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Love the feel of the Acura TL

The car has a very smooth ride, very comfortable leather seating and handles great in city or highway driving. Very luxurious feel in the interior. It has been very low cost to maintain, very dependable. Working with Acura dealership for maintenance has been great, they do not overcharge and do a great job with explaining results of maintenance checks. Very roomy and includes nice bells & whistles. Classic style body, I purchased the car used with very low miles.

- Mari P

Great vehicle with only two exception.

Really enjoy driving this car. It has instant get up and go, which can be extremely necessary sometime with interstate traffic. I only wish the upholstery had held up better, but still really like the car! Even though the car is 6 years old it still has a great, classy look about it. We are not lucky enough to have a dealership locally. The closest dealership is a little over an hour away, which is not that bad, but that is why we will not buy another.

- Betty E

Love my TL! Checks all the boxes and rarely in the shop.

I've had no problems with my Acura TL. I love the ride, both comfortable with a solid feel and handling. Steering is responsive but I wouldn't say up to German luxury standard. Seats are very comfortable and adjustable with solid lumbar support. Engine is responsive with good acceleration when needed. Controls are all easily accessible and simple to operate. Plenty of legroom both front and back seats. High marks for reliability!

- Michael F

The space is the best feature

My car has a spacious back seat and able to fit 3 car seats back there. The trunk is also spacious and able to fit a single and a double stroller in it. However I am not able to fold either back seat down to elongate my trunk space. I enjoy my navigation system and Sirius. I have the car six years and had to replace the alternator but other than that routine mileage maintenance has kept the car running well, very pleased with Acura

- Kelly S

2012 acura tl sh-awd. Great handling.

Very reliable vehicle. Purchased new in 2012; no major issues. Very responsive and excellent handling at all times. Comfort level is very good; suspension is firm and stirring is precise. This vehicle is well equipped with plenty of technology. The hard drive allows auto record a CD from the first time played and then there is no need to keep the CD in the car anymore. The overall quality of this vehicle is great!

- Isidro R

Acura proves to uphold reliability

I love how comfortable it is for long trips. Most of the mileage is highway miles and it has upheld very well on numerous weekend trips over 4 hours away. It's very reliable and I have not had a problem whatsoever in the 5 years I've had it outside of your normal issues like brakes, tires, etc.. I would highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a highly dependable and reliable car.

- Rachael L

The amazing 2012 Acura TL

So far I have had the vehicle for 6 months and have had absolutely no problems. The car has a lot of neat features. I love having the backup camera feature. The best part is the ability to connect my smartphone for calls and music. The car also has heated and cooling seats. I advise to get the mixed interior. My seats are tan but the carpet is black.

- Amber B

Very safe, great handling, excellent ride, and reasonable fuel economy given the size and power of the vehicle.

The car rides and handles beautifully. The SH-AWD provides incredible grip and handling. The ride is compliant and sporty. And with all of the features and more than 30 HP, I still get 27 or 28 miles to the gallon on the highway. Lastly, I have not had to make even a single repair to this car. The reliability is bulletproof.

- Allan c

The seats are beautiful. It's a unique color. I believe it's called numbers

I just recently came across a high oil consumption problem which burned a lot of my oil. I have to take it to the dealership to pretty much get a new engine. The good thing is this job is completely covered by manufacturer. I wish my car was faster when I would step on the pedal. It's a beautiful car and great for a family of 4.

- Anna K

Very sporty! Great handling!

Body style is favorable, handling is easy, inside features are great, all the technology available for the price at the time me. Good mileage, easy on gasoline, very comfortable. The only issue is that the ride could be better. It is a sporty car so it is not necessarily Focused on comfort, but speed. Has a great acceleration,

- Mel B

Make sure to note of all the recalls and that these recalls have been done at the Honda or Acura dealer. Acura preferably.

I previously owned a 2004 Acura TSX. When I was looking around for a TSX, I stumbled upon the TL. I liked that the TL was much roomier and also had a bigger engine which explains its smooth runs on the highways and the ability to overtake well. The interior design and comfy leather seats is a plus.

- Robert C

Acura Review For The Curious Ones

It drives like a champion and I will always buy Acuras! If you take care of them they will last for a very long time! I do however have to change oil a lot and it shakes sometimes, other than that I really do love it!! If you are thinking of buying an Acura I would definitely say go for it

- Steven F

It's very comfortable affordable and worth it after years.

The only problem is the stick shift can stall after having the car for awhile.But the performance is great and the comfort of the interior is good. The car rides smooth and fast almost like and Infiniti.It would be better if they change it to electric so it can have another option to use.

- Bob H

The pros and cons of my Acura TL 2012

Runs and look great. I love the car safety features as well. There's no problem at all. It has seat adjustment, 2 settings to be exact. Very reliable car. It's Bluetooth accessible as well. Best car ever. I rate the car a 4 out of 5. The reason not a 5 is because it doesn't have GPS

- Pamela R

Affordable luxury - with electrical conundrum

It functions perfectly from a mechanical perspective. I would buy another Acura in a heartbeat. However, I think the TL is better quality than the equivalent TLX of today. Have never had an issue until recently - alarm will not go off randomly. No cause has been determined.

- Michael M

Acura is a great car to drive and own.

Love the temperature control, heated seats, sunroof and leather seats. Drive really great and everything is within reach. Two driver settings adjust seat to me quickly. Well rated for safety and just a fun vehicle to drive. Need to get out of the way... It has great pickup.

- Brenda N

Love my Acura and would recommend anyone to buy one.

My 2012 Acura tl has given me very minimal problems since I have had it. I have had to replace the alternator once. I keep the oil changes up to date so that has not given me any troubles. Normal tire rotation and maintenance as well. It runs very well and is quite fast.

- Raquel Y

2012 Powerful Acura all wheel drive.

I love the power, the all wheel drive, it is fully loaded very comfortable seats for the whole car. Very reliable and fun to drive. I love the body detail the GPS and navigation. Nineteen inch wheels on all four tires. I love the space of trunk and black color exterior.

- Nubia K

Like the color, have all the technology for a 2012.

No problem good handling around turns. Very fast with the v6 3. 7 litter. I would buy another one in the future. Only problem is just the gas mileage and frequent oil changes due to continuous driving. The seats can be a little uncomfortable for longer trips 8 plus.

- Roland K

Love it. Very beautiful color combo and love the sleek look.

Very comfortable and sporty I love the power that it gives as well as the sleek look. I wouldn't change the all wheel drive for a regular two wheel never again. Well worth the fully package. Very nice and good on gas. It was worth the extra couple hundred.

- Nubia G

It's a very reliable car that's luxurious without being expensive to operate.

I bought it certified used several years ago. It's always been reliable, and has had no major issues. The engine and transmission have never needed any work. It's comfortable, has good performance and features, and gets me where I need to go.

- Not J

It is high-performing and has high quality features.

I love the pickup and power of my car. I also like the fact that it has a built-in navigation system. I don't like that it is so low to the ground because the chassis sometimes scrapes the ground when I go up a steep grade.

- Anele S

This car is reliable and, with proper maintenance, it'll last forever.

I love the reliability of my car. It's stylish and great on gas. However, I don't like the fact that not every device links to my car with ease. Plus, there is no option to mute. Overall, it's an amazing car! I love it!

- Amber G

My car has great reliability and speed.

My vehicle is great on gas mileage and comfortable however I have put a lot of money towards repairs and costly maintenance because of the type of vehicle that it is and needing parts that I can only get at dealership.

- Solei M

Acura's are a little pricey but well worth it since they are dependable and nice looking

I love my Acura it is dependable, great on gas and looks nice. It has lots of extra bells and whistles. It does not have the rear view mirrors and side mirrors that tell you when a vehicle id in your blind side

- Jan S

It is great on gas and has great features.

I really like my vehicle because it has great features, drives easily, is very roomy, has a sporty look and handles easily.... What I do not like is the ride which is hard and not extremely smooth..

- Mille V

Acura does a good job with their TL line.

The vehicle has a great sound system and comfortable interior. I like the slate gray color and my aftermarket rims. However, I'm not very happy with the speed of the car. Older TLs were faster.

- Josh M

Great on gas and great small family car. very Economical

What I about my vehicle is the fact it is great on gas mileage, quick acceleration and comfortable. I can't think of one thing I dislike about it. It is very dependable and easy to maintain.

- Roxanne L

One of the most important things about this car is the reliability of the car. I have never had any issues with the car than the usual mileage maintenance.

My vehicle is a great car, this is the second Acura TL I have bought. The 2012 drives like you would expect a BMW to drive but without all the expensive maintenance.

- Miles M

It looks sharp, no complains here this is one vehicle I would buy again.

Good daily commuter good on gas looks sharp good investment for long term. You do get your money worth with this car Its just better version of Honda accord.

- Rana H

It's fun to drive, and has a great amount of room.

The vehicle performs adequately. There seems to be no problems. I like the feel. It also is the first car I have owned under my legal given name at birth.

- Tiger T

Very solid safe ride. I feel like if I get in an accident, I will be safe.

My care is sporty and fun with loaded features. The back up camera is very will focused. I can pull away from any stop light and beat any car!

- Nicolle A

Luxury car but expensive to maintain

Smooth ride,luxury feel,good navigation. Cons speak navi not very good, expensive to maintain and expensive insurance but overall good car.

- Elizabeth R

Great interior that stacks up to the some of the most high quality cars for half of the price

I dislike very few things but one of them is not a knock on the car just rather scratches and things that i have accumulated over the years

- Vito R

My car rarely has maintenance issues.

I like that electronic features my vehicle has to offer. My vehicle is does not use much gas. And finally my vehicle drives very smoothly.

- Ronnie F

It is a very safe car. Good protection in an accident.

There are issues that it shouldn't have for a car of that price, like the power locks for example. The interior is comfortable.

- Beth D

They should know it is a great car with low maintenance.

I love the luxury and handling. I dislike the interior color. Great body, a little narrow seating. Fast but not fuel efficient.

- James N

Do not know. It serves my needs.

I like how smooth my car runs. I like the simplicity of the car. It is a comfortable and affordable car that is very stylish.

- Jasmine B

It has good sport feel to it

Great performance, high miles per gallon. Great sound speakers. Has leather seats and a sun roof so far no engine problems

- Noe M

Its very fast and it have the sport and eco feature.

I like the power and dependability for my car. I dislike the gas mileage in the city and that it only takes premium gas.

- Shannon W

It's reliable. And it's from the Honda family which makes it affordable to fix

The big thing is the reliability. The consistency in gas miles and great luxury features make it a awesome choice for me

- Monty F

Comfort combined with sleek modern class

It's wonderful. Drives well, rides well, comfortable. Leather interior, great sound system, back seat air vents.

- Hay S

2014 Black Acura TL Sedan

Comfortable, reliable. inexpensive to maintain. good resale value. Fun to drive. Lots of standard options

- Saurav B

The Acura tl. A wonderful ride. We cannot find anything that we do not like.

Our Acura tl is a pleasure to drive. There's plenty of room for passengers. It handles well on snow and ice.

- Ben S

The most important thing is the safety features.

It is a fun car to drive. I love how it handles. It can carry stuff too, and with about 4 other passengers.

- Mila G

miles per miles is very important for what i am looking for

i like how it can go fast and not used up a lot of gas, it can haul people and still have room in the trunk

- eric e

Good gas miles luxurious and it does not look cheap

It's a great car no issues with it. It has great gas miles as well as great commute for a daily driving.

- Haris P

White pearl color is the nicest with black interior.

Acura TL is very comfortable. I love to drive it. It's also fast and sporty. Leather seats are the best.

- Melanied D

It is a great deal especially for the used ones

It's great, reliable, comfortable and also fancy at the same time. great performance and audio systems

- Spencer G

That doesn't take much for you to up keep and teen friendly

Good car fast luxury weekend car good on gas does cost much to have good stereo system nic sorted rims

- Bryant D

It really is luxury and fast. It handles great and the technology package is worth the extra money.

I love the technology package, the power, and how it handles. The tires seem to wear easily.

- Ada S

It is a comfortable vehicle for long trips in the car.

I love the awd and the sleek look of the car. It is a smooth riding vehicle on the road.

- amy p

But ultimately, my vehicle has spectacular trunk space, more than adequate cabin.

I love my vehicle. Amazing technology features. Comfortable. Stylish. Great on gas.

- Jess S

It's been a good car for me. Cost of maintenance has been fairly low.

Good size, good gas mileage. Some issues that I haven't enjoyed getting fixed

- Jessica B

The Acura TL is a reliable, maintenance free vehicle that I'd fun to drive. Mine is a 6 speed manual with all wheel drive.

Sporty, handles well and fun to drive. Mileage not great but plenty of power

- Steve H

i want more safety features, such as more air bags

it's cool and fast, but it uses more gas than i like it to use

- evan w

Love the luxury. Hate that the back seat doesn't go down and that I have to fill the tires each month.

It is a comfortable ride with pampering and technology.

- Rebecca F

She is very fast. Expensive on the gas I should say

Smooth luxury car. Its my second car i call her coco .

- Kyliel L

the capacity of the car and the speed

i like the classic car and i don't like the space

- rober c