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2004 Acura tsx dark grey, black interior.

I got my 04 Acura tsx for my first car, I have had it for about 2 years now and I love it. The car has a very nice sleek look which I like. The interior is very comfortable and you can adjust almost everything in the car to suit your needs. I really love that the rear seats fold down. This allows me to fit half of the world in my trunk, very useful. The car has seat warmers which work very well, I live in Florida though so I just use them to keep my drive thru warm. The car is extremely reliable it has not given me any transmission or engine problems so I'd say it is a strong fighter. The only negative thing I can say is that leather seats crack after some time. My interior is still super clean but my passenger seat started cracking a bit, no biggie just make sure you give your seats some tlc from time to time.

- Nicole S

It is a pretty smooth ride but it has a poor turning radius and a pretty bad blind spot. The interior is leather and is comfortable. It has been relatively durable with just a few spots on the sides showing some wear. The seat heaters do not work very well and one does not work at all. My ac stopped working last year but other than that, it is pretty reliable.

- Lei T

The car is made for smaller people.

I like his long my car has lasted. But it has an endless list of things wrong with it. There's so many lights on in the car that it is looking like a christmas tree in there. Check engine light is on, also my airbag light is on when I definitely do have an airbag in there so that is weird. I drive and I am wondering if this is the day my dearest tsx will die.

- Julie M

My 2004 Acura TSX is a reliable six speed sedan.

My 2004 standard transmission Acura is a reliable sedan. It has tan leather heated seats which are heated. The car can go unexpectedly fast, especially when you shift into 6th gear. I have replaced the clutch once, and the brake have pads have been replaced approximately 2-3 times. The stereo does not have an aux input but there are ways to work around that.

- Ariel S

Black Acura TSX with sunroof and huge trunk.

It is a black Acura TSX. The car has great acceleration. The car has a lot of space. The trunk is a good size trunk. I can fit all my groceries and more. There is a sunroof that works well. I enjoy the leather seats which make it easy to clean. I also like that the back seat can go down. This extends the trunk space by a kot.

- Wai S

High quality vehicle with excellent gas mileage and zippy performance.

It is very reliable and high quality vehicle. It has never had a problem, no recalls. The only thing I wish is if it were quieter on the highway that would be great. It is a very zippy car, great with merging onto the freeway. The stock stereo is full sounding and easy to use. The leather on the seats is high quality.

- Dan Y

Continuous electrical problems, be careful.

Overall the vehicle runs great and drives great. The only con is electrical problems. The power windows went out and soon after that the radio backlight went out. I have spent a considerable amount of money trying to troubleshoot and replace parts. Acura’s are known for electrical problems. Lesson learned.

- See X

A reliable ride that I never worry about,

Car is very reliable, with few mechanical issues. Can always trust it to start. Could be more comfortable, and there's some unidentifiable noise that no mechanic has successfully diagnosed. Mileage is about 25-27 per gallon, less that advertised. Overall I'm pleased with it, and it is paid for!

- Lynda L

The navigation system and moonroof.

Gas mileage is excellent, engine power excellent; 210hp, fully loaded; has navigation system, comfort is average, trunk space is small. Rear seating is tight. Repairs are expensive. Over 200k miles. Disc brakes all around; doughnut spare. Am/FM and 6 disc changer. On board security system.

- Bruce A

Well run really good. It's not expensive this days.

There's no problem for me as long as you take good care of it. Specially maintaining the vehicle ahead of time and putting gas is a plus lol. That's my opinion of my vehicle the Acura tsx. Well if you want a good and not expensive vehicle. Think of this Acura tsx you have to try it.

- Rut D

I would highly recommend this vehicle for teens and adults that want luxury.

Vehicle is very reliable. I never had issues. Seats are leather with seats warmers, in my opinion they're very comfortable for any situation type of driving especially long road trips. The down side that I noticed was it runs out of gas very quickly for a 4 cylinder vehicle.

- Adrian R

Dependable and easy to drive.

I have never had a problem with this car. I would not recommend driving while it is snowing. You will slide right off the road. It has plenty of room in the cabin and the trunk is fairly large. It is a little lower to the ground then I prefer. Has next to no blind spots.

- Steph A

These cars are pretty quick and pull when accelerating.

These cars last forever as long as you keep up with the general maintenance. Oil changes, transmission flush, etc. Also they are extremely spacious. I am 6 ft tall and weighing in at 230 lbs and I have lots of legroom and am quite comfortable when sitting in the back.

- Tyler M

Reliable and long lasting.

I bought my car at about 130,00 miles and I have had to replace the alternator and battery. Since then, I haven't had any issues and drove it across the country without any difficulty! It is been reliable and still looks great despite being fourteen years old.

- Megan H

2004 Acura TSX - Best Automobile

Great car. It's 14 years old with 247,000 miles. Always keep the maintenance up to date. No major problems in all of the years. Just recently I replaced the starter and radiator. I will drive this car until the wheels fall off

- Sharon S

I love the navigation system. I will never be lost

I love this car. This car can take me from point a to point b without any problems. It's good on gas too. $40 can take it to full tank and it can last me a week and a half going to work. And my job is 40 mins away

- Maria M

Headlight modules are very expensive to replace; plastic cracks very easily when mounting.

Reliability is very good. The performance is great. It has the navigation system, power driver seat, cd player, moonroof, heated driver and passenger seats, independent driver and passenger climate control.

- Bruce J

It gets great gas mileage.

I wish my vehicle was an all-wheel drive vehicle due to the conditions where I live. I also wish my car had an auxiliary input. I love the way my vehicle handles, as well as the low maintenance required.

- Morgan R

It has been amazing all the way around. A great first car!

I love that it has lasted me so long. It rides good. I like that it is comfortable. I like how long it has lasted. It is going on 300,000 miles though. There is not anything I dislike about it.

- Mariah H

It is super reliable. No problems so far!

I like the leather interior and the clear, uncomplicated display cluster. I also like its spirited driving characteristics. I do not like the road noise — as is typical of Honda vehicles.

- Dane Y

Very versatile and durable sedan that is made to last a great mileage

My car is fairly well maintained and it has not had any accidents in the entire life duration. The car has standard features with good sound system and leather heated seats.

- Bri L

It drives nice and is reliable.

I like that it drives well and gets good gas mileage. I like that it has a sporty look to it. I don't like that the red paint is fading so it looks like a pink car now.

- David H

The top is amazing, I am sad the don't make the egos anymore.

I like my sporty look, quick gas feature, roomy, window roof. I do not like the dark color on the exterior makes it get hot, I do not like it is an old car.

- Matthew G

One of the most important thing is that this vehicle is special.

This vehicle is perfect. Fix in it ahead of time is a plus regarding maintenance. I will recommend this vehicle to people like me a woman with a family.

- Rut D

It gets Great gas mileage.

I love my car because it has all the comfort features like heated leather seats and a moonroof. It gets great gas mileage. And it is very dependable.

- Bonita K

It is out of date with technology.

Likes- the sound system and leather. Dislikes- repair costs and the looks of got car. I also do not like the power of the car. ,

- Mike F

A TSX would be an excellent choice for a used car. Shame on Acura for discontinuing the model.

Comfortable. Good performance. Looks nice. Good ergonomics. Good visibility. Lousy turning radius. Disappointing gas mileage.

- John S

This car is great on gas mileage, getting about 40 freeway and 32 in town.

I love everything about my car the air the seats the sunroof and the leather seats the steering wheel and 5he tires.

- John W

I have to open car manually with key

It is reliable. Not too fancy or nice, but gets me to where I want and has GPS. It has no AUX which is frustrating

- Nina C

It is a very reliable car.

It is sporty yet practical. It has pretty good gas mileage. It is getting old so there is a lot more maintenance.

- Lisa P

Great luxury. Great sound system.

Ac and transmission problems. Not great power. I am not super happy with the gas mileage. It is great color too.

- Michael F

Road noise is too loud and the ride is not comfortable.

The ride is a little stiff. Too much road noise. Sound system is not good.

- kurt r

reliable car that has great fuel economy, with sunroof and leather seats

not enough space not enough torque no bluetooth headlights wear out quickly

- Heyder G

Not great mpg. Have had some problems with the AC. Great looking car. There is a lot of trunk space too.

Luxury! It is nice inside and has great leather interior.

- Michael F

A reliable sedan even with over 100,000 miles. Acura provides a little luxury at a good price and with Honda bones, I expect it to last for quite a while.

Good used car at a good price with a little luxury.

- Michelle R

none it is a good car,working good

i like it,it is working good,no complaints

- masha S