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It's got a lot of nice features, it's got room without being too big and it's fast it's still gets decent gas mileage. I bought mine used and thought I paid a very fair price for the value and quality.

It's peppy, reliable, gets decent gas mileage, has plenty of legroom and a nice sized trunk space for a midsize car. It's comfortable and easy to drive and has a lot of nice features, like the stereo controls on the steering wheel. I'm used to driving fast, sporty and luxury cars but a dramatic change in our finances has caused me to find something more practical. I am just as happy with this car and I like that it doesn't really get noticed. I can blend into the crowd. I wasn't comfortable with a a car that was a head-turner.

- Bev C

Acura is accurate, anytime you need a reliable car please go to Acura

Never had any issues. This cat has been perfect for the past ten years. There has been normal maintenance done and it has kept all the parts. I've driven this through many states and roads trips and still performs amazing. Acura also takes care of maintenance and is very willing to help make sure that my vehicle for the past 10 years has ran great. Anything I've need they take care of me. They also have an amazing buy program for precious owners

- L M

I love the heated seats that have 2 memories of seat positions!

This Acura is now my third! I love Acura for the affordable luxury. Having heated leather seats in all of my Acura's is a favorite feature of mine. I have a sunroof, automatic windows, Bluetooth, and even a cooling drink holder console. The car rides smooth each and every time, has great gas mileage and very reliable. The car is comfortable for long travels and looks clean, sleek and luxurious.

- Amanda R

Acura TSX touch screen navigation is awesome!!

I love my Acura, I haven't had any issues with it even with it being over 10 years old. The touch screen navigation is my favorite part of the car, it allows me to see where I'm at and where I'm going without having to deal with my phone. I also love the dual sided temperature controls, my husband is cold natured and used to freeze me out of the vehicle until will got our Acura!!

- Aly B

Love the heated leather seats. Sunroof. Sports look.

Excellent car for a college student. Gets a decent gas mileage driving city. Get a excellent gas mileage on highway. It's a base model sport car. Sunroof. Leather seats. Heated seats. Space inside is kind of small. Have a big trunk space. The car performance very well. Drove it through one snow season it wasn't too bad once you have good winter tires

- Ram R

Low level sporty luxury car

It has sporty acceleration, but is heavy and feels slow and sluggish in corners. As a commuter car, it is very comfortable. My first drive in it was 1000+ miles and I never felt uncomfortable. There are small electrical issues with the sat nav and TPMS system, but I spend time checking that everything is still mechanically working properly.

- Max H

The ins and outs of a sports car.

There's a drain on the battery somewhere that necessitates it to need charging every other day at least. It is also hard to get in and out of but being a sports car that was expected. The gas mileage is not as bad as expected for city driving, and it is fun to zoom around town in. It certainty is a conversation starter wherever we go.

- Garnet H

My Acura tsx. Overall a good vehicle.

Nice comfortable riding vehicle. I would just like for it to have more leg room in the back. The only problem I would say that I have had wrong with the vehicle is the a/c only blow cold air from one side and the tire sensors would give me problems from time to time. Other than that I would say that it has been a really good car.

- Miranda L

Rare but irritating Acura tsx issue.

The car is great. I love Acura’s. Have had multiple Acura’s in my family. The only problem I have had with the tsx, which is kind of a big problem, is a “parasitic drain”. I have taken it to countless Acura dealerships and independent Honda mechanics and no one can figure out the issue.

- Mary Catherine B

Best used car you can get!

My car is the most reliable car I have ever had. It drives well, is very comfortable and still looks good even if it is 10 years old. I do my best to take care of it. I especially love the heated seats! And the stereo! My only complaint is that it requires premium gasoline.

- Kathy L

Superb vehicle. Way better than expected

Never had an issue with vehicle. Good gas mileage and smooth riding. Motor is also very quiet. Amazing AC for the summertime. Plenty of room to be a sedan. Original equipment on car is still in great shape at 168,000 miles. Awesome steering, not to lose or to harm to turn.

- Jordan P

Acura: luxury without steep repair prices.

Easy and reasonable repair costs. Great interior features. Drives smoothly. Gas mileage is decent. Performance tires look great. It is roomy inside and great for long road trips. It is a luxury car without luxury maintenance costs because it uses Honda parts.

- Kat R

Low repair costs since it uses parts made by Honda.

Reliable and very low maintenance costs. Performance tires are awesome. The sound system is great. I have over 70, 000 miles on it and it is still running great. It corners great and accelerates great as well. The next car I buy will be an Acura for certain.

- Kathleen R

Sturdy, reliable and practical car.

My tsx is an extremely reliable, strong build car. You can tell how sturdy the car is while you drive. It is a reliable and sturdy car. The pickup is awesome even though it is an older model. The upkeep has been moderate and I have enjoyed driving this car.

- Emily B

Sporty look gives it a great option to buy.

Sporty. It drives really well. It had some problems in the past and it has nothing else wrong except for the small noise that comes from a bad bearing that was fixed just a while ago. It is a very nice vehicle to get to work in. I like the way it drives.

- Tyler B

It is hardly ever let me down.

My car is great and reliable. I love the color and in the inside with the tan leather seats with the seat warmers is great in the winter. My car does have a ton of miles on it, so it's getting to new more maintenance each time I take in.

- Morgan K

It is a safe car with 4 airbags. The back seat folds down for extra storage.

Very comfortable heats and cools off quickly but it's only a four banger so it accelerates very slowly I wish it had cooling seats and a better stereo sound system. Otherwise I like to drive with the sunroof open and my tunes up load.

- Jennifer C

It is reliability. Has never given me problems gets great gas mileage.

The tax has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. Maintaining the vehicle has not been costly. The car is comfortable to ride in and truck is roomy. I am on the go a lot and it fits all of my needs in a car.

- Joann P

expensive to fix if a part is broken, need to buy from the manufacturer

I don't like that most of the parts that I would need for my car Acura and are extremely expensive. The are some features that I would have liked to have like remote starter. For the most part I love my car.

- Jennifer T

It drives well and looks nice without a lot of maintenance and work.

My Acura has held up well over time. It drives well. It looks sleek even though it is an older model. It doesn't use too much gas. I don't really have any big complaints.

- Jennifer L

It's very well built, reliable, and durable. Has stood the test of time.

It's very reliable and I've never had any serious mechanical problems with it. It's held up well for being 10 years old, but some of the technology is well outdated.

- Andrew S

Acura tsx best midsize luxury type vehicle.

Great performance, reliable little to no repairs and vehicle is 10 years old. Sound system includes CD and ability to play music from smartphone.

- Tamara M

Needs New tires and radio

I recently just got this car as a hammy-down and it needs new tires as well as I just got the radio to start working but it sounds awful.

- Montana G

Old car that still works well

It has over 100,000 miles on it. The mileage is good and the car performs well. It is comfortable and doesn't have many problems.

- Zain K

That it was worth what it cost:).

Problems with wearing out brakes quickly! Besides that, has been a great car for 3+ years with no other glaring problems.

- James S

Repairs are not as costly as with other luxury models.

I love the cheap repairs. I wish it had a navigation system. I wish it had Bluetooth for my phone ( to play music etc)

- Kat R

It's great in gasoline. I can take it far and not have to worry much.

There is no complaints. It's a great reliable car. It takes us to where we need to go. It's great in gas as well.

- Vickie S

Cheap repairs compared to other luxury models.

Easy and affordable repairs. Great tech amenities. Low maintenance costs. Reliable and very comfortable.

- Kathleen R

It's been very reliable. Overall it's been a great car that's held up well over the years.

I like that it's small and gets great gas mileage. It's has a lot of technological items. It's reliable.

- Melissa C

Good gas mileage for considered bein sports car

Like the size and style of it. It gets good gas mileage and handles well

- Nathan V

The most important thing is that it has a lot of great features, low miles, and has been very reliable

I like that it is sleek and sporty and is very reliable

- Nancy M

Small but roomy. Good handling. best car I ever drove.

Silver and gorgeous. Wish it had more horsepower.

- TJ J