overall, the car is just okay to me. I believe this is mainly because of the costly repairs we have had to do to it. The cost of maintenance and replacement parts is higher for an Acura than it is for other cars. The CD player does not work and it does not have an aux since it is an older car. Some features that I do like about the car are the heated leather seats and overall the ride is comfortable.

- Lindsay M

Reliable, inexpensive and luxury.

My Acura tl has been very reliable. I haven't had any problems with the car. I change the oil, rotation of the tires and just maintaining the car. I have leather seats that are perfect and also heated seats for the winter time that makes the biggest difference when it is cool out. The navigation is a great feature to have when your traveling or just around town.

- Heather B

Acura TL is the best model Acura

Air conditioning does not work and sunroof leaks a little, other than that the car is very reliable and I love driving it. The gas mileage is not great but I think the way the car drives and handles makes up for the lack in mpg. It's a powerful car with outdated technology but still fun for young adults needing an everyday car for driving around the city

- Jacob S

Can't go wrong with an Acura !

Love my Acura, great on gas! Heated seats make it great in the winter time and sunroof is perfect for the summer time. Gives me the need for speed when I want to go fast ! It has stayed in great shape and easy to maintain. It takes premium gas and needs the more expensive oil change are my only downfalls but I'm willing to pay the extra for a great car.

- Ashley C

Lots of fun to drive and gets great gas mileage for a v6.

I bought this car used but I love the speed and look of this car. The only problem I have had is the tire pressure measurement system sensor keeps messing up but that does not do anything to the car's performance. The paint on this car is a two toned black looks blue in the right light lots of compliments on the paint which came original to the car.

- Alicia S

2006 Acura TL - 170,000 miles, still great condition!

I really love how this car drives. The engine is high quality and you can really tell by the way this car accelerates. It has around 170,000 miles on it and it still runs great. We haven't really had any problems with it other than normal wear and tear. The interior on this car is also really nice and has held up very well.

- Becky M

Great on gas mileage plus has a lot of room to seat a family of five.

My car is very good on gas mileage. . The car has heated seats, ac, 5 CD player plus satellite radio. The vehicle also has a sunroof. The car is very fast. I really like the car because it has a very huge trunk. The car has cruise control. The trunk is very big in case for travel to carry on a lot of luggage.

- L M

The side view mirrors tilt down when in reverse so you can see curbs backing up.

It is really reliable. Excellent handling. Lots of great opinions in the interior. Sunroof is fun. Very comfortable interior. Has been known to have transmission problems which I was able to fix with the car’s warranty. It has a lot of trunk space and a pass through into the interior for long objects.

- Erin D

I wouldn't recommend buying

It is super expensive to repair. The wiring is shorting out on me. Other than that the vehicle is a good a-b vehicle. But it is expensive to use as an everyday car honestly. The gas get sucked up really fast. It wouldn't be my first choice. I needed a car when I got it and this was the cheapest option.

- Casey O

Car is old but very functionable.

2004 is an older car now, but it has been great to own for the last 14 years. The technology was near top of the line at the time, and now a bit behind new cars. This would be a great car for a new driver, or just someone who wants reliable transportation with a enough "sport" to be fun to drive.

- Michael Z

My pearl white Acura, sleek.

I love the tan & black interior. It is a 3.2 6 cylinder engine that has a nice feel of power to it. The navigation and heated front seats are also a plus. The cabin is very spacious and comfortable. The tl is a 6 speed manual transmission. I love everything about this car. It is truly reliable.

- Aubrey F

I love the sunroof and the space in the car.

I've had my vehicle for almost 8 years. It's a reliable car really. I think I would like it a lot more if it had a serious inside detailing. The only thing that keeps reoccurring is the TPMS sensors. I've replaced it, I've addressed the tpms problem. However the sensor continues to light up

- Danielle N

Modern classic gem ready to control the road

The Acura is a sleek and stylish car while also not being too flashy and loud. The interior is roomy for 5 people and is adjustable for all the passengers. The gas mileage is adequate and will last depending of drives. The sound system and CD player work really well and very adjustable

- Izzy A

It is a pearl color car with some scraps on it.

My vehicle is continuing its' 12th year. I love the leather seats and that the seats are heated. Even though it is not the newest car it is reliable and is continuing to last. And even though it does not have all the cool feature cars have today it still take me to places I need to be.

- Amanda H

It has a good storage space. The trunk is a good size to pack when traveling.

I find the seats to be comfortable and the car to run smoothly overall. The only downside is that the car's sound system does not have an auxiliary cord, so I am limited in what I can listen to while I am driving. The car is small and easy to drive. It accelerates relatively quickly.

- Emily H

Leather seats are the best.

I love my Acura tl. It is extremely reliable and I hardly ever have any problems with my car. My car has leather seats and are also heated seats which is nice for in the winter. I have had one problem with my car and it is the defroster. The defroster can not work sometimes.

- Sara B

The heated seats are the best part of the vehicle

It's a great and safe car. Has ac, power windows, radio, and CD player. It also has heated seats which are amazing in the winter because I have trouble driving when I am shivering. There is a comfortable amount of space and there is a lot of room in the trunk for groceries.

- Sarah S

The Acura TL handles very well in good weather and has great gas mileage.

The Acura TL has a terrible turn radius. Because of the design of the car, there are blind spots when looking out of the front windshield. I actually have to move my head around to get a good view of traffic coming to the left or right. It also handles poorly in the snow.

- Madeline R

My vehicle is my second I owned since the first one I couldn't save it .

the vehicle is in working conditions, but the back seat isn't on working conditions. But I have to tune some of the engine. Need to change the brakes. The color is the problem need to change it to a black also need to change one of the mirrors or black all the mirrors.

- Ishmael R

My car is grey, with nice rims, and air suspension.

The car drives great, enough space for family of four. It is very reliable and runs great. I like Acura model cars and Honda cars. So my Acura is my favorite car. The seats are great, even has seat warmers. Also, child proof doors for my children and lock about windows.

- Rivera R

Sports car with a navigation

I love the car it runs smoothly I'm the hot weather. Looks great on the outside but has many functions on the inside including heat warmers and navigation the navigation does need to be updated that's the only annoying part but it's an easy fix at any Acura dealership

- Ray H

Great family car without feeling like a ‘family car’.

I have never had any mechanical or any issues with this car. It got good safety ratings. It has a lot of power with decent mileage for a 6 cylinder car. It is very roomy front and back seats with a large trunk for a car. It drives smoothly. I would highly recommend.

- Steph V

One interesting detail about the vehicle is the notification lights on the dash.

Problems include having to replace the transmission and alternator. Other than those things, the vehicle is very comfortable and reliable and gets great gas mileage. This vehicle comes with a navigation system but it seems outdated and I just use my iPhone.

- Jessica W

I love the gps, I love the style of the car. My daughter had a Acura and she had no problems but it was a different year and model my mechanic said Acura is a good car all the ones he has worked on had minor problems

I have had to replace the transmission, air conditioning, computer, radiator, motor mounts. I have had a lot of problems I read on the internet that the year they had a lot of problems with the TLs unfortunately it was after I bought it

- Kristy L

It is a great car, if you want something reliable.

I like my Acura for the reason of , it provide me to go from point A to point B, gas usage is not too bad. The thing I dislike about this vehicle is that there is a lot more maintenance now since the age of this car is getting up there.

- Jerry K

It runs well and it is also a pleasure to drive.

I like that it is a nice car, but it has gotten a bit old, so small things are starting to fall apart. And recently, I have had to make some major repairs and I am not sure if it is worth paying to keep maintaining it.

- Justine P

Heated seats, it is so nice in the winter to go out and start car and go.

I like my car it has heated seats, a sun foot. Plenty of room for me and my two children for right now. Great gas mileage. I haven't had too many problems other than just normal wear and tear. Brakes. . Etc.

- Jade P

She may be old but she is still stylish and has get some pep to her step

My vehicle is very reliable. Acura is produced by Honda so I know that the lifespan will be longer than most. There are a few mechanical problems arising but that is not uncommon in a 12 year old car.

- Danny P

It is a manual transmission.

I like that it is a 6 speed manual. I have tinted the windows, lowered the suspension, and put new wheels on it for the summer. It also handles very well and is nice to look at.

- Jacob M

The vehicle has a sunroof which I absolutely love.

My car is over reliable.it has awesome highway and city mileage.The interior is very comfortable.In addition it has heated set seats,power windows ,and child safety features.

- Lamont M

Acura tl daily driven stress relief.

Amazing to drive. Will built and performs beautifully. Smooth and sleek looks with a rear end to die for featuring dual exhausts that hum as you accelerate into the night.

- Nelson P

It is great besides the gas.

The car handles very well, has a really nice interior, has modern features and power steering and windows; the only issue is the gas mileage not being the best.

- Victoria J

My TL is a manual transmission and it is recommended that it needs to use premium gas.

After 8 years into my TL needed to replace the timing belt. That was probably one of the biggest expenses outside of the normal wear and tear maintenance.

- Jerry K

Don't trust this dumb piece of trash. It may look good but it is not.

It looks nice, but I have to get the parts replaced constantly. It's a pain in the ass. I have no idea what the issue is so I just blame the whole car.

- Erika S

It is safe and reliable with no mechanical issues at all.

It is safe and reliable and has no mechanical issues. The car is very room for a 4-door sedan but not too big. It has all the 'extras' or conveniences.

- Stephanie V

A most important thing people should know about my car is that it is great on gas

My Acura TL is very reliable. It runs great even though it is a little older. It is a comfy car to travel in and has enough space to comfort friends.

- Shantel H

It is very economic in gas.

I love my vehicle I do not have anything that I dislike because it works good it is still in good condition and it is able to take me far.

- Ava V

Comfortable and fun to drive

Love the heated seats, cup holders and electric windows - big upgrade from last vehicle. No complaints other than requires premium gas

- Shar c

It's not new but it's new to me and my family and we love it.

I love that it is a luxury car that I could never afford new. I love that it is pretty and suites my family. I wish it had less miles.

- Maegan M

The infotainment system is really good compare to 2006 cars.

It run smoothly. It has a good systems in a car compare to 2006. As of 2018 it seems old to me now. And it has too many miles now.

- Patel P

Its fast and is dependable.

I like the speed of the engine, the navigation system and stereo. There is nothing to dislike except the expensive tires.

- Richard H

Acura TL: old but gold.

TL runs smooth. Has tons of features, especially for a 2006 model. Leather seats, rear DVD players, v6 and almost 300HP.

- Nombre J

it's does everything I need in a car, and is reliable!

It's reliable, and I don't have to worry about it. It's a luxury car. The only thing I'd change was the height I sit at.

- Jaime R

Love the car, fast, sleek and interesting detail is I have tinted tail lights

Best car ever, lowered and on 18. Inch rims and the only problem is I need a new serpentine belt tension, super reliable

- Mathew S

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it wastes gas.

I like the details of the vehicle. I dislike that it does not have an AUX cord. I dislike the color of it and the size.

- Maria A

Tire and brake maintenance is expensive and frequent.

I enjoy the comfort and the feel of driving it. Maintenance is a bit expensive and it burns through tires and breaks.

- Zach D

Reliable and dependable. Powerful engine! Great ride!

Reliable! Dependable. Attractive. Excellent highway mileage. Good power. Excellent interior and navigation system.

- Thomas C

That it is expensive to fix!

Awesome car to have! Fully loaded, fun to drive and comfortable with speed too! Looks sharp! Cannot beat an Acura!

- Ashley A

I don't have anything to say about my car.

It is a used car so it is not that good as brand new. My leather chairs are ripped, and it got lots of scratches.

- Mai N

The car is very reliable and does not look like it is 12 years old.

I like that it always turns on and is reliable. I dislike the cars blind spots. The radio does not always work.

- Hannah T

Love my reliable Acura TL

Great performance very reliable. Never breaks down and has had very few issues despite having very high mileage

- Christan A

Very good anti theft lock

Very reliable with lots of features like automatic rearview mirrors for parking backwards and navigation system

- Christopher C

Crimson color and the key to my heart.

I love everything about it. It is perfect size for a starting out teenager. Runs great and hardly has problems.

- James W

Amazing features and sound system. Drives very smoothly.

I have an Acura TL 2006. I recently rebuilt the engine because I love the care so much and runs so smoothly.

- Ashley F

Not a bad mid size sedan.

Not much trunk space, could have better visibility when backing up. Smooth handling, Expensive tires.

- Mary D

No mechanical or engine problems.

Outstanding automobile. Great les. Acceleration handles wonderful no engine problems over 100k miles.

- Walter O

It's good on gas and does not take much to fill the tank.

I like the space and drive. I like the power and feeling. I dislike the age and lack of new features.

- Travis G

That the car has been dependable and hasn't had any significant problems.

The car has been running well for 12 years without any major issues. Dependable and fun to drive.

- Ray N

It's in good shape. The timing belt has been changed.

I love my Acura. I have not had a days problem with it. It has always been factory serviced.

- Lisa S

dependable and still in style.

241,000 miles and not a problem. it is my second Acura, first one i sold after 189,000 miles

- jay B

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I love that it has a very sleek design. The interior is very nice. Also, it runs smoothly.

- francisco k

Great value for the money it's a good investment i'm glad i bought it

Love the luxury interior and it looks like a new car even though it's over a decade old.

- kay m

It is an older luxury car that doesn't look out of date.

I like that it does not look out of style. It also drives alright and has seat warmers.

- Cassandra L

It is equipped with hand controls.

It is very easy to drive and has a lot of power.

- Will s

lots of extras included in standard vehicle package like seat heaters, sunroof, etc

expensive upkeep, good handling, good power

- jack K