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Almost 200k miles and still runs good.

Small, but reliable. Not great on gas. Needs maintenance, spark plugs. The trunk does not open with a key, it has to be opened by a button on the door. Has a sunroof. Pretty powerful engine. 4 Doors, leather interior that is still in good shape. It has fairly high clearance for a sedan, but I do not try to take it off-road or in the snow. It is an automatic.

- Dave W

The beautiful momma's car.

It is the best car I have ever owned. I absolutely love it. And therefore when it is time to buy another one I will want the exact same car and same color. The color is pearl and it is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately they stopped making this model in 2014 so that is the year I will look for when I go to buy one.

- Julie N

And interesting detail about my car is the led lights that I have put the front.

I've had my car for a few years already and out has never given me any problems till this day. I always make sure that is well taken care off. Because it is what takes me from and to work. Very comfortable, nice leather seats. Amazing interior. Good radio sound and the seats are very wide.

- Ana M

Would buy again in a heartbeat!

I love the way this car rides! It is so smooth! The interior is lush leather and very comfortable! The seat warmers are heavenly and the side mirror defrost is awesome! It has all the conveniences I need in a car plus some. ! I feel safe and like I am in a reliable vehicle.

- Heather S

It only takes Acura transmission fluid. If you use any other fluid it may cause damage to it.

I have a Borealis Blue Acura TL with the technology package. It is a 6 cylinder auto with paddle shifters. The windows are tinted very dark and it stays cool inside. The lines are very attractive and pleasing to the eye. It can be quite touch with what fluids it takes.

- Jason J

Black with black leather interior, tech package.

Just issues with the rims my tires seem to be low on air, I love the way my car rides. I wish it was better on gas I do have to put premium in it. I love my leather seats and the look of the car, my paint is startling to chip. I feel like I got a good price on my car.

- Emily H

Style and performance get looks.

This vehicle has been very reliable and problem free. It is stylish and performs when needed to get out of the way - the only downside it is low to the ground making it a difficult vehicle to get out of and to see around the many SUVs on the road today.

- Cj O

Very reliable with a smooth ride.

Very smooth ride. Great pick-up. a almost 9 years old, it has some cosmetic issues but that is about it. Bluetooth for radio stopped working, weather-stripping coming off, middle console leather coming off, radio buttons sometimes don't work.

- Candace W

That I no longer have the older one and that this new car is everything I asked.

I love everything about my car and the money it helps me make. I had to get a new car because my older one was falling apart but I see now why it had to happen. My new car now has an appreciated feeling that I normally didn't have before.

- Cameron C

I love the way it glints in the sun.

It's a horrible vehicle. I'd drive it but I am embarrassed. Its features include heated seats, tinted windows, cold ac, full service radio, GPS system, and many others. The windows and doors are awesome. But I am a perfectionist.

- John F

It has a very smooth ride.

It is spacious and comfortable to drive. I can fit all of my groceries in the back while also having a nice looking vehicle. My only issue at the moment is that the a/c does not work.

- Andrea R

It is not good to drive when it is windy.

I love my Acura and all Honda cars I have no dislikes or complaints about my vehicle it gets me from point a to point b safely and with all the air bags I feel protected.

- Trisha H

Very reliable car, comfortable to ride in even long distance

It is a great car. Very comfortable for long trips. A lot of storage room in the trunk. Haven't had too many problems with it. Just regular maintenance things.

- Ggs H

Headlight are expensive. $100 per bulb. To change it you can get to from inside the hood.

Great car. Rides smooth, peepy and fun to drive. My only issue so far is the cost fix simple things. Like the headlight. $100.00 for the bulb. WTF? Yeah $100.

- Ernie F

Great gas mileage, smooth riding, luxury car with technology package!

Brakes need to be replaced. Normal wear and tear. Very reliable, smooth riding and dependable car. I wouldn't buy anything else. Good gas mileage also.

- Dallas M

It is a great car to have!.

I haven't had very many things go wrong with it since I purchased it I purchased it used and I have had it for 6 years with no major problems yet.

- Amanda L

After about 10 years, it can start to wear.

I love how easy it is to drive. The only complaint I have is that it does not accelerate as easily as it did when I first got it a few years ago.

- Sarah E

The Acura TL Review (Sound and seating)

The car sometimes is too loud at times... especially when accelerating. The chairs are comfortable and are able to be sat in for long drives.

- Chris P

2009 Acura, great condition, very reliable.

Bluetooth, navigation, heated seats, great mileage, stylish, very reliable, great performance, maroon color, Bluetooth phone connection.

- Lisa A

My car drives like a beauty queen!

it drives great and handles smoothly. just need to keep updating the navigation system since construction is done often where i live

- kari m

It is not cost efficient.

I like that it is a luxury car and also i like its high quality features. I do dislike that it requires a lot of maintenance.

- April C

The safety features and maintenance warning lights help me keep the vehicle in great shape.

What I love about my Acura TL is the performance on the highway. It is fast and responsive and really hugs the road,

- Kevin M

It has Bluetooth and navigation

My Acura TL is a very reliable vehicle. It gets me where I have to go. It gave me a oil problem but I got it fixed

- Ann S

It is worth it, money well spent.

Very smooth and fast. Comfortable. Spacious. Fun to drive. Leather seats and seat warmers are very useful.

- Sean P

It's a smooth ride and the inside of my car is torn apart.

I like the ride and quality of the car. I dislike that the fabric on the inside of my car has torn apart.

- Melodie C

Nothing really except that it drives like a champ.

Car does not have enough interior room as I need space. I like that it's good on gas. It low maintenance.

- Angela G

Poor gas mileage unless driving fully on the highway.

A well equipped vehicle with some nice bells and whistles.. Poor gas mileage, though.

- bill t

The car provides an excellent value compared to other cars

Like the comfortable driving experience it provides. Looks good too

- De S

It's reliable and well designed. It is easy and inexpensive to maintain.

My Acura is well designed, looks good, and VERY reliable

- Joe w