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All-around good looks and value.

This is my 4th Acura. I had a lemon BMW and until I got the settlement checking hand, I didn't know what other car I wanted. I walked across the parking lot to Acura and bought the mdx. I didn't know life could be so carefree. Even though the dealer was the same for both brands, the management was much better at Acura. I traded the msx for a tl, the tl for the TSX, and now the TSX for the tlx. I do not see myself ever straying from the Acura line.

- Karen B

Great safety features, built-in GPS, and a luxury feel

I love my car. It is reliable, comfortable, and has all of the features that I wanted, including safety features (backup camera, etc.). However, I have been having problems with the electrical system and the Bluetooth has disconnected for a while. I need to take it into the shop but have not had the time lately. The fuel efficiency is pretty good, but I have owned cars that have been more fuel efficient.

- Jane M

The Acura is a stylish vehicle.

The brake hold stops the car short when it roll a bit after a full stop. The car is light so you do feel bumps on the road. The wind sound comes through and is somewhat annoying. The car handles well I drive around curves at high speed with little difficulty. The car as for the driver is comfortable except for the seat feeling hard on the butt. The cars exterior is clean looking and stylish.

- Ken C

The 2018 Acura tlx is an amazing luxury car.

The 2018 Acura tlx that I own has not had any problems thus far. It is a very reliable vehicle and it is very comfortable. It has two touch screens on the center console. It also has lane assist and blind spot assist. These features are very useful when taking a long drive on the highway or interstate. The gas mileage is also average compared to other vehicles.

- John F

Comfortable, and fuel efficient.

These models are usually quiet, comfortable, and fuel efficient, and they're among the most reliable cars made. Following close behind Lexus, which scored 79, are two rivals: Acura, the luxury division of Honda, and Audi, Volkswagen's luxury brand. . . . Plus, Audi models have shown improved reliability.

- Alex A

Everything is within the drivers reach and offers additional radio controls.

The Acura needs a little more seating room for the driver and has poor blind spots. Its has great performance but requires premium gasoline. It has a superior sound system and great headlights and ample trunk storage. Overall it is a sharp vehicle that is surprisingly affordable.

- Jim O

Fun, comfortable car to drive.

Great vehicle, it has lots of safety features including backup camera, sensors to alert you to surrounding cars and objects. There is technology available to connect a cell phone and even other devices. The navigation system is easy to use. . . The seats are. So comfortable.

- Barbara K

I'll take the acura of course.

Being an acura says it all … dependability and reliability is the out most importance. . The leather interior is comfortable and stylish. . Features like apple play is a plus. . I can purchase the model I prefer without losing out on features like GPS and streaming music.

- Michael B

Tlx is a great luxury car.

Great on gas. Smooth ride handles well. Easy to drive. Comfortable. Real time traffic. Heat warming seats. Sensor wipers. Excellent car for a great price. Luxury ride. I love it. Takes me where I gotta go. Easy to park. I was it once a week. Ready for the snow this year.

- Dee D

Love the black rooftop. Luxurious.

So far I have not had any issues with the vehicle being it brand new and also 2018. It has a lot of room inside as well as trunk space. I love the top black roof that goes all across makes it look very luxurious. Definitely would recommend buying this car.

- Selma B

It is a comfortable yet, sporty ride.

It is a very comfortable ride but, lacking in features that competitors offer such as heated second row seats and advanced safety features. The Audio display and screen could be more interactive and easier set up, not enough choices for functionality.

- Todd C

It's super duper fast and this car right here attracts all the girls

The performance of this car is amazing its so fast it got 202 horsepower i ride my ar and play music all day everyday in my area i like driving around and attracting girls to get crazy in my back seat car with tinted windows best believe

- Jose P

It drives and handles great! Is good on gas.

Drives great and is roomy. Love the look and inside of my Acura. Only thing that drives me crazy is the car shuts off when you are stopped. I turn that feature off as soon as I get into car now.

- Jan H

Technologically, it is up there with the BMW, Audis and Mercedes.

Comfortable, reliable, economical (gas wise), aesthetically nice (sporty look). The car doesn't have much problems, I've been an acura driver for about 7 years now and they are very reliable.

- Jacky N

Assisted braking system.

I like the technology package and how it has assisted driving. I also like the assisted braking system with the cruise control. There's not much that I dislike beside how loud the engine is

- Elyssa S

Gas or fuel. This vehicle saves a ton of gas when it needs to.

Sometimes my vehicle's locks stop cooperating and then I'd have to get it fixed. However, the car is amazing, it saves gas, and it reminds me of a hybrid, real cool.

- James W

it has a lot of cool features that make the car very convenient.

i love my car. it is very fuel efficient. I can fill up the tank with about 40 dollars and i get good gas mileage while still having a very nice and luxurious car

- diemari m

It is very safe and reliable, especially when you have kids. It is kid friendly.

My Acura tlx 2018 is amazing, it drives very smoothly and definitely fits my lifestyle. It drives well on the roads. Camera features are perfect and clear.

- Vanessa G

It is a sports like car and it is very smooth and elegant. Very good.

I like that it senses the owner depending on the key. It is very smooth. It requires driver to be gentle because it is very sensitive on the acceleration.

- Ketan H

It looks great and has plenty of power. Highly recommended for those who like spirited performance

Very spirited with lots of horsepower. Very nicely appointed interior and stylish exterior. Sporty appearance with excellent lines. HIghly recommended.

- Dennis S

You will spend A LOT of money on gas and have to use the more expensive gas.

The interior is not got quality, everything wears very easy.Looks of cracks and scratches/nicks on interior that have never happened in previous cars

- Sarah U

Good styling and good fuel economy.

Not a fan of the hood that is rather raised. The electronics are a little slow to react. Love the gas mileage. Center console not well fit.

- Mark D

The brake hold is a bit tricky and the park gets stuck until you learn.

Like sporty. Technology. Dislike brake system. When using automatic brake hold it seems to brake by itself after the car starts to move.

- Ken C

Should be taken to car professionals for any work to be done to.

The interior is amazing, very spacious and accommodating to the driver and passengers. Plenty of room for everyday travel and trips!

- Robert B

Drives very well. Go and try it if time permits.

So far I have experience no problems whatsoever. I am loving every bit of it. It is very affordable, very much roomy and spacious.

- Stevenson O

Very comfortable, handles very well on the road.

Handles well, great GPS, easy call features, good voice activation system. Does not get very good miles per gallon.

- Jerry S

The safety features are great.

I love it. Drives great. Air conditioner is awesome. Safety features are good. Stops on a dime. Roomy for the kids.

- Shane W

My Favorite Automobile. I'm enjoying the choice of exterior and interior colors.

The car is attractive, comfortable and easy to handle. I find that the car responds smoothly. It is very reliable.

- Andrea S

I am very comfortable on driving it very relaxing

As of now i don't have any problem with my car. it runs smoothly and I save gas better that using my previous car.

- John B

It's fun and very comfortable to drive

I like the performance of the car. I also like the features in it. I dislike the few problems I've had with it

- Amy M

Beautiful, sleek, smooth riding car.

There is nothing about this car that I don't love. Best, smoothest, comfortable riding car I've ever owned.

- Joanna H

2018 Acura TLX Absolutely Rocks.

Great car with really sporty styling and powerful engine with rapid acceleration and really great handling.

- saul s

The vehicle is great on fuel and the technology package is awesome.

Love the technology package. I dislike getting in and out of vehicle because it is too low to the ground.

- Rebecca C

It is an excellent car I love, I recommend it, my family likes it a lot.

It is an excellent car I love, I recommend it, my family likes it a lot, the engine is one of the best.

- James C

The vehicle handles well, has a smooth ride and has good acceleration.

I really like the way it drives/handles. I don't like it is so low to the ground.

- Debbie D

It is a very comfortable car to drive and has a smooth ride

I like the body shape. The interior is comfortable and rides smoothly

- Shantel M

This car has a sleek design that I love. It has the technology package which includes a NAV system. This car also has 4 Dynamic modes, Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport plus (paddle shift). It gets better than average gas mileage, as I average over 28 mpg around town.

The sport dynamic mode really gives this car some excellent power.

- Linda W

sporty and comfortable with good speed

It is a comfortable vehicle with a sporty feel. Great trunk space

- Helen W

It's reliable to the fullest. It is worth the price I paid. It is beautiful

It rides smooth. It has tremendous power. It is comfortable.

- Joanne Z

Nothing in particular. I am overall satisfied with the car and performance.

I like the styling. I like gas mpg I like the car.

- G S

Very happy with my Acura tlx.

- Karen J