2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Owner Reviews & Problems


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How incredible the car is: very well design in a very unique way that gives.

It's a really luxurious car that is perfectly made for people to ride slow on roads. And it has a high quality performance. The car itself shows you how unique and well define it was made. It gives me such thrill to be driving my car. I would recommend it I haven't had any issues with my car everything is all in good conditions. Compared to other brand cars this one is a must this one specifically by the smallest details shows you how great quality the car is.

- Dulce F

Beautiful flower girl dress and the baby is born in the morning.

I love my car gives me no problems also saves on gas very reliable high maintenance I look forward to hearing from you soon and have a great day and I will be there at all 😒😒😒 okay I'll see what time it to me that is why I never you have a wonderful birthday because can you please let me know when you get here and I am not.

- Queen R

A ride to remember is a ride to discover.

I love my car it is fast an has luxurious features the problems I encounter is maybe the size of the seats, the size of the body of the car may need to be an inch wider. But the car is awesome. The seats feel like thick cushion the radios sound is clear like you are at a concert or in a theatre, the car's engine is so smooth.

- Clark C

The ambitious and the car care.

It is really fast and high in performance. Small interior bit the exterior is emaciate. Air and heated seats, 350hp power steering, auto transmission and a gas saver. The problem with the car is when I go 60 it seems like 💯. Bose system Bluetooth ready, and luxurious fit.

- Christopher H

This is an amazing fast sports car.

This vehicle performs perfectly its luxurious and fast. It doesn't get the best gas mileage however. There is nothing that I would change about this car if I had the choice I absolutely love this car to death I love the interior to the exterior and everything about it.

- Rob H

Amazing car with great features and reliability.

This is a very dependable car, that is amazing! It runs so smooth! It has the get up and go that you want in a vehicle. You will get noticed when driving this car. It is expensive, but you cannot beat the comfort in this car. The features stand out and look amazing!

- Katrina P

It hits 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds and moves like a dream.

Every now and then there are mechanical problems. Sometimes if a part fails, it can be very costly to get replacement parts and it can also take a long time to receive parts from overseas.

- Leo S

It's nice for its price and it is comfortable.

There are many charging ports for my phone. The Bluetooth is amazing for calls and text. The seats feel nice but I wish the headrest was more adjustable to my liking.

- Joshua O

Repair a supercar magazine.

Lots of money to repair. For semi supercars it takes a lot of money to buy and repair. There is also the fact that it cost a lot.

- Fer F

It fast and pretty to look at and that I don't drive it often.

It's fast and luxurious and pretty to look at. I was inspire to purchase after watching Iron Fist and seen Danny Rand had one.

- Ebonie F

Love this car to death won't sell it.

I absolutely love this car it is spacious and I look really good in it. The ride is smooth and besides that good car.

- Paul M

That if you drive it to not use the air conditioning.

It is fast and looks good ladies like it and I get to park for free when I take it to the bar I drink for free.

- Big P