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The display screen on my navigation system can be a customized home screen

I love driving my vehicle. It handles very well, and it's low maintenance. Has backup camera and other features. Comes with navigation system. I love How comfortable it is to ride in it especially for extended periods of time. It's perfect for long drives. The car also lets me know whenever it needs maintenance on it. Gets pretty good gas mileage specially on the highway. The only thing I do not like about the vehicle is it takes premium fuel. Which is more expensive than regular unleaded. The car I drove before the Acura was a Prius. So it was an adjustment going from a small hybrid that took regular gas, and would only cost $15 to fill up the whole tank. After a small adjustment. I absolutely fell in love with my Acura. It's a beautiful car, I love the design. I also like the fact that it's four doors; if I ever have a child I can get the car seat in and out of the vehicle with Ease. I like the leather seats and sunroof.

- Spencer G

Tl - my total love - it cares where I go and is the best 'chauffeur' in the world.

Not only is the aesthetic of my to exceptional and bright - but the mechanics of it are also smooth and functional. While some vehicles can emote grunge and work - approaching my to is like walking up to a supermodel who is begging for my number. The seats are super cushioned, the steering has give and take while being precise, and people love getting in the passenger seat to blast the tunes while we cruise! As far as reliability - it has never broken more than a flat tire or oil change and treats me like a queen. I have had other cars in the past, but nothing gets me around in class like my to! I.

- Megan T

A great car with an awesome technology package.

I purchased this car used from a dealership. I am the second owner. I have had it for a couple years and have not had any problems. It has the usual wear and tear issues. For example, brakes, spark plugs, timing belt and other routine changes. The car lets you know if there is anything going on. It drives smooth and turns well. The technology package is really cool. You have the full navigation system. You also have hands free phone and music. The seat warmers are great. The trunk is really big. You can fit a lot in there. The back seat has a lot of legroom. Over all it is a great car.

- Lindsay A

Comfortable, stylish performance.

My 2010 Acura TL tech is remarkably reliable. Powerful for passing and on hills. The most annoying part of the tech system is the navigation. Unlike other brands of vehicles, the Acura navigation system requires the owner to purchase an update for $149 each time you choose to update. Not the most convenient, and definitely not accurate if you choose to not update.

- Sherry C

My vehicle is fast, a smooth drive, and looks very nice exterior wise.

My vehicle has a short therefore sometimes it will not start, I am currently trying to find out what is the cause of it. Before this started occurring I loved my Acura, it was reliable and drove great. The comfort is good and the car also has GPS which can be helpful at times. Overall my Acura is a good car that needs just a little fixing.

- Isaiah W

Great car for a great price. Very reliable and looks classy. Acura fan for life!

I have owned my car for six years and I am the second owner of it. I have not encountered any problems with my car and I absolutely love it. My Acura is very reliable very good on gas and looks very classy. The car is very good on gas and drives great. When I do decide to upgrade, I will definitely be going with another Acura.

- Casey C

My Acura has a beautiful pearl white color .

My vehicle is very reliable. It performance is outstanding, it has a tech package, it has a passing grade that gets you going when you need to. The problems are the electrical light comes on quite a lot. The check system light has come on once. And the check engine light but we got it all fixed at a low rate.

- Alma N

Sporty looking and fun to drive!

I love the performance of my Acura. It has great features including built in GPS, the ability to store music on the hard drive, hands free cell phone use when you pair your phone, heated leather seats, and it is sporty to boot. It is comfortable even on a long drive. We have not really had any issues with it.

- Karen R

Every car needs maintenance- if you do the regular maintenance, this car will last forever. Mine has 97k miles on it and it runs like its brand new.

I like having a full sized sedan with lots of trunk space. Requirements for me include leather seats, heated seats, sunroof and the ability to control temp in two zones. I don't like the blind spot behind my left shoulder when I'm driving. I also wish maintenance cost a little less, but overall no complaints.

- Kerry S

Very smooth and fast ride. Very economical and fun to drive

None no problems at all. The best caribe ever had good on everything gestures and runs very smooth and fast. It travels nice very efficient especially in and around town. Out of town the mileage is good on freeway also. Very smooth ride. Overall performance I rate it a 10 for sure the best car I've ever had.

- Timothy N

Heated side mirror. Dimming rear view mirror. Indicates has miles to go.

The car runs smooth. Gas miles seem to be pretty good for a 6 cyl. Wish it had the technology package. The comfort of the front seats is great. Love the key one and key two feature which adjust automatically to the key starting the car. The heated side mirrors is also a great feature that comes in handy.

- Sheen S

Nice running vehicle. Nothing special.

I don't really have any issues, my car is a pretty good car. I would say I love it. Other than the usual wear and tear it is a decent car. I tend to keep up with maintenance and all. I cannot think of any issues that the car had caused me. In conclusion I feel my car is a pretty good car and I love it.

- Tash C

2010 Acura car detailed review.

Very reliable car and extremely comfortable. The "pick-up" is also very noticeable and is very fast for its size. The sound system, along with the technology package is a must have and makes the ride truly that much more enjoyable. This is my second Acura and is definitely a great car to own.

- Tyler J

Extremely safe and up to date car

I have been in a couple of accidents in this car, but I have come out safe and unharmed each time. This car is extremely safe. The technology inside the car is also very nice and up to date. The seats are adjustable and heated. The a/c and heat also work extremely well.

- Hannah H

All engine work has been done at dealership. Great car to drive and own

Everything runs good, some interior wear also. Exterior paint and body is in alright condition. Not too bad for 2010. Engine runs smooth and isn't too noisy. First owner. No accidents. Been reliable since I bought it. Definitely a great commuter car and easy to drive.

- George C

I think this vehicle is really reliable, good on gas, very good looking, and a great car to have.

My vehicle drives really well. The gas pedal is touchy. The seats are very comfortable, especially with the seat warmers in the winter. The A/C works really fast and well. The right passenger window and sunroof don't always roll down. Overall I love this car so much.

- Nicole L

Acura tl is a great car. I like that it is v6, a little power kick to it.

You can never go wrong with acura it is a 5 speed automatic car, nice leather seats. . It is a reliable car, despite being a v6 it is good on gas. Any car maintenance or repairs to the car are not too pricey or hard to do. Gotta love the sunroof on it. It is great!

- Luis M

Winning Acura in performance and style

Smooth riding, fast pickup, sleek lines and nice looking. Quality interior, comfortable seats. Fair gas mileage. Wish it had more technology. Car great for long road trips. Good visibility, good performance. I'd buy another Acura but one with more technology

- Karen S

I think that the interface of the car navigator could be slightly enhanced.

My car Akura for many years, but despite this, she's like new. The car is very good and convenient to ride it. The price corresponds to the quality. I do not see any problems and therefore I think that my next car will also be Akura.

- Lareta K

My Acura tl has been extremely dependable without many mechanical issues at all.

The only complaint that I have is there is not a lot of backseat space. There are lots of extra features which help with kiddos in the car. I enjoy the modern amenities for a good price.

- Ashley F

It has been extremely reliable for me. I am a traveler and have driven all over and it has never had any issues in the 8 years I've owned it

It has been the most reliable car I've owned. I have never had any issues with it other than buying a new battery. It's extremely space ish and has been comfortable to travel in

- Samantha S

The most important thing about my car is the fact that it is comfortable

We shopped around and used many different sites, but the U.S. News Best Price Program was by far the easiest and least time-consuming way to get the best deal on our new pickup.

- Knowledge H

Very safe and dependable on all road and weather conditions.

This is a great car, very dependable and low maintenance. It is a good luxury car. Sporty car with great road handling. Very quiet ride and very comfortable on long road trips.

- Monica S

It takes premium gas only.

I love the look of the exterior and the size. I like the leather interior because it is easy to clean. I have sports mode. It is automatic but can be changed to a manual.

- Kelsey J

It is a 6 speed manual all wheel drive sports car.

I like the vehicle because it is a manual, and hard to find. The TL is also all wheel drive, and handles snow great. It is also sporty, but really safe.

- Jeradon B

Leave a little room in the front when parking do not scrape the front spoiler up.

It has all the bells and whistles in the car. It is fast in acceleration and great steering capability. It is very classy and a little bit sporty.

- Colleen B

Great value and awesome handling

Love Acura's. This is third Acura that I've purchased. Very reliable and good value. Plan to purchase new car in 3-5 years , Acura of course

- Nicole R

It is a luxury vehicle with a good price that isn't too expensive

The car is great. It has great power, 300 hp, all wheel drive is perfect. I have never gotten stuck. The sound is perfect and has good base.

- Anthony K

The car drives very comfortable and it is very durable.

I like the comfort and features while I dislike the high cost of parts. It is very durable and reliable. It is drives well during the snow.

- Corporate M

The car that I have, it came in white.

The car that I have now is perfect for me, it's spacious and I have great air conditioning. The interior of the car is soft and firm.

- Sarah G

long lasting car. Another thing about this car is the parts to fix are rather expensive for replacement

I like how the car has plenty of space. The car usually doesn't overheat. Has a great a/c system and engine runs lovely.

- james B

It has a navigation systems and a back-up camera

It is comfortable and reliable I've had no major issues or repair problems. It has many features that came as standard.

- William C

this is my third Acura and they all have been great to me. no problems. handles like a glove.

Expensive to fix but great to have. Made by Honda and those are good cars. I just reached 100,000 miles in my 2010 car

- felicia a

Reliable buy, good for families.

This car is extremely reliable, and it's a good family car. It's very comfortable to drive in and be a passenger in.

- Sarah Z

It makes me happy and I'm confident my car will get me where I need to go.

It is Reliable, comfortable, and has greAt styling. I never have trouble with it. I trust Acura to make a good car.

- George M

It has nitrous, tints, good wheels.

I like it cause I customize it. I do not dislike my car I work hard to get my car fixed up in perfect conditioning.

- Christian M

It is a great sport car without sacrificing gas mileage.

Very smooth ride and great gas mileage. More room would be nice. Overall a great car and would recommend to anyone.

- Ben S

Great performance and style.

Love the resale value, performance, features, and style of the acura TL. Would buy again. No real complaints....

- mark S

It is a good reliable family car. It is reliable and nice!

I have never had any problems. It is a comfortable and smooth ride! The engine is very silent and it sails fine.

- Isaiah L

Smooth sailing ride, couldn't ask for a better one

No problems so far ,love the smooth ride,and my sunroof and heated seats. Love Love the Bluetooth speaker

- Rebecca L

Affordable maintenance for the car.

It's a nice looking car and very reliable. A smooth ride and easy maintenance. No complaints about it

- Jane R

The best thing about my Acura is that is handles very well

i love the way it handles. it is sporty looking. interior is great with heated leather seats.

- Ronald S

Fun to drive, beautiful interior and exterior. Quiet and powerful.

She is fun to drive, powerful and comfortable. t This is my third TL. I love this car.

- D W g

Many blind spots make it difficult to change lanes. Love the heated seats and sunroof. Drives well

It's fast and handles well. Hugs the road during turns. Never feels like it slips

- Regina C

It is clean and is for family and work usage

I like the functionality of it and the expectable height and dislike the mileage

- Nicholas O

no complaints at all I love my car its paid for nothing else to say

Acura lasts a long time miles and miles keep maintained and will last forever

- Camille B

The Acura TL has a big engine, which calls for premium gas.

It's one giant computer, so when one thing goes wrong, the car goes wrong.

- Hailey P

The 2010 Acura is one of the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

I don't dislike anything about my acura.i like the model the way it looks.

- Anthony L

So cool!. Sporty. Easy to drive. Has sirius and AC.

minimum maintenance, low fuel consumption, classy. no complaints.

- Irene R




Very reliable. Easy to maintain. Comfortable to drive.

No complaints. One of the best vehicles to own and drive.

- David F