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2010 Audi A3 (cherry red)

The 2010 Audi A3 is very fun to drive, comfortable, and fast. Over the years, the car has proven unreliable, and has taken thousands of dollars to maintain. It requires new oil every few weeks. There are multiple faulty sensors including the turn signal and brakes. Although it make take patience and money to maintain, the Audi experience is unparalleled.

- Ashlyn H

Every day review for the everyday driver.

I really enjoy how smooth it drives, how great the gas mileage is and the over all design of the car. Its super stylish and has great interior design. The problem, or ok only issue I have with this car is that it does not have a modern radio or charging system. Other then that it doesn't look outdated.

- Gabriela D

It's a turbo diesel. And Volkswagen lied about the emissions

My vehicle is a TDI which gives it a nice a little pep. What I don't like is the delay is the gas pedal when accelerating. Over an ok car. Pretty good on gas mileage.

- rachelle B

This is the best car ever!

I love my Audi and would choose the same exact vehicle if I had to choose again! Running smoothly, this spacious car is also quite the eye candy!


That its an audi and that I got a fairly fancy car.

It's a really nice car that has great handling and is really nice looking and safe. However the gas mileage is pretty poor.

- Steph k

I found a leather seats to be super comfortable they are so super. I guess that's not the right word describe leather.

No problems so far. The car runs great and never has trouble. Oil changes go smoothly even if I don't get them often.

- Jack T

Performance is excellent including good gas mileage.

The ride is very comfortable The hatch back is spacious The overall car is very reliable Performance is excellent

- Janet C

I love Audi's! Best cars!

I love Audi's. These cars are designed to be driven and enjoyed. I had no issues with this vehicle.

- Alfredo A

Don't trust VW or Audi - they cheat

VW cheated on the emissions, the Audi dealer sucks but I love my car

- Rick A