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There have been little issues, example my tire pressure indicator is out.

I have my car for 11yrs, and the only major part I hate was paying to do the timing belt once, I hit over a 100k. But my car has been going strong I don't want to trade her I will keep her until she can't go anymore. The only thing I need to do is keep up the maintenance of the car. She has all leather on the inside, I do however need to do more cosmetic work on the inside to keep her up. I did one seat with the leather tearing, and need to fix my driver side, just cracking haven't torn. Other than that I cannot complain, I want her to last me another 11yrs, but I know I will have to retire her, bi bought her brand new off the lot and she has been good to me, if you look to buy a used car look at 05-08 tl's. I feel they are good cars!

- Jamie J

The overheating Acura 2007.

Though this car has been reliable enough, it has tons of problems. I have two of the same make of cars, one that I own and another that a relative of mine owns with the same issues. With time, and with great care we've noticed that the car overheats tremendously, when it is fixed we see the same problem happening a month later. With the over heat of the car, it has obviously lead to other issues as well. The air conditioning as a result of the car overheating has stopped working, the car jumps and shakes when driving long distances. It also will take time to turn on or will not turn on at all when need it.

- Ella R

My favorite car. . . My next car will be the top of the line Acura.

My Acura is a sports model, it is high performance. I get pretty good gas mileage on the highway and it looks good too. It is a good size for a sports model and the trunk is very spacious. I have driven it for over ten years and will probably hand it down to my granddaughter. The interior is leather black and grey. The pick up is excellent when you are merging onto the highway. Everything in electric including the windows and sunroof working with the key fob. The back is roomy enough for a toddlers car seat (with comfort). The car also has a pin strip that adds to the sharp look of the car.

- Sharon F

Reliable vehicle with few problems.

The most common problem I have had with my Acura tl has been my battery repeatedly dying even when it has been recently replaced. It has been replaced more than it should be. Also, the leather on the front seats is pretty weak and I have had to get seat covers. However, other than that my tl has been pretty reliable and has not had too many problems despite being driven quite a lot. It is comfortable and spacious, and I have taken it on many road trips with no major problems.

- J P

Acura tl types running like brand new after 11 years!

I have had this car going on 11 years now and there really haven't been any major problems. The interior looks brand new, exterior, other than hail damage, looks brand new. It runs great, though the brakes do need replacing more often than other cars as mine is the type sport, so the brakes are soft. The wheels are also pricey, running about 1k per set. It does not do amazing in the snow because it is so low, but with snow tires it grips the roads just fine.

- Matthew H

Buy a 2007 model or a 2008 model due to transmission issues in the older model.

Reliable car with decent gas mileage for a V6 sedan. Affordable to do your own maintains but body work is expensive and parts are decent pricing. The ride of the car is on the sportier side so it ride a little rougher and you will feel bumps on the road. Comes standard with leather seats and a very nice interior for the year. Also get tons of compliments of the looks of the car but I do own the type s model so it is a sportier look than the base model.

- Nhi Y

The model of vehicle I drive was only made for 4 years.

The Acura tl type s is a great, reliable car. This model comes with a bigger engine than the basic model giving it more horsepower. The seats are like bucket seats for that sporty feel, but with the comfort of luxury. This car comes with upgrades all over the vehicle from sport rims, quad exhaust, tail lights, and a sport suspension. This car will run great as long as you keep up with the basic maintenance.

- Kevin T

Keep up with maintenance and it will remain maintained.

Minor sensor issues; for example the tpms light is always on, however I purchased it used. Car is extremely comfortable, looks smaller on the outside but decently spacious on the inside. Rides smooth and has maintained great condition. I have had this car for almost 4 years and it is still of value. A little more expensive gas as it is a 6 cylinder and take premium gas but preserves gas well.

- Ashley F

An interesting detail of the car is it is carbon fiber inlay near the gearstick.

My Acura tl-s is a relatively reliable car that has high miles (around 140,000). The performance is very good since it is a 3.5 l v6. It is pretty reliable aside from usual car issues such as flat tires and regular maintenance. It is comfortable and features a navigation system, leather interior, special type s rims and trim around the car, brembo brakes, and other features.

- Saad S

This is a very reliable car.

Overall I have no complaints, this car was purchased to be used as a commuter car and it has been great to us. Good on gas, big backseat, tons of comfort and legroom in the front seats as well. We haven't experienced and mechanical issues and have been driving the car for about 450 miles a week. With regular maintenance, this is definitely a car that will last.

- Alyssa P

This is a solid, reliable car with an unnecessarily sporty feel.

This is a good, reliable car. I do not love the way that it drives, the acceleration and breaking are not as smooth as I would like for a sporty car. I also would get a car without leather seats next time- it seems like a luxury but the added heat is not worth it. Overall this is a solid and reliable car, and just comes down to user preference and comfort.

- Canary Z

Older but luxury of newer.

Our Acura is very dependable and has luxury at the same time. We bought the car when it was 10 years old with very low mileage and the 1 and only owner had kept it in the garage. So it was like getting a brand new car. The leather seats and warmers are fantastic. The dual seat controls for each driver in memory by the push of a button is wonderful also.

- Karen S

12 year-old Acura but still like new.

This is the best vehicle I have ever purchased. Although it is a 2007 (12 years old), you can not even tell. She still looks brand new, both in style, as well as condition. She has leather throughout, is comfortable, reliable, has great features, and is super fast. I would recommend any Acura to anyone but the tls is the cream of the crop.

- Heather K

Acura tl and GMC Acadia reliable.

It is very reliable and feel safe. I have over 200, 000 miles on it, and still trust it to go anywhere. The Acura gets ok mileage, but uses premium fuel. My 2018 Acadia gets the same mileage, roomier, and has so far been just as reliable. Either one of the vehicles I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a used or new vehicle.

- Kyle D

Fast Rose Gold Acura TL with Limousine tints and colorful inside lights

The Acura TL is a great car. The gas pedal is very touchy but the brakes are perfect. The engine runs very smoothly and it's very quiet. It has memory seats where when you turn the car on it automatically goes to the place you want it. The leather seats are very comfortable. You can spend hours driving and won't get uncomfortable.

- Jaia L

Nice car. A luxury car at a reasonable price.

The car handles well. My husband is the primary driver and feels he has total control when driving it. Gas mileage is good as well. The trunk is a bit small, would like to have a bit more space. The car is reliable, no out of the ordinary issues. Front seats are comfortable, would like more legroom in the back.

- Marilyn B

My Acura tl is a great car!

My car is a very comfortable and reliable car. I have used it the past two years, and have never had any serious issues with it. However, sometimes the battery will die so it is necessary that I carry jumper cables. This may just be because of the age of the car. The car has excellent gas mileage.

- Brooke S

2007 Acura tl still running strong.

My car has a lot of miles on it but is still going strong few minor issues but typical with a car with this age. I like the features including backup camera heated leather seats satellite radio and navigation. The look of it is sporty but has plenty of passenger and trunk space for a sedan.

- Meg E

High miles but still running strong.

My car is very reliable I use it for work driving long distances. I have 190000 miles on it and seems to be running smoothly. The only issues I have had with it were electrical but it could have been partly the battery. It is an older car but most of the features seem to be pretty current.

- Meg E

My Acura, what a beautiful and reliable car.

I really live my Acura. The first Acura I bought was a legend. It was red with tan leather seats. My newest Acura is blue. I enjoy drinking this car. It is very safe and reliable. I am trying to talk my son into purchasing a Acura SUV. I feel it will be a great family car.

- Debra H

The Acura is a very reliable comfortable ride, especially during long distance travel.

This vehicle has been reliable and trustworthy. It handles on the road exceptionally well, and is very comfortable during long distance travel. On the downside, there have been several unexpected repairs, such as a broken trunk spring and rolltop over the drink holder.

- Betsy M

Super car and smart car. Take the test drive.

Good reliability and very dependable car I love this car and have driven all over the country. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for good dependable transportation and reliability. I has all the bells and whistles. Good pricing as well. Try it and you'll see.

- Allen R

I love the fact that the seats are heated! It makes winter mornings easier.

Performs really well, smooth break, accelerates really well, nice leather seats. I bought it to take around my kids to and from school but it ended up being my go to for everything. I use her for groceries, long road trips, storage for airport runs. It's very reliable.

- Lana M

My car is great (handling, maneuverability, gas mileage) on the road.

I love its looks. I like the power of the engine, how it has held its looks and has reasonable value despite its age. I dislike the fact that the transmission failed at 87,000 miles despite regular servicing. In addition, the battery has been replaced twice.

- Myra H

I've owned my car for over 10 years.

I like my vehicle. I have been driving it for more than 10 years now and it lasts a very long time. The steering and brakes work great. Although, one complaint that I have is that the car is not very fuel efficient and I would have to pump gas very often.

- Hien E

It is a very reliable vehicle.

This is a type of car that has all the bells and whistles of the period and is the sport model which means it scoots. Feed it oil, fuel and proper maintenance and it will run forever. How do I know? I have a 91 Acura Integra that still runs very well.

- David M

My acura car it is a very expensive.

My vehicle does not really have that many problems. The comfort level is very high the seats come with a warming features and warming a your feet two. I can rely on this car 100% it never has any problems with gas or anything.

- Olivia N

The Acura TL has a Long life and is a quality affordable automobile.

Likes: comfortable, quality, body holds up, dependable, easy to work on for a foreign car, decent gas mileage. Dislikes: Bluetooth went out way too early actually caused a drainage of battery and had to be removed

- William H

Very reliable even with high mileage.

It is a very reliable car I am at over 180000 I drive a lot for work so I need a reliable car the only problem I have had was possibly something electric but most likely the battery.

- Maggie E

I like the design and how the vehicle feels on the road.

The vehicle gets great gas mileage on the highway and has enough power to pass on the highways with an issue. The ride is more on the sports car side versus the luxury vehicle.

- Brandon G

That it works and is in good condition.

Slow start up, and lacks in acceleration. I light is busted. I wish I had a better one I just can't afford it right now with everything going on in my life right now.

- Alex H

This vehicle is very powerful. Has a very smooth drive.

This vehicle drives very smooth, has a lot of horsepower and looks great. I do not have any complaints about this vehicle not even for all these years that I own it.

- geo c

It is a great, long lasting, reliable car.

I love how my vehicle has run for over 270,000 miles. It has a sunroof, which I love. Have had very little problems with it mechanically over the last 6 years.

- Morgan C

Car is great except for the turn radius, it's really bad.

There is only one thing that I do not like about the car and that is it turning radius. It should've been checked before we bought the car because it is awful.

- Kim N

Handles well in snow and rain. Feel safe driving the car.

Dislike age related issues and that the backseat does not fold down to store more items.. Like the reliability prior to getting a lot of miles.

- Troy R

It works, runs well, and is not difficult to maintain.

Large turning radius. Interior degrading, but to be expected after 11 years. Gas mileage diminishing, but also expected. No major problems.

- Jeff Q

The handling is perfect on the road.

I like the design of my vehicle. I like the leather interior. I like the engine power. I like the responsiveness of my vehicle.

- Toby A

Nice luxury car for the summer

It's a great car for the summer it just sucks in the snow. Also since it's a luxury car, insurance is so expensive for it.

- Zeseila L

The most important thing about my Acura is that it drives very well.

I have a white Acura and I like how sporty my car looks. It drives well I have no complaints. I do not have any dislikes.

- Porson Y

my car doesn't have anything interesting.

my car is a little old so i would like something newer but the actual car itself is a great brand & lasts a long time.

- breshae b

This car is in great shape for its age!

I do not love how the doors close on me as i am trying to get in, they just shut too easily. I like how fast it is!.

- Mara C

It can be loud and it does not get great gas mileage.

My vehicle is great for short trips but it doesn't do well on longer trips. I think there's better cars out there.

- Alex A

It has been very reliable. Great car for commuting

I dislike age related issues on the car and that the seats do fold down I like how reliable it has been

- Troy R

excellent and reliable car company. Acura makes great cars

I love everything about this car. Leather seats and all of the usual upgrades. No complaints at all

- jen W

Its Honda engineering ,very stylish, sexy and fast

I love my car,looks good,loaded, comfortable,very fast,and handles great, very stylish,

- Dan A

It is a great reliable vehicle that has withstood the test of time

It has a lot of horsepower. It has great features. It still looks new after 11 years

- Colby P

The car is reliable fun to drive has great options

I have a TL Type S so it's fast and sporting and fun but it gets horrible gas mileage

- Peter P

it is quite low, and it requires the most expensive gas.

good power and quality. however, very high maintenance and waste a lot of gas.

- gaby t

I like that it has power but is affordable. I like that it's roomy. It fits a car seat comfortably. It has a nice stereo.

It's affordable, roomy, has power, plenty of accessories and is comfortable.

- Autumn S

Great car, Recommended to use premium fuel but doesn't have the best gas mileage. Love the heated seats in the colder weather.

It is very reliable and a great car in general with few problems.

- caitlin l

It's fun and original everything

It is black and sporty.It has low miles.It has a great interior

- miguel Z

It has few mechanical issues.

It's reliable and has power. It is expensive to maintain.

- Jason M

Reliability. Saves gas. Great design. Great color.

I like the design. The vehicle itself is very reliable.

- H S