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Response time is awesome when you need to get up and go!!

I fell in love with my Acura the very first time I got into the driver's seat. I took it for a test drive and talk about getting up and go response time! It was super fast and I personally love driving only manuals so it was a lot of fun and I had to buy it!! Since I've bought my Acura I have not one time been dissatisfied with its performance nor any of its amenities that it has to offer. I can say that I have even been impressed with the price of parts and any repairs I have had to make. they've all been a totally decent price and that is a super awesome plus when you have children and can not be spending a bunch of money on anything outside of your budget. I wouldn't trade my Acura for a foreign car worth a million dollars, a nice BMW, or a convertible Camaro! I will recommend Acura's to all my friends and family!!

- Cassandra H

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is going to get me to the front of traffic no matter what.

My car is a white, 4 door sedan. It doesn't have a super large engine, but it is very lightweight. I like these things about my car because it has great acceleration. I can get up to speed and maneuver through traffic like a breeze. It also has a great navigation system; more user friendly and with better router than any other car I've been in. The only complaint I have about my car is that it is getting old and it is not super up to date technology wise anymore. It is also starting to break in non-essential areas (like the speakers have half quit on me). I would love to trade my car in for a 2018 model of the same car, same color and everything.

- Michael C

My fave part about this car is that the steering wheel has buttons for the radio

I just got this car a few months ago after I was in an accident and I LOVE it. It's so fast and even though it's an 'older' car it looks really nice on the inside and out! I haven't had any problems with it other than I had to replace the alternator. I drive this car everywhere. The inside is really nice it has leather seats, able to adjust them any type of way, touch screen and buttons. Nice console with space, seat warmers, good air conditioning and has a sunroof !! The old downside to this car for me personally is leather seats ONLY because in the summer they get hot and my legs stick to them but they're super easy to clean

- alexis S

Reliable. I've driven on hour long commutes to work and back and many road trips

The car has a smooth, quiet ride. The engine does not make a lot of noise once you turn the ignition. The seats are made of a softer leather, making them comfortable for short or longer rides. When the temperature drops, the seat warmer feature is nice, helping you get warm from the bottom up. With proper maintenance visits and oil changes the car holds up for hundreds of thousands of miles. It is a very reliable and dependable mode of transportation.

- Jennifer H

Amazing car especially for commuters.

I have over 260,000 miles on my car and it still running so good. This car was passed down to me from my aunt, who purchased it the year it was made. We have loved this car since 2007. It does not look old, it is actually very modern despite the year. I get good gas mileage. There is an auxiliary input which was very important for me and my age. The stereo system is amazing. The car has been well taken care of and we have never had any problems.

- Re D

Love my TSX- it's totally me. Elegant and fast.

I love my Acura TSX for a 2007 model it's pretty upgraded. I have leather heated seats, sunroof, and a navigation system. The seats are also powered which is a plus. Along with the windows and power lock. The side mirrors have an option to melt any snow off of them. The sound system is also a1. It runs and pulls amazingly... Has both options for automatic and manual. 4 cylinders which is great in gas.

- Katya S

Extremely reliable and a good value

This car is extremely reliable and functional. I bought it used and it currently has 130,000 miles on it and it runs like new. This is amazing considering it's a 12 year old car. The only setback of this car is the fact that it's from 2007. Features that would be standard in cars today like Bluetooth connectivity, aux cords, navigation systems, etc do not come with this car in the base version.

- Antonio M

Acura tsx features pros and cons.

Check tire pressure comes often even when air has been put in tires. Overall nice leather seats, luxury at an affordable price. Love the Bluetooth features for incoming calls. Love the AUX plug in for mp3 music. Car is consider a compact, it could fit 5 passenger but would be a little tight in the back seats. Great car for a student or daily driving, also great on gas.

- Jenny L

Sweet ride in a Midwestern city even in the winter

Love the mid size for city driving. Handles well with snow tires in winter. Great stereo sound. Little or no mechanical issues. Comfortable seating and room for 5 adults for a short ride. Controls are easy to adjust. Would have bought it new if I could have afforded it. Trunk will not hold larger items due to limited opening size.

- Carol P

I love that it has leather and navi. Ride is smooth. Paint has lasted well.

Super reliable. Bought it used with 150k miles. No issues since. I have done normal maintenance. Changed a few parts such as starter but nothing more than oil changes. The seats are a little worn but that is expected after 12 years. They are leather so. Comfort otherwise is great. Size is a little small compared to 2009 model.

- Michael D

Perfect car for teens: Acura TSX

Comfortable car, perfect for a teen learning to drive or just licensed. Some problems due to the car's age such as engine and exhaust issues but nothing that isn't expected. Features include navigation, aux cord, ac/heat, heated seats. I personally think the speakers are good too. Good gas mileage and pretty reliable!

- Carrie R

Sleek, sporty and practical all rolled into one.

I have no qualms. The car runs like a champ. Even with 155,000 miles. My car has only needed an alternator and new tires. It is comfortable. Love the pick up it has. Fuel efficient. I do not see myself getting rid of my car. Loaned it once to a family member and they went out and bought the same car and year.

- Jim H

On interesting detail I like the gear switches and the speed it can get up too.

Love it all but the aux has no aux input great race car as well. I love the interior, very reliable and last pretty long on engine and battery, leather heated seats, side mirrors warm up, can switch to stick shift, smooth ride on freeways, nice on breaks, heats up fast for the cold.

- Mike W

It is reliable and made with great quality. It can go many miles above other cars and has many cool features for its year.

I like how my vehicle has many features that some other vehicles don't. Some include how the radio tells you what band is playing the song and song titles are. Cup holders are also a big plus. Overall, it is just a reliable car that can go for many miles and last a long time.

- Willie F

It is old but good. It is not that clean but it still looks nice.

Sometimes the car key buttons do not work and the brakes make a very loud screeching noise. The volume button also does not work that well but everything else is great. The Bluetooth has not worked in a while but that is okay. The car is very comfortable for leather seats.

- Brenda W

Very reliable car & parts are cheap.

It is a reliable car you can buy parts that are not so expensive compared to a BMW. The interior is nice usually leather seats & the exterior is a nice style. Mine is white and it is easy to clean. It is a very reliable car for a college student or even a family car.

- Jennifer N

Nice car, but getting old

This is a reliable car although I have had quite a few issues with it as it ages... despite caring for it well, the starter has died and I have had to replace all of the tires. Nothing that I guess doesn't come with an older car. I do like that the car is roomie.

- Sam M

Smooth and cool, but outdated

I love how smooth my car drives and nice the interior is. The spoiler makes me feel really cool driving it, but the internal stereo system is very outdated. The navigational system as well is outdated and has to be manually updated at a dealership or mechanic.

- Maddie W

The TSX is a beauty to have

No complaints about the vehicle it has treated me very well. Always do the usual normal maintenance to ensure that I am keeping the car in good shape. Gas mileage is also not too bad. Also, The cost of maintenance on the vehicle is fairly decent price wise.

- Maria D

Best car as of right now for a non expensive one

My car is fast with a high engine easy to use and move. Accelerator is on point. V8 engine has a high max power. The steering wheel is easy to steer. The handle is very smooth. The mirror are very shiny. Brakes don't have to have to have to a maintenance

- Melissa W

Very reliable vehicle and comfortable to drive around town.

My car is nice looking, gets great gas mileage, very comfortable to drive and ride in. I like having the GPS system built into the dashboard. Too bad it costs so much to update the system - it should be more cost effective.

- Debi C

This car is great and has everything you need. The car you're looking for is this 07 acura tsx.has all the options that you could ask for

This car is great and has a lot of options.the ride of this car is unbelievable. The performance is great.it is all power and leather. The looks of this car is awesome. It rides smooth.

- James G

The one most important thing about my car is that it has a sunroof and heated seats

My Acura runs perfectly, I bought it used and it came at a wonderful price from mungenast dealers. I've yet to have any problems with the car outside of regular maintenance

- Jason R

My vehicle is very dependable

My car is reliable with minimal maintenance. I have nothing bad to say about Honda. It will start every time and can run the vehicle well over 100K miles

- Danny A

My vehicle is a 2007. Simple interior. It is a bluish grey color.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. It is 11 years old and still runs like it is new. It has 218, 000 miles, give it take, and still runs perfectly.

- Hanna E

Acura�s are reliable cars.

It really saves on gas. The speed of the car is nice, only thing that do not like or why it happens is the tires seem to lose air frequently.

- Reina G

It runs well, looks good and has (so far) no issues.

Got it used from my in-laws. Nice vehicle, decent ride, average gas mileage. Would be better if it didn't require premium gas.

- Dave W

My car does not define who I am

I love how it feels when I'm driving it, it's still classy and sleek even 11 years later. It gets me where I need to go.

- Patrick D

has good safety features. would buy it again. wish it was a little bigger.

overall it's great. Just seems to have issues with the brakes wearing out quick is all. like the ride, the color

- monica m

It is great for travel and children. Lots of trunk space

I love the heated seats, color, sound system and space. I wish it took regular gas. Gas mileage is pretty good.

- Julia A

It's well made and drives well. I've had no major problems in 11yrs

Love the look and features. Heated sideview mirrors, tire pressure, etc Wish the leather was faux - man made.

- Joyce M

My car is very important to me. It's been with me through many good and bad times.

It is a very comfortable, reliable car. It's good in the bad weather. I like the heated seats and nav system.

- Jordan N

It's fuel efficiency, it drives very smoothly, it's safe, comfortable

It's amazing. I have not had any significant problems with it. It's very reliable and good on gasoline.

- Josh C

Reliable and economical; low maintenance.

Very reliable car. Has over 180, 000 miles on it and runs like a clock. Will keep as long as possible.

- Rich V

The back seat passengers need to be short there isn't much leg room.

It's reliable, super quiet and no road noise. It drives so smooth. It's the best car

- Sharon R

Nice car looks sporty dependable.

- Kristin F