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Overall, a sturdy easy to maintain sizeable car.

Purchased a 2012 Acura tsx in 2012 with very low mileage, practically brand new. Overall, it has been a very reliable car. negatives would primarily include sensor issues and interior issues. The sensors seem to be highly sensitive. I often need them reset as they trigger with nothing wrong with car. In addition, the interior has not help up as well as I would have hoped. I do have a dog, but the interior leather is peeling on many parts of the front of car at this point. At only 6 years old, I think this is a big problem and should be corrected in future production.

- Nicole K

Acuras are not as reliable anymore

I previously had an Acura 2.2CL which I loved. I had the vehicle for 15 years; however, the Acura I currently have is a big disappointment. The car has given me so many issues, including the windows do not operate appropriately. The seats in the car are already tearing; the cup holder had to be replaced because it did not close. The material around the windows melts and is gooey. I plan to get rid of the car in the next few years.

- Yolanda C

TSX, a very reliable and practical car.

The TSX is a very reliable car. I had one instance of engine problem, but it was covered through factory warranty. The cost of the TSX is very reasonable for what you are getting. The car is not ultra powerful in terms of engine strength, but the car is pretty lightweight that the car gets around pretty quickly. The inside is very sleek and practical. I really enjoy the car overall.

- David S

Acura TSX Luxury for those who do not like to drive.

The Acura 2014 TSX is one of the best luxury sedans for someone who does not enjoy driving. It has better performance than the Honda equivalents, but it also comes with many luxury features (the navigation system in particular), built in. The handling is exceptional (better than even the RSX) but is a little less powerful than the other Acura sedan offering.

- Rich P

I would have to say the most important thing other people should know about my care is that their is a known defect in almost all Acura vehicles that start at around 40,000 miles and Acura has dot been able to fix this, buyer beware!

What I really like about my car is the sporty sleek look it has. I also really like the 6 speed transmission, it makes my TSX a really fun car to drive. I do not like the whistling sound that it started making around 45,000 mile mark. Acura has failed to correct this known defect on many of their cars. I will not buy another Acura for that reason.

- Michelle H

Best car I have ever owned.

The car rides smooth, good gas mileage, no problems with the car ever, I haven't had to put any money into other than regular maintenance like oil changes and such. It is pretty on the outside. Th backseat has a good amount of space for a smaller car. I have a kid and him and all his sports equipment for fine. Inside still looks new.

- Lorena P

Acura TSX 2012 review for me.

I lovely Acura. Great gas mileage. It has everything I need. Never had any problems. Drives incredibly fast. Smooth driving. The only thing I do not like is how it rolls back. I like the aesthetics of the car. It runs great. No problems at all. I can see myself owning this car for many more years and buying another Acura.

- Justin T

Acura sports wagon honest review.

I love my Acura sports wagon!! Living in a city I get really good gas mileage. Additionally, I think the space in the vehicle is a lot. I can travel to and from college and home and never have to worry about needing more room. Finally, I really like that my car is super stylish. It is all black and it looks really sleek.

- Katie F

It drives really well just expensive to keep up.

It's like I always need an oil change, the Bluetooth pops in & out. I enjoy the comfort of my car it's perfect for a person my size. It has a lot of space in it. I have to use premium gas, which is fairly expensive, at times it's overly expensive. I can feel the difference in my car when I don't use the right gas.

- Sheridan R

Luxury at it's finest and still practical.

I absolutely love my Acura. It has great gas mileage, drives sporty handling curves exceptionally well and yet still great for hauling the kids around. I love the leather seats and classy interior features. Stereo system sounds great with Bose speakers. I would have to say this car is luxury at it's finest.

- Tiffany L

Heating and power seats. Also what's interesting is the shark tale on top.

It's so short to enter if your a taller or bigger person. Now when it comes to driving it does have a certain kick to it, almost like a sports car. Seats are actually pretty good if you drop food it won't stick to the seat you can easily wipe it up. So really I just wish it was a bigger car to get into.

- Camille L

Love that the car is reliable and cheap and easy to maintain.

Performs great as an everyday car and when something is wrong, parts are cheap and easy to replace. Love the style - little nicer than your average sedan. Leather isn't very durable, as it is already starting to rip on the drivers side. Comfort is great, seats feel good and enough room for five people.

- Katrina B

4 door sedan with great gas mileage and nice to drive around town.

I have absolutely loved driving my car! It has great gas mileage and is easy to handle on the road. The interior of the car has held up well over the years. The only major issue that I have had is the motors in the doors going out after 6 years. It caused the doors to not lock and unlock properly.

- Kathryn C

Acura TSX tech is amazing for a single person or small family.

Acura should have better rims, the leather seats weren't top quality for the driver's seat. The car has a large trunk and is comfortable enough to drive in. The design itself looks amazing. Family does say that the seats in the back do not have enough leg space though. I think it is fine for me.

- Eddie L

This is a very reliable first car!

I have not had any major issues. Only issue I have had is with the Bluetooth constantly resetting itself, which usually results in me setting up my phone every month or so. Other than that, I have had almost no issues with the car. I have driven this car for almost 5 years now with no issues.

- Ally P

Special edition package adds some really nice looks.

Drivers power door lock doesn't work. Good performance for a 4 cylinder. Great gas mileage. Leg room behind me in the driver's seat is lacking- I am 6'1'. Great trunk space. Special edition adds some really nice looks that makes the car sporty. Overall really great car.

- Edwin H

Acura 2012 features, volume control on the steering wheel, signal on side mirror.

It is a very comfortable, smooth ride. Gas goes a long way, Bluetooth ready. It is very spacious inside. Child lock on back doors. It has leather seats, it has side view mirrors with the signal light on it. It has a phone charger, volume control on steering wheel.

- Linda C

Good for the long haul, Acura TSX is great!

Very reliable. Have done standard maintenance, but haven't had to do much else. There was one recall, but Acura took care of it. I know I can rely on my car. The seats are very comfortable, but the area for the back seats is a little smaller for other passengers.

- Christy R

Good car overall, more on the sporty side

My vehicle rarely experiences any problems. It drives very smoothly and the alignment is great. It's extremely reliable. The front seats are very comfortable but the back seat is slightly cramped. The mileage isn't the greatest but the gas tank is pretty large.

- Anna D

Smith ride, great gas mileage but crap interior.

Performance has been wonderful. It does downshift hard at times but other than that it is a smooth ride. The leather seats are my biggest issue, they have been peeling since right after I got the car. No amount of leather conditioner had helped them.

- Kelsee B

I love my car, but the AC sucks

The only issue I have is that the air conditioning is not very powerful. I split my time between Texas and Louisiana, which means that's a particularly bad the especially bad. It is a black car with black interior

- Kate M

That I made a good choice when i bought this car and has been the best car i ever owned.

My vehicle has been very dependable and haven't had any major problems with. Average gas mileage and plenty of power. I do have a complaint about some areas of the paint fading but otherwise a solid car.

- paul r

It is reliable. It is comfortable.

This car is very comfortable and drives really well. Even though it is 6 years old, it still drives great. I have not had any major mechanical issues with this car, other than routine maintenance.

- Holly H

It's a very well loaded up car for a decent price.

I love the sporty look and feel of my car. The seats are comfortable and it has a lot of features. It could however use a little more power in its 4 cyl engine, but its adequate.

- Riley P

Reliability is above average. Brake replacement at 80,000. Nothing else. Purchased Certified Pre Owned so some repairs were done under warranty like a window switch.

Love the sleek long lines of a station wagon. Hate the pickup and acceleration. Reliability has been above par. Only major repair was brake replacement at 80,000 miles.

- Fred E

It's an Acura WAGON with a powerful K series!

K series powered Honda wagon with an Acura badge. It's called a sports wagon for a reason. The only thing missing is the performance options in the aftermarket world.

- Melissa P

Techno car: cars of awesome.

Technology package includes screen display with GPS, audio, settings, cellular device, and weather. Easy to set up and smooth drive. Recommended for a first car.

- Raven T

Its is a very nice reliable car

The vehicle gets excellent gas mileage. It has a smooth ride. It would be nicer if it were more than a 4 cylinder. The vehicle is a very attractive car

- Pam L

Fully loaded special edition luxurious

It's a really reliable car never had an issue interior and exterior looks so nice also the navigation and rear view camera is a nice touch

- Rebin K

4 cylinder engine, great gas mileage.

The gas mileage is great. It is dual transmission. It runs very smoothly. It has a sunroof, with built in Sirius XM radio w Bose speakers.

- Michelle C

Acura TSX handles trips like a piece of cake

i love the ease and handling of the vehicle. Seats feel great. Wish the mirrors were slightly larger. I love the smoothness of each ride.

- sheley l

Others should know that my car has good gas mileage.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. My car drives nice and I am comfortable in it. I have had this car for a while and I love it.

- Lauren T

It is unpredictable and the batter may go out suddenly and without any signs.

It is a nice compact size car without being too small. It is comfortable to sit and drive in. However, I wish it was more reliable.

- Eileen P

It is a very reliable car if you properly maintain it.

Very beautiful looking car. It is reliable on gas. It is not to big or too small. The handling is great in all types of weather.

- Carlos A

Very dependable and can be trustworthy to travel anywhere with no worries.

It is very easy on gas. When driving in the city you get 28 and 35 highway. The Acura is very comfortable with lots of features.

- Bobby J

My vehicle is very technologically advanced.

The dealership wouldn't replace the single parts. I was trying to get a warranty exchange and it simply just could not work.

- justin h

Very good car if you have a big family.

My Acura is very spacious. I like the sound system that game stock with the car. I do not, however, like the suspension.

- Alyssa M

Four door car and spacious.

Free state inspections and oil changes. Notifies driver when tire pressure is low, oil needs to be changed, or etc.

- Patrice L

Low mpg, cool car, black in color, nice ride, smooth ride.

Great car. Low mpg. Reliable, nice leather seats, great sound system, cool car, black in color, large trunk space.

- Alex M

It is very reliable and you can get mostly anywhere without any problems.

I love the luxuriousness. It has very nice handling as well. I dislike that it does not have a V6 engine in it.

- Isaiah L

Earlier models have oil consumption issue.

I like everything except the lack of power upon acceleration. Not enough power to support the weight of unit.

- Emmanuel Z

Gas mileage is awesome, with well over 500 miles to a tank of gas.

Love my heated seats and great gas mileage. Only complaint is there is no backup camera. Those came in 2013.

- Amy Y

It is safe which is important for me being that I live in a state where it snows.

It's a good overall car safe comfortable and easy to use! It doesn't really give me many issues. I love it.

- Chris J

The car performs well on the road.

Car size, little to no maintenance, extra features, reliable, reasonably price. Great service a dealership.

- Crystal H

Got into a car accident with it but it didn't do much damage. Just the licence plate got ruin. It also happened on the freeway. Looks like I stopped in time

I like how it looks. It's nice and white, and good seats. I hate that it is starting to make weird sounds.

- Sally N

Great vehicle to get around town

My vehicle is great and I've had it for almost 7 years. The gas mileage is good and the ride is smooth.

- Danielle R

Great gas mileage and dependability of few mechanical issues.

Generally love all aspects of the car with the exception of not very much room in the back seats.

- Ken M

Reliable and sporty, but discontinued.

I really like the responsiveness. I don't like the GPS nav or the lack of mirror memory

- J P

It's a very smooth ride and it came with a great sound system.

It's a smooth ride. Looks nice. Good on fuel. There are very few things that I dislike

- Emmanuel G

Two issues that Acura/Honda has ignored are the Navigation/Tech system that can deplete the battery and, in some cases cause the car to die when its in operation. The other is a tendency to stall/hesitation on accelerating from a stop. And it is very noisy on the road (wind & road noise).

Like the styling and performance. Do not like the road noise, the car is very noisy.

- Gil I

i enjoy driving my car, and i do not have any complaints.

It is not high maintenance, basically dump gas/change oil and drive.

- lam h

Very well maintained and very easy and inexpensive to maintain

Reliable car except for some advanced electronics (bluetooth, TPMS)

- T N

Mostly that it's highly reliable and that that's more important than it being flashy.

It has been very reliable and is pretty comfortable. NO issues!

- CL G

The car is reliable and comfortable

Nice car and dependable but underpowered.

- Vic T