2004 Aston Martin DB7 Owner Reviews & Problems


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It is blue and it has a nice CD player.

My car is very reliable. It gets me from point a to b. Very good on gas, the only problems is sometimes it makes a noise when I hit the breaks, I think it's the rotors, not sure. My kids love it. The work I have had on it was new tires new battery, and there was a problem one time with the air but I got it fixed. All it needed was fluid.

- Gina P

Fantastic headlights, air conditioning, and radio.

Great engine, fabulous help from employees. Would recommend to anyone even slightly interested to take a look at these cars. Well worth it. 2004-2005 is the most affordable if you are looking for a vehicle more on budget. However, I would say the 2017-2018 models are have much more equipment/value overall.

- Jorge M

That is an older car but it is very good and you should buy it.

I like how it rides on roads does not ride bumpy or anything and really good tires that can still function when damaged by debris on the road.

- Bob C

It is very clean and it looks very nice.

Its okay, it leaks oil, but it is really fast and it shines very well. I would be worth your money and it shines very well.

- David F

it is ugly and I want to sell it, I think the suspension is going out and the engine has broken 4 times

How many times do I need to fix it before it will break again

- Jonathon V

It's made with real america muscle and the car has some nice pop

It's very nice and I'm not a car guy, but she a beauty

- Vin B