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Great all around car for a small family.

This is a great reliable 5-person car, although it requires premium gas. I have never had any issues with it otherwise. The vehicle is reasonably fun to drive (not a muscle car, but it has decent acceleration), is fairly comfortable (we regularly drive 4+ hours continuously in it), and has a good set of features. The 2011 version unfortunately has a somewhat complicated Bluetooth setup but otherwise has great features such as heated seats and a leather interior.

- Chris A

Acura the best of the best

The only problems I've had with the vehicle is the tire pressure. The car is reliable and is good on gas, however it does take premium gas and synthetic oil. The best feature the car has is the back camera which helps with the driver reversing. It does not have a blind spot sensor which is a little inconvenient, but other than that the car is very reliable and comfortable.

- Tia M

Acura TSX is a reliable car and a great size

I enjoy driving my TSX. It is a smooth ride and it can go pretty fast. The only problem that I come across is the quality of the leather. It's been 8 years since I got my TSX and the leather is already ripping on the sides. Comfort wise there is a lot of room in the front and the back. The trunk is big enough to fit big items such as luggages, bags, and boxes.

- Abigail I

Acura�s are losing their appeal.

The inside seats are wearing, the car is not made as other acura's as others I have purchased. The car is not as comfortable and reliable on the road. I have had more repairs on this car than the others. The attractiveness of the car is also lacking. There is also wearing on the outside of the car than I think is too soon based on the age of the vehicle.

- Yolanda C

Overall pretty great car, just a couple things need some fine tuning.

My car is very nice. Hugs the road and accelerated quickly. The only problem I have with it is the starter. Sometimes I delays starting. Otherwise it's great. Cost to fill up my tank in San Diego is $70 so that's kind of high. It is a V6 engine. The leather interior doesn't hold up super well. It's started to crack in certain places.

- Teresa G

Reliable/ Stylish 2011 Acura TSX

Comfortable, reliable vehicle. I commute and have ~225k miles on my car and have had minimal issues (fingers crossed). Frequent oil changes and maintenance are key! I get about 32 MPG on the interstate which is a big plus as well! Acura service is also first class. Nothing bad to say about my experience with this vehicle.

- Joe S

don't buy it ... the engine is junk

the engine consumes oil in between oil changes. the issue is known about by Honda and they wont do anything about it unless is consumes more than a quart /1000 miles. also when starting cold it rattles in engine compartment.. timing chain and or variable valve timing sprocket issue.

- james M

2011 Acura LSX gets great gas mileage, and is very easy and fun to drive. I would recommend to anyone looking for a nice, reliable vehicle

I love my 2011 Acura LSX. It's very reliable, drives very nice. Has a lot of power. Leather interior, sunroof, Cd/auxiliary capabilities. Bluetooth available. Has great gas mileage. No major repairs on it since I've had it. Very roomy, big back seat and a lot of room in the trunk.

- Nicole K

The understanding of a great car.

My car drives well is well equip great on gas. I love the stereo system. I love the overall experience the car gives. The anti lock brakes help you to drop on a dime, as well as durability of the overall car plus this car is a great gas saver and the car has a very good take off.

- Jonathan H

The best car on the road. It has extra cup holders in. The back seat.

It is very comfy, lots of legroom. Easy to keep clean. It gets great mileage on the highway. In the cold months it runs good. The air condition is great, it cools the car down fast. I don't believe it has any problems. I think this would make a great car for a middle age couple.

- Sharon W

Looks great and runs great.

My Acura is a great get around car, but it can also take me long distances. It is durable, performs well, comfortable, sunroof, great on gas, reliability. The car looks great even after years. I also like the size of the car in that it is not too large, but not too small.

- Tab J

Acura TSX. One of a kind.

Smooth ride, easy to steer sporty looking and an eye catcher. Cool look, see very few like it. Perfect size for our family. Have plenty of cargo space for groceries. Sturdy built. Love the heated seats and leather seats. Love the color and the sunroof with navigation.

- Michelle T

Sporty family car that is practicable and affordable

I haven't had any problems so far. I like the look of the car and the interior is stylish and comfortable. The trunk is very spacious and it's a good looking family car for road trips or getting groceries. Lots of legroom in back. I get about 23 miles per gallon.

- Stephanie L

Tech package luxury sport vehicle.

I have not had any major automotive issues. The vehicle gets great mileage and takes mid grade gas. There is also the technology package that includes a GPS, backup camera, and a premium sound system. The vehicle includes a sunroof, seat warmers, and a cooler.

- Rocky K

This is a good car all around.

My car is extremely reliable and has not had many maintenance issues (but to be fair, we only have 55, 000 miles after 7 years). It is fun to drive, has decent acceleration, and is comfortable. The only thing I do not like it is that it requires premium gas.

- Alberto A

My car is light black and leather seats. Nice screen for GPS and stuff.

I do not like the leather seating. Maybe a better stereo system. I like how smooth it rides and the feel safe vibe. I'd put seat warmers for the back seat for the passengers in the back. Maybe more places to charge your phone for the passengers in the back.

- kim D

That it is very safe and reliable.

I love everything about my vehicle. When I first got my car it came with everything I wanted on my Wishlist so I am very happy! The only thing I wish I thought of was a reverse camera but now I know what to add for my next car Wishlist!.

- Brittany B

It is a sleek looking sedan yet there is a ton of room in the front and back seats.

It is a solid vehicle, I have not had any issues with performance or reliability. The seats are very comfortable and I really enjoy driving the vehicle.

- Jessie L

Others should know is that it is very reliable, and I can always count on it.

I like that it has very good gas mileage. I do not like how the brakes squeak sometimes, it gets really bad. It is a very nice car to drive although.

- Brain L

I like that it's made by Honda and somewhat of a luxury vehicle.

Love the heated seats. I love the sedan style and premium features. I wish there was more space in the backseat for kids.

- Monica Y

It was an intelligent choice.

It's very reliable, economical and cool looking. I wish the visibility was better. I wish it had more cargo room.

- K O

It is important for people to know I love my car.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I like the it is low maintenance. And that it is inexpensive to fix.

- Jasmine B

She's fun to drive and has been really reliable.

I love my car. I don't really have any complaints. She's easy to maintain and very reliable.

- Marsha W

This is a great reliable car

Reliable car all around. The only thing I don't like is that it requires premium gas

- Uzair S