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Good mileage, no issues and a good looking car

My car gets great mileage, and is very comfortable. Nothing has gone wrong with it. It's a very nice car. It's my daily driver and I never have to worry about it not starting. The only thing is the brake Pedal gets soft when pressed and then goes back to normal. It doesn't always happen just once in awhile. There's not much road noise and drives straight. The Bluetooth was hard to set up but I just googled it. I like the big screen for the maps. I have aftermarket headlights on it and they work great. The factory tint on it is nice and makes the car look good. The body lines on the car I like as well. It has a backup camera on it and works great. Sitting in the back seat is very comfortable and fits a car seat well. The trunk has plenty of room.

- Rose T

Title: Why should I buy an Acura?

I love my Acura TSX because it is a good heavy car with many extras such as heated seats, moon/sunroof, Bose sound system, leather seats, and great A/C and heat. The car has over 100,000 miles and has not caused me any trouble that forced me to put out a large amount of cash, just the usual oil changes and tires. It is the most comfortable car for driving long distances and/or city driving. Along with all of it's pluses, the Acura maintains its value for many years. If you are looking for a low maintenance vehicle that keeps its value as well as comfortable - you have to buy Acura!

- Joanne S

Everything I love about my TSX.

2009 Acura TSX tech package, great comfort features, heated seats, heated side mirrors which is great in the winter! The sound system is impressive! 4 door speakers, 2 clear tweeters, and center subwoofer! Bluetooth connectivity, and USB for music and awesome steering controls. Amazing on gas mileage! Full take is almost 500 miles long distance Hwy miles of course, maintenance is pretty cheap and simple to do yourself but if you have to bring it to a shop it's not expensive to maintain, great power and performances from a 4 cylinder vtec engine. Overall great car!

- Carlos C

2009 Acura tsx: lightly used, good condition but leather interior is a let-down.

The car itself is fantastic, it is extremely reliable and has some power behind it for a regular sedan. One of the main problems with this car is the interior. I have the technology package with leather interior and the leather (primarily on the front driver and passenger seats) is coming off. I have never had the inside of a luxury vehicle deteriorate as quickly as this Acura. Based. On the engine and performance I would give this care 5/5, however for the quality of the tech package and interior I would give it a 3/5 for the price point of the vehicle.

- Ashley T

Offers comfortable luxury.

Very comfortable! Also has great features for a 2009 including heated seats, dashboard, etc. The one problem I did experience is that it does not sync up with my phone all of the time when I plug it into the USB, but since I am ok with listening to the radio, this is not a huge issue. I am not immediately in the market for a new car, but when I am, I am going to consider Acura as a top choice. I may consider their SUV models, but the basic layout of the car is comfortable and intuitive enough for me to not want to change from an Acura.

- Karen D

Acura TSX an instant auto. Classic there�s a � Lot to love about this car. �

Great car . It's looks good it's fun to drive Gets good gas mpg 25 Highway 19. City has a excellent sound system but best of all is that this car is reliable. No problems with this car it is a dependable ride and I love this car it handles well and has plenty of power the all leather interior and is loaded with many features This is without a doubt one of the best cars in its class. And the looks are classic no one can believe this car is 10 years old

- Robert H

Keep up with the recommended maintenance and it will last a very long time.

My 2009 Acura tsx has 135, 000 miles and I have never had any problems with it. Besides regular oil changes, maintenance is recommended a 100, 00 miles to keep it running well. It is a very reliable vehicle and handles well in the snow. It is a very comfortable car, but there will be limited legroom in the passenger seat if you have a rear facing car seat behind it. Trunk is very big!

- Melissa S

Solid, reliable, fun to drive car

Very reliable vehicle. I've put over 60k miles on it and only done routine maintenance. It is certainly compact and overly roomy, especially in the back seat, but we rarely have more than two people in the car anyway. A real joy to drive. I do wish the nav system stayed on all the time and that they reverse camera video was brighter on the screen during the day. Overall a solid car.

- Mike T

Great Tech Package, has all the bells & whistles

Love how fast my car picks up speed and how smooth it is to drive. Has a navigation system, Sirius radio, heated seats, Bluetooth, power everything and too many tech details to include. Acura is a great luxury car for less. Downside, after 7 years leather started to come apart on seats and doors. Position of Navigation screen makes it hard to see in the sun.

- Gloria T

A few small complaints. Overall good car.

Overall, I love driving the car. It's handles well and has good performance. I had a 120 mile round trip commute, so gas was expensive paying for premium. I bought the car used, so there are a couple things I wouldn't have done had I bought it new (extremely tinted windows). I've had a couple small issues, but overall it has been a good car.

- Ethan B

The most important thing others should know about my car is the safety features built in.

I love my Acura TSX because of how comfortable everything is, from the actual seats to the spacious interior. I love the features it's equipped with, like the navigation system and electronic display dashboard. The commodity of the Acura is amazing and I love the actual body of the car. It has such a luxurious look and feel to it.

- karla i

My experience with the Acura TSX.

Performance... Excellent, style... Excellent...Good value for the money. I did not know anything about Acura before I bought this car. In fact, I was looking for for a Honda. This car is also very good on gas and is excellent both in the city and highway driving. Vest of all, this car comes in a 6 speed manual, which I love!!

- Jo J

Even though it is a 2009 model, the exterior style looks like a newer model.

Oil change is not every 5000 as promised, instead every 3000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. Comfortable seating. I do not like the hump on the floor on the back seating area. Great sound system. Soft leather seating. I carry 2 kids with car seats and they fit comfortably. The trunk space could be bigger.

- Azul L

My vehicle is great. One interesting detail is how amazing the sound system is.

I really love having an Acura TSX! It runs very well, and I rarely ever have problems. Mine is used and it is still amazing. Having an Acura is amazing and very efficient. The gas mileage is pretty good, the seats are extremely comfortable, and the way the car drives is amazing. I highly recommend buying an Acura.

- summer M

Something about the car will be the speakers loud and smooth.

The car is GREAT. Drives well love to speed a bit so I feel like it's a little fast. When it come to gas mileage I think it's a little high but it's efficient. It's very spacious so 3 people in the back are comfortable. The vehicle comes with GPS so it's very handy in locations where the internet is very good.

- Gisel M

Great car with even better MPG!

I've only had my Acura for a little over a year, but so far it's been a great car. It gets great gas mileage, over 400 miles per tank. I enjoy the leather seats and the seat warmers. I haven't had any major mechanical problems. It's fully loaded, power everything, sunroof and great stereo system.

- Tash B

2009 Acura TSX 4 door sedan looks and drives great.

I have had this car for 5 years now and I still love it. I have not had to do anything other than you routine maintenance to this car. It has 165000 miles on it and runs like new. The stereo package in this car is amazing and paint has held up even in the harsh Las Vegas sun.

- Joyce A

Fast and smooth lily flower.

My car has sunroof, heated seats, manual shift, GPS, and all wheel drive. The car drives smooth and very little maintenance, but if it does it is affordable, I would buy this car again if I was asked what car would you buy. The price is not bad and insurance is not high.

- Jennifer C

The car works really good a. C is working and it has a sunroof.

It is a 2009 aura task 4 wheel drive. . Runs smooth no problems. Everything works air conditioner is super cold. Radio works. Windows go up and down. A bit crammed in the back but spacious in the front. GPS works. It is black has a few scratches, it also has a sunroof.

- Crystal L

Acuras are great, versatile cars that are not a strain on the budget

I love how my car drives and handles, it is very responsive and smooth. it is a quiet ride, I can tell the difference when I am in cars driven by others. it's much more comfortable to ride in as well, and I love the added features like the bluetooth link to my phone.

- Laura j

a sports car with great gas mileage.

I love my car. It drives smoothly and has all the amenities. It is reliable and fun to drive and although its a sports car it gets great gas mileage. I like the hands free phone and a backup camera. Living in Florida the moon roof is actually usable.

- Shelly M

Very good for making long trips.

This car is very reliable, I have about 100, 000 miles on it and it still runs very smoothly. The seats are pretty comfortable allowing you to drive a long distance without it getting uncomfortable for a long time.

- Savannah W

That I have have had it for 7 years and hopefully for another 7 more

My car is very dependable and has never let me down. Seats 4 comfortably and maintenance is not too expensive. I make sure my car is well taken care of with regards to its maintenance schedule

- Alex A

It is a very reliable car that i have no problem taking anywhere

It is a smooth ride with all options. The technology package is very good. It is a nice looking car. The only thing i dislike is it burns through too much oil.

- Joe S

It's pretty fast. It also provides me with security as it can unlock when I'm near and if I'm not there in a timely fashion it locks itself back up.

My car is completely electrical, windows, door locks, GPS, etc. I don't like that the parts are so expensive when needing repairs. When it's running it's great.

- Janice M

Navigation and bluetooth is awesome

My car is very reliable and it goes really fast when I need it to and goes really slow when I hit the breaks. It makes a weird noise when I start it though.

- Brenda R

It is like an upgraded Honda accord, so it is reliable and comfortable.

It has everything I need and offers a smooth ride. The usb component of my car does not always work effectively, but I do not use it very often anyway.

- Karen D

The most important thing about buying an Acura is, not only knowing your family is safe, but they no matter which style you drive, they all have that sleek look

They're great safe cars, I feel good bringing my family on trips because I know they're safe. I love the heated seats and the slick look of the vehicle

- Daniel J

A great car for any occasion! Long or short distances, lots of people or few, it's perfect

I love my car! The seats are comfortable and it gets great highway miles for long trips. Taking premium fuel makes it a bit expensive to run, though.


I have Bose speakers which is great. I also have heated seats, a moonroof, sunroof, and Bluetooth capability.

I have had issues with the timing belt but other than that I had very little issues with Acura. This is my second Acura and it drives really well.

- Ghazal F

It's fast! It's comfortable it is good quality and has good gas mileage

I don't have many issues, I love the color of the car and the leather interior. It is a very fast and comfortable car. I enjoy the heated seats

- Victoria B

Acura is my number one vehicle

My vehicle is one of the top of the line brand cars. It runs really well, engine lasts forever, excellent features, and it's really safe.

- Michelle S

It's practical but fun to drive. I can do what I need to do without spending a lot of money on gas and upkeep.

I like the power and handling and how it looks. It's lasted well. However, it's needed more maintenance lately, which has been expensive.

- Sarah M

My car is great in gas and has never left me.

I like the ease of driving it and the gas mileage. I also like the reliability of the car. I do not have any complaints. I love the car.

- Lori Q

Sporty. It has a lot of trunk space. Nice interior and exterior lights.

High maintenance. It is a Honda maker, but because it is an Acura, the cost is much higher. That is the biggest things I do not like.

- A P

Acura tsx is a Honda and because of that the cost to repair is relatively low.

Car looks great and is reliable but its getting older and I need more room for my kid. Also the leather is starting to wear.

- Stan W

If you want to drive a comfortable and powerful vehicle, look at an Acura.

I love my Acura. It's very reliable, and comfortable to drive. Even 10 years later, it still feels like a brand new car.

- Jessica M

Is a comfortable car, fancy for the year(2009) the sound quality is amazing.

Is a good car, but the maintenance is expensive, all the time need to do the oil change, is no a car to stay so long.

- Vinicius s

Drives great low cost of maintenance easy to fix on your own

Great vehicle low maintenance drives really well use it to travel from Philadelphia to Savannah great gas mileage

- Eric M

I feel that an Acura is the best of both worlds. Its sharp looking while also a safe vehicle.

my car is a silver TSX. I was attracted to the sporty look of it. I really don't have any complaints overall.

- Melissa M

Incredibly reliable vehicle

Great vehicle. Would highly recommend to a multitude of my fellow driving companions looking for value

- Bob S

A good dependable car that's affordable.

I love everything about my Acura low maintenance. good gas mileage. I like the design of the car.

- Brittany Q

I really like the comfort of my car and the size. I also am pleased with the gas mileage I get around town. Oh, I love the color. It is blue! Only complaint really is I have issues with the door locks not always working correctly and I wish the seats had lumbar support like my TL had.

It handles well and has a great turn radius. For a 4 cylinder it has get up and go!

- Susan H

That even though it is only a four cylinder it still has get up and go power

I like the size and gas milage it gets. It handles very well and drives smooth

- Nathan R

It is a well known company that has been known for building reliable vehicles.

very reliable car. it requires very minimum maintenance.

- Geraldo L

Great gas mileage, typically get over 30 miles per gallon.

Like: Built-in nav. Great gas mileage. Dislike: FWD

- Ryan S

Has all the bells and whistles added for no extra charge

Love everything about my tsx. Luxury vehicle

- Kevin l

It lasts with little maintenance.

Good value for cost. But it is getting old.

- Ian B

Nice little compact car with good gas mileage.

- Bill P