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Why Acura is such an amazing company

This car is absolutely amazing! I've owned it for almost 3 years now and haven't had one issue with it. The V6 engine is so fast and they also have buttons where you can put it in sport mode to go even faster or you can put it on Econ to help save you some gas. There's a touch screen for the built in radio and GPS. The seats are leather and in the back seat they have their own air conditioner and so much room back there to sit and have their feet out. This car is sleek and fast and I will be going back very soon to get a new model. Can't say enough about how amazing Acura is!

- Amanda M

Very reliable and so comfortable to drive. It handles so well.

The features of this car are great. Bluetooth for hands free driving. Heated seats driver side and passenger side. The leather seats are soft and holds well. Each side controls their own temperature. I love the heated steering wheel in the cold winter months. It handles very well and responsive. The reverse camera is very useful especially since I live in a very busy residential area. Many plugs for charging. The stereo system is incredible as well. Very little road noise which is great. Suspension system is incredible with how terrible the roads are in my city.

- Karen H

Amazing except for the navigation

The vehicle is very easy to drive. I especially love the backup camera to avoid an accidents while leaving parking spaces. The blind spot feature is also a plus but I would still check my blind spot before switching lanes. I love the sporty and sleek look of my car. One downside is the navigation. It's very difficult to put in a location and I end up using my phone for navigation most of the time. Also the car has trouble accelerating at times. Other than that, I love my vehicle!

- Savannah B

Thinking about buying a car in 2017? Make sure you set aside some time to plan for this major purchase. After a home, a car is typically the second most expensive purchase anyone makes — and settling on a new vehicle is not a decision to make merely over a weekend. Follow these 10 car-buying tips to make sure you get a car you can afford and will be happy driving for years to come.

Thinking about buying a car in 2017? Make sure you set aside some time to plan for this major purchase. After a home, a car is typically the second most expensive purchase anyone makes — and settling on a new vehicle is not a decision to make merely over a weekend. Follow these 10 car-buying tips to make sure you get a car you can afford and will be happy driving for years to come.

- Mykia A

It is still a fun vehicle to drive,

I don't like the transmission and the way it shifts with the v6, I don't feel like the Acura TLX is the most smooth luxury sedan. Acura needs to step up their game on the second generation vehicle it would make it a lot nicer of a car. I also don't like the way the navigation system is slow to respond and not always accurate

- Edward E

Acura sedan review, what it lacks.

Leather in the car is wearing a lot faster then in any other car I have owned. Transmission seems to feel like it is slipping sometimes. Not a lot of storage within the inside of the car. Drives with a bit of road noise. Has a lot of nice features, but no ports for phone chargers in the backseat.

- Nicole D

Favorite car of owned but no spare.

Luxurious, great value, beautiful, drives like a dream, and super comfortable. I received compliments on the car from everyone I know. The only con is that car does not come with a spare. A spare is an additional cost and it is not cheap. Other than that I would get another when the time comes.

- Paul W

Overalls reliable car for everyday use

Drives smoothly, I use it everyday for work about an hour drive there and back with no problems. I've had this car for 2 years and I never had a major problem with it, I was told it's an amazing car and it really is. Acura is a great make of cars and I will be buying more in the future

- Kayla R

Luxury vehicle with slight noticeable downshift.

No problems except for an odd downshift between 2nd and 1st gear that the dealership says is completely normal. The car is not that smooth when coming to a stop and it feels a bit jerky. I notice it as a driver but my passengers do not notice it. The car has a lot of get up and go.

- Elizabeth L

My Acura is the best. Try one and you too will fall in love.

Love the feel the drive and the features. Have never had a better vehicle. Quality is good. Mileage as well. Features such as audio and GPS, safety and heated seats are great. I would buy this car or it is replacement again. I might consider a mid size SUV like the rdx as well.

- David G

Great car and comfortable ride

Comfortable and drives smooth. Great fuel economy. Handles very well and I get lots of compliments. I take it in for regular maintenance and use only premium gasoline. Definitely recommend this car to friends and family. It has the longevity and drives very nice lady

- Chris S

Honda Acura tlx design and economic.

The. Quality and the fastest the security for the customers and the service for the company the comfortable is very spacious with the people the price is better than other company automotive more design run very fast and economic. Fuel is digital and pretty.

- L C

Review of my 2017 Acura tlx.

No problems with the vehicle so far. It rides very smoothly and is very comfortable. I love the safety features - back up camera, blind spot sensors. The heated seats are also nice. When it is time to be replaced I will most likely purchase another Acura.

- Nicole L

Acuras are simply easy. Nothing is ever wrong with them and they do not require maintenance.

I have almost no complaints about this car. I have drive 4 acuras and each has gotten better as the cars get better. the greatest asset of this car is the technology package which makes my rides so easy.

- jesse j

It is a low maintenance vehicle.

I have been an Acura owner/lessee for over 20 years. The cars are reliable, stylish, have wonderful features. . . Even on basic models and are quite comfortable.

- Sony H

Reliable, dependable, and looks nice. Makes me proud to own the car.

I love my car, however I wish the radio controls made more sense. The plug in for my ipod is confusing. The seating is nice, but I wish the backseat was larger.

- James D

My car reflects me and my personality. I take very good care of my vehicle.

I love the color combo, the features and performance! I've had great experience with Acura is the past so I knew I'd love the TLX model.

- Kate L

It's a safe vehicle. Its large enough for an impact of an accident.

I love Acura's, they ride well, are very smooth, have nice features. Just not sure it is worth $40,000 as I opted for the v6 engine.

- Liz L

Great customer service, great ride.

Rides well, love the color, maintenance free, good customer service, no complaints, easy to schedule an appt, friendly employees.

- Lori F

Smooth ride. When you pay more, you get more as well!

Needs best gas mileage. Very reliable and comfortable. Aesthetically pleasing and fun to drive. My check engine light is on.

- Jocelyn D

it's very affordable on gas and very good ride its fully loaded and great CD player

it's a car that's comfortable and love the leather interior with the black outside color also very good on gas mileage

- tony A

It's a great everyday car and its great on gas.

My vehicle is the best. It's great on gas. I keep it clean and keep oil changed. It's a very smooth running car.

- Bubba B

The gas mileage on the car.

Would prefer SUV as I had before. An SUV is nicer to drive on the road. Other than that happy with the car.

- Tara A

5 Star safety rating and one if the best cars on the road today.

I love the technology in this vehicle. Very reliable and safe vehicle. I also love owning an Acura.

- Frnacie R

Awesome luxury car that is both stylish and sporty.

Really cool car. Very stylish and powerful. I love the tech and very responsive handling.

- Joe S

Fun to drive gets great mileage and great electronics

Great to drive great fuel economy lots of trunk space great electronics

- Sue T