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The Acura TSX is a fun, stylish, and very reliable vehicle

I have all the bells and whistles. Smooth ride, great acceleration, and living in Minnesota means lots of snow. With new tires on, it powers through the snow quite well. comfortable interior, lots of features including hands free calling, seat warmers, and backseat armrest/cup holder. It has a decent sound system by Bose. I have had it almost two years, bought it used and have passed 100K miles, and have had very little maintenance issues! Just routine repairs, such as a lightbulb and replaced what powers/charges the battery(forgot the name of it). It has a large enough display screen for a reverse camera, but does not have one. The mileage has taken very little from the performance, I feel confident in this car on long trips, instead of having anxiety about whether I'll run into any issues. Love it

- Jaime G

2010 Acura tsx - the perfect luxury vehicle.

I bought my 2010 Acura tsx brand new. I have owned it ever since, and it has always been a reliable vehicle. I have the technology package, and the GPS is very helpful. The only issue is, over time the CD for the GPS has become scratched and would not read until I cleaned it for a few hours. The heated, electric leather seats are very comfortable. The vehicle is wonderful to drive, handles great and has speed. The only issue I have had is the airbag which was recalled, but that is only a dealership visit to fix. I would 100% recommend to others this vehicle, and I am very likely going to purchase another Acura as my next vehicle.

- Christina A

A good performing vehicle.

My vehicle is an ideal car. Low maintenance, good mileage to a gallon of gas, do not all the latest features but what I have works good for me. I like the comfort of driving this car, although it is getting old, it is the best care for me I am a limited driver and at the moment there is no need for me to consider buying a new one,

- Margaret E

Acura tsx is a durable car.

Acura are good reliable cars. My car has over 120, 000 miles and is still driving well. The car rides very low and wide, but visibility is good. Inside is very roomy in both the front seat and the back seat. I do not like that the back seats do not pull down to open the trunk. The trunk is pretty big and can fit a lot of things.

- Eric B

The maintenance is overpriced.

I enjoy the way my car feels on the road but I wish it accelerated faster. It has a nice technology package but is becoming a little outdated. It costs more than one hundred dollars to upgrade and update the GPS maps, which seems unnecessary to me. Overall I am happy with the car but have had others I enjoy more.

- Jasmine P

Awesome gas mileage Acura tsx.

My car runs with no problems, it runs so smoothly on the road. The inside is very luxury and looks very nice. It is beautiful and it is very high on gas mileage. I fill up only once in two weeks. I have never had problems with it. I love my Acura. If I ever get another car it will be an Acura.

- Diana U

I love my Acura more than anything!

No issues. Absolutely love the car! It is a good value but also has lots of options and luxury as well. I will drive it as long as I can! I love the sport shift paddles on the steering wheel and I love doing modifications to the car as well. I have an exhaust, coilovers, and an intake.

- Mitch P

Would recommend, if wanting a luxury car.

The only problem I am currently have is the breaks are squeaking. But otherwise it is a great car. Mine is salvage, so I did have a couple other problems. Oh and my mpg is around 22. I would recommend this car, but if your work is far I personally would like my next car to better mpg.

- Stacey I

Safe, spacious, & dependable.

Love my Acura tsx! Drives smoothly, safe vehicle, good gas mileage. Drives well in bad weather. Reliable, dependable vehicle. Would definitely buy another Acura vehicle in the near future. Good sound system, roomy car, good trunk space. Heated seats are a plus, sunroof is great.

- Jackie F

Reliable. Appealing and comfortable.

I love my car and it has great pick up. I enjoy having Bluetooth and connecting my phone. It is spacious and reliable. I have had minimal problems with it and it has not cost me a lot of money in upkeep. Great on highway mileage. Heated seats and sunroof are also a plus.

- Kimberly A

This car looks very good and drives very well.

No issues with this car in the last year and a half, it drives very smoothly and it is very comfortable. Shifts very well and it had airbags everywhere. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is very reliable and looks very good as well. Easy to drive and fun as well,

- Nicole W

Acura. The luxury car at an affordable price. What’s not to love.

I do not have many problems with my vehicle. Routine maintenance is required to keep in good condition. Tire alignment. Tire and brake replacement. Washing and cleaning it. Gas is great. It is comfortable as well. I am happy with my vehicle thus far. Nice appearance.

- Liza G

Nicely used Acura 2010 TSX.

My vehicle is fast and smooth. This vehicle is very reliable it takes me places far and close also good on gas for being a bigger car than I had before. The maintenance is good. The interior is big and spacey very easy to work with the radio as well, looks fancy.

- Michelle S

It is a low maintenance, low gas mileage, luxury car.

I love my car, I have had it for 6 years, bought it two years old. I have not had any major problems with it. I have 144067 miles on it. My plan is to keep it until it can no longer run anymore. To keep it as my backup car, to run errands and to drive around in.

- Leigh M

My car is super awesome, super pretty, and better than yours.

Sometimes the seat warmers stop before I want them to. And the voice that tells me when I don't have my seatbelt on is really loud. I wish it had a digital speedometer so I knew how fast I was actually going, without having to look on a meter.

- Hannah F

My car is very reliable, I haven't had any issues with it so far.

The car rides very smooth, the car has leather heated seats. The car also has a sunroof. Everything in the car is power operated. You can put all the windows down by clicking the key 3 times. This is helpful on hot summer days.

- Crystal M

Best vehicle bought 2010 Acura.

2010 Acura this vehicle is comfortable it has navigation heated seats mirrors I would tell anyone that if you're out to buy a vehicle check out any Acura dealerships. Been a great vehicle I have never had no issues out of it.

- Nancy Y

The Acura TSX is comfortable and accelerates really fast. Although it's not super luxury, it feels more high class than average.

It's a sporty sedan, like a flashier Honda Accord. It has leather seats and drives really smoothly. People online said that the brakes are not really good, but can not really tell the difference after changing the brakes.

- David Y

Acuras have good resale value.

I love the body style and handling of my Acura. I love the fuel economy, I only fill up once per week. I like the interior style. I only slightly dislike the cost of maintenance and the fact that my model was discontinued.

- Danielle B

It's very durable and lasts a long time without losing its function.

I love the durability of the vehicle and how it's been able to last a long time. It's upkept it's good shape and uses little gas. I wish it had better trunk layout so that it didn't narrow too much behind the seats.

- Kamila L

A good car at a good price.

The TSX is a god vehicle. It does have some minor drawbacks. The trunk opening will not accommodate a full size cooler. The rear seat is only good for shorter people. Otherwise it runs well and is enjoyable.

- Leo H

It's an extremely long lasting and reliable car.

The first thing I love is it's dependability. After all these years, I have hardly had to spend any money on repairs. I also like irs appearance which is sporty but still classy. And it gets great mileage.

- Laurel C

It is very comfortable and drives super smooth.

I really like how my car has a tight suspension. I also like the Bose speakers, as I drive a lot and music is really important to me. I also like that it feels luxurious without being to over the top.

- Corinne D

Warning: Bluetooth is faulty, no real fix except unplugging

I love the size, style and ultimately the reliability. The only complaint is a minor cosmetic issue with the leather seats and a Bluetooth system that drains the battery unless it's unhooked.

- Jess C

Good all-around car, rides smooth, has nice features without being over-the-top.

I like how it looks. I like the color. I like the heated seats. I like the leather interior. I like the sunroof. I like that it takes regular gas. I don't like the lack of trunk space.

- Courtney T

The audio package on this vehicle is amazing with Dolby base and 8 speaker it gives the full surround sound

The car is advance for its time when made the purchase. Acura is a step up from Honda which it's a so so brand. If you want sports and luxury check out the Acura line of cars

- Maannjott F

It is the functionality of features and mechanically sound for being 8yrs old.

I overall love the car, it is tech features are bold. The heated seats are nice, very roomy both front and back. Dislike the radio and Bluetooth system is poor.

- Josh S

It's a perfect fit for me and has made me an Acura lover for life

I like the way Acuras are styled. They look sporty and attractive and my car has been dependable and reliable for me. I feel like it's the perfect size for me.

- Allison M

The car is stunning but the seats are very uncomfortable for long travel.

I drive a 2010 Acura TSX and the vehicle has been very reliable; the performance is amazing. Maintenance on the vehicle is low and keeps it running like new.

- Jennifer P

The 2010 Acura TSX review

My 2010 Acura TSX is beautiful and efficient, I've maintained proper tune ups and tire rotations on my car. Overall it's a reliable and comfortable car.

- Aaron O

That it may look like an average sedan, but it actually has quite a bit of get up and go.

Overall I like my car very much. I do wish it had more leg room in the back. But it drives very smoothly and it just feels like a sturdy well built car.

- Jennifer H

Beauty and reliability with good performance.

Great performance and reliability. Great style and engineering excellent color fit and finish with all the appropriate for its age safety features.

- Steven H

Important thing is it is reliable and very good on gas.

I honestly do not dislike anything. I love everything about it. My care is reliable and good. I do not have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Angelica C

The front is quite large for a typical midsize sedan.

The Acura tsx is great car overall. The power is adequate for a comfortable drive. The steering and throttle response is quite good as well.

- Devin W

The TSX has Great gas mileage on both streets and highways.

The Acura TSX is a very reliable car. It has great gas mileage, and runs smoothly. Mine came with the navigation package which is excellent.


It is the coolest car out there.

I like the steering wheel it goes fast fun to drive I love to drive my car everyday everywhere I do not really dislike anything about it.

- Kelly D

It's great responsible priced luxury sedan well worth the money

I love it the car drives great it runs great good on gas mileage and I have had no problems out of this car whatsoever over all good car

- Michael B

It is very reliable and runs smoothly.

Great car, just wish it was higher, more. Like an SUV. I like the interior and how reliable the car is, and how, easily I can handle it.

- Diane J

Reliability,performance,acceleration and dependability.

I haven't had any major problems with my used car since I bought it,I would recommend this car to anybody who want a reliable car.

- Edwin P

It is fast and reliable. I do not have any problems with it at all still running.

I love that it has heated seats and exact color I was looking for. If there was something I wanted extra would be a sunroof.

- Alexis L

It's a reliable car and has good design for the interior and exterior.

I like the look and ease to drive. It's reliable and haven't had much problems. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Tuan H

The gas mileage is not that great for a 4 cylinder

I like that it is sporty. I like that it is four doors. I like that it is reliable. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Tuan H

I love my vehicle. It is durable. I feel safe driving the car. It was worth the price.

The price of the car is higher than others, but for what I have saved in maintenance cost it is beyond worth it.

- Jamie R

it has good acceleration and good mileage. It is expensive to maintain.

I like my car because it goes from place to place very well. I don't like because it is expensive to maintain.

- Lindsay J

It's reliable and looks great.

I love my car. It's a fun car to drive, and I feel safe when I'm in my car. I would recommend Acura to anyone.

- Mary V

It gets my family where we need to go, it has air conditioning which is important.

The only thing I dislike about my vehicle is that is it only a 4 cylinder. The inside is also a little dated.

- Amber H

One of the most important things to know is that it does take a lot of gas.

What I like about my car is that its fast and drives real smooth. It's great on gas as well as maintenance.

- Jay G

Look and the lure feel of it

Awesome is the only word that I could think of this brand vehicles including mine. So enjoy it to core

- Meena N

It is the best overall on the market and is worth the cost

I like the gas mileage sand it's sleek style. Acura has a proven record and it has a long life span.

- Kim T

Versatility in a nice package.

Standard leather interior. Very reliable. Comfortable. Sporty. Economical and appealing to the eyes.

- Rosy F

That it is a quality luxury auto automobile. And it is reliable Honda performance

Great car. Lots of luxury features. Smooth ride. Decent performance. Reliable and easy to work on

- James P

It never breaks down as long as you take care of it.

It is comfy for in town, but trips longer than a few hours start to make your rear end sore.

- Bill T

It's a nice car which is reliable

The car is reliable. The Bluetooth connection is not good. The handling could be better.

- Ron R

take good care and be aware when service is needed

my car is a quality car very little maintenance needed, good on gas, no complaints

- Margaret P

The car is very practical and fuel efficient but perform better in terms of speed.

The car has a luxury look to it. I've never had any issues with it.

- David L

It's not just luxury it's not yours

Love the car since it's a race car and it gets me tight Asian pussy

- Eric M

drives great, good handling, sporty, and reliable brand

i love it because it's my dream car and brand. next i want the nsx

- nicole t

Safety features and technology with great handling

Love my vehicle. It was my dream car. Durable. Great fuel economy.

- Jamie G

will serve all your traveling needs

I like the comfort . I like the mileage I have no complaints

- Margaret P

It's performance. It's high cost of maintenance. Its longevity.

I like it's performance. I dislike the cost of maintenance.

- Keith P

It's a very reliable car that has not caused me any problems and I love the color

No complaints. I have it since 2009 with no problems

- Ann M