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The best part about my vehicle is the option to use apple carplay

The leather seat package is the best part of the car. I got heated seats and heated steering wheel which is great for the winter. I got a sunroof for the summer which is great. The seats are comfortable. Not a lot of space in the backseat but roomier in the front seats. Apple carplay is the best part about the car. Although sometimes it is flaky and does not work. The screen will shut off or Spotify won't play but typically I will turn the car off then back on and it fixes it. You don't need to buy navigation because you can use google maps or iPhone maps to navigate when hooked to through apple carplay.

- Taylor H

Love the many new safety features.

I have had absolutely no problems with this vehicle. This is the very best car I have ever had in my life. I love all of the new safety features. I didn't know these existed until I had to get a new car. It is so comfortable as well as safe. The lane keeping assistance with its gentle tug and the brake hold as well as the adaptive cruise control make driving this car so wonderful.

- Kelly L

2019 Acura tlx- outstanding performance and stunning presence on the road!

This vehicle is excellent in terms of safety, style, and customization options. The base model of the car is equipped with apple carplay and multiple security features. There is assistance for preventing fender benders and several alert systems to keep the vehicle in a safe capacity. The car drives so smooth and the interior is extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend!

- Amanda S

Love the open to have multiple driver settings for me and my wife

We really love this car. Fun, fast and comfortable. Good on gas and very attractive looking car. Only complaint would be the same assist, it can be really sensitive and over correct to often but you can always turn that off. All in all this is a great car and would highly recommended to anyone.

- Brett A

Low, Grey, Pretty neat and very clean

I love this care, it is so cheap and reliable, people think it's an ugly care but I actually love the look, and the inside is to die for! Mine is brand new and it's the most amazing car I've own, and it's the first one too, It is fast, very comfortable and doesn't need a lot of gas

- Chloe Lipa Marie L

The blue Acura I will never own.

It's blue with black seating. It has decent gas mileage and I commute 45 minute to work each day. I can typically fill the gas tank with $30 and it last me the week. Great air conditioning and the built in sound system sounds great. It also has room for a lot of customization.

- Kyle B

I love my new Acura. The drive is so smooth and great control

I really enjoy my car. The two screens really make my crazy days easier. The iPhone connect shows messages and can text and drive by speaking into my car. Also the road map is awesome by displaying turn by turn. The drive is nice and smooth with no problems with the car

- Hunter S

So comfortable and stylish but minor personal issue.

I really like my car. It is sleek, stylish and comfortable. The mileage is great. I have filled the tank maybe 3x in the last 3 months. My only real complaint is the steering wheel seems to lock up a bit when it senses you are drifting out of lane. That seems dangerous.

- Kimberly J

Drive amazing in the snow.

Car is great dealing with the dealership is the issue. It did have a recall which was causing my car to take longer to speed up but got fixed. Also it is really good on gas for a v6 so that is a big plus and it drives better than my old svu in the snow.

- Mary F

It is the best car I've ever owned.

I like the set up of the interior, especially the two screens. I like the touch screen and the lane departure warning. The sleek look of the car is what I like the most.

- Alexandra G

It's cheaper than an Accord! And Acura is Honda's luxury line.

It has great sound insulation, drives very smooth. The dash and screens are designed nicely. I do wish the steering wheel was a bit wider.

- Yasmeen F

Awesome car that you must look at

Great car at a great value. Much more luxurious than expected. Looks great, handles great and gets unbelievable gas mileage

- John P

I love the technology of the vehicle.

I just bought it, brand new so no problems to report as of yet. But so far I really love the performance of the vehicle.

- Jessy V

The red interior makes me happy.

- Arthur C