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Acura tl rides like a dream and looks like a million bucks.

The Acura tl is fun to drive and is comfortable. I refer to this car as our "date night" car. It has the look and comfort of a luxury car and the pick up of a sports car. The leather interior is comfortable and the stitching on the seats is elegant. The tl drives like a sports car from the minute you start it. The engine is quiet, yet powerful. It is fun to accelerate on the on Ramp to a highway or to cruise up a mountain. It changes gears effortlessly and smoothly. I feel safe driving it in the snow because of the AWD feature and down shifting is easy with the gear paddles located on the steering wheel. We purchased the car used 3 years ago and there haven't been any maintenance problems. It gets about 25 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. I love the handsfree/Bluetooth option for making/taking phone calls more safely. Overall, the Acura tl is a great sedan that looks, feels and rides like a luxury automobile.

- Robin M

The smoothest, sleekest and most comfortable ride there is.

I absolutely love my car. It is incredibly comfortable with the lumbar adjust and heated seats. Very roomy and smooth ride, perfect for road trips. The powerful engine makes it easy to pick up speed to pass whenever needed. I love that I can crank up the music, open the sunroof, set the cruise control and just go. This is the perfect car for me and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Angie K

The 2013 Acura TL has all the features you need to get to where you want to be.

I love my car. From the navigation and leather seats to the sleek design. The Bluetooth capabilities makes it easy to have hands-free phone calls and stream any music I want straight from my phone through my amazing speakers. The anti-theft feature keeps me feeling secure and notifications of range, tire pressure, and the need for an oil change helps me to know my car's needs.

- Tai A

Dependability and design makes for a solid purchase!

I have owned my Acura to for over three years now. I bought it as a certified pre-owned vehicle and it has been great! It drives well, has room for five people to sit comfortably, and is very reliable. It has great acceleration and a sleek design. I maintain regular oil changes and have had zero issues with it. I plan to keep the vehicle until I absolutely have to buy another.

- Stephanie M

Great horsepower but known problems from Acura about the locks

My Acura TL has great horsepower and has a nice look. The things I do not like about the car is that the automatic locks are malfunctioning and it's a known problem, but not a recall. The Acura dealership charges $500 per lock (which all 4 are malfunctioning) to fix. $2,000 out of my pocket to fix the doors on a KNOWN problem from Acura seems ridiculous.

- Ashley B

great value for the price

I love my car! It has many features that make it easy for driving- especially on long trips! the seats are super easy to adjust to your dimensions, along with heating AND cooling! The radio is great and is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or by aux! I rarely have typical 'car troubles'! This car is well worth the money!

- Marisa W

My Opinion About My Kia Sportage

My name is Victoria. The make of my vehicle is a Kia, model is a Kia Sportage, and it was made in the year 2002. The only problem is the cup holders, it is tough and reliable, but not very comfortable it could have more space and it looks like a Jeep with the spare tire in the back.

- Victoria J

Modest price tag for a luxury sedan

I love the smooth ride it gives as I drive long distances. It's also very roomy for its relative size. I'm also impressed with the gas mileage considering it is a V6. It is also very sporty while at the same time has a classy look to it. I haven't really had any problems with the car.

- Chantelle H

Fast, - AWD, very comfortable and sporty.

I have transmission problems, the performance is really good fast and comfortable has many options for both driver and passengers. Small trunk space. Heated seats. Bluetooth issues. Bad oil consumptions. Looking to purchase the tlx type s. I will purchase again if had the options.

- Willie C

The 2013 Acura ride is heaven on the road.

Amazing smooth ride with quick acceleration. The looks sharp inside and out. Too bad Acura discontinued making the TL. The SH AWD is awesome for all types of weather. I would buy it again if a newer model came out. I say buy one to see for yourself. I know you will like it.

- Peter A

Amazing sound system with subwoofer

Have had issues with radiator and AC system. Radiator had to be rebuilt after condenser was damaged due to a leak in Freon. Other than that the car parks great, very comfortable and reliable. My favorite part is the sound system, haven't heard anything like it in any other car.

- Kal P

I have a white tl. It has blonde interior and trim.

I have a lot of light problems. The car is reliable though. The features are great. I would not change anything. It is kind of a pricey car when it comes to gas. I love my sunroof and never had problems with it. Warranty was great and helpful. Customer service is outstanding.

- Mary E

My favorite part about my vehicle is my backup camera.

Everything in my car is reliable except for the tires. Air works great and everything is up to date with maintenance. Miles per gallon in the inner city and highway is great. Interior features are easy to utilize and beginner friendly to set up and start using right away.

- Sarah G

2013 Acura leather problems.

I have owned two 2013 Acura tls. Both have had the leather on the center console fail. This has never happened in any other vehicle I have owned. Each time, the dealership would not cover the repair under warranty, although it was a factory defect. Will not buy another.

- Jon R

Amazing gas mileage that saves me so much money

Great performance that gives me a great sense of ease knowing I have a great vehicle that will get me to where I need to be regardless of weather conditions. Comfortable ride and great gas mileage that saves me much money. Features could be better but not a deal breaker

- Justin D

My car. How it runs. Gas prices are too high

Nothing really to say. We love this car. It runs smooth. It's fast, it nice. Bad thing is the seats get hot in summer and it takes premium only gas. I like the color its black. Parts are a little high but you can save yourself money by fixing things yourself

- Mindy S

The Acura is an awesome car!!

The 2013 Acura tl is by far my favorite car so far it is been reliable and has great pick up, it is sporty yet drives luxury and I have I get a lot of compliments on it also the oil changes are synthetic so they last longer, drives excellent in bad weather.

- Tracy B

Why I love my car and what makes it so great.

I love my car, it has heated black leather seats, sunroof, 350z hr power, all wheel drive, huge trunk, it's very roomy inside, sensor touch door handles, navigation system, a really good sound system, automatic headlights and automatic windshield wipers.

- Brittany H

Straight pipe exhaust, ken cold air intake.

It is a lightweight performance car that handles corners really well, good on gas, engine is very reliable, VTEC system included in the engine, very comfortable leather, sounds beautiful straight piped. Preferably molded by putting a turbocharged system.

- Christopher S

My car is really safe, easy to drive and comfortable.

I drive an Acura TL all wheel super handling vehicle. The vehicle is super safe, performs great and is a comfortable drive. The maintenance is really affordable and convenient. I love my car.

- Bella C

It has been a very reliable car without any mechanical issues.

It is a beautiful car with a lot of convenient features. My Acura is comfortable to ride in for long distances. It has a lot of power to accelerate quickly when needed.

- Beverly J

How great the gas mileage is for a compact SUV.

This is my 4th Acura. It's a luxury vehicle yet it's also very sporty. I had the fin installed on the back. Also I love the tech package I purchased,.

- Rosemary C

The vehicle is really safe and the maintenance is affordable.

I love my Acura TL. The car is safe, comfortable and luxurious. The vehicle is all wheel super handling and drives great. It's a fun car to drive.

- Bella C

Its lowered and the gas mileage isn't good.

I love how it rides and how it looks. I don't like that its black and you can see every scratch. And the gas mileage isn't good either.

- Danica S

It's dependable and looks great!

I have no complaints, nothing has ever broken down. It's a reliable car. I love how it runs. The outside looks like a cool car.

- Debbie W

It's a car that's good for a family.

The car has nothing wrong with it. It's a smooth ride and it's comfortable inside. I have no trouble go long distances in it.

- Isaiah L

It is cool, easy to drive, not so expensive.

It is nice, trunk space is good but back seat space is not so great. The design is awesome, I like how it looks.

- Monica M

economic in fuel consumption

It is very comfortable, has very good fuel efficiency, very economical parts and above all speed and stability

- piter c

I can always depend on it to run smoothly and tell me when I need servicing.

It has good pickup. Gas mileage could be better but is not terrible. It has a comfortable, noise-free ride.

- Ann W

Higher maintenance costs. Parts tend to be more expensive.

I love my Acura. It's a beach car. I haven't had anything go wrong with it. Best car I've ever owned.

- Darran W

No major mechanical issues since I purchased car in 2013

Like smooth driving, comfort, had no major mechanical issues. No dislikes to report at this time.

- Kim S

Comfortable and very inexpensive to fix. I love I do not spend lots of money on gas too

I like is fast It is comfortable Spend not much gas

- Francheska V

That I'm satisfied with the car and would put gas avian

it's exceeded what I thought and really enjoy it

- Noun J