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The hexagonal front grille, sharper headlights and slightly adjusted front.

As a modified model, the new Audi a3 is bound to make some changes in its design to meet the aesthetics of consumers at the present stage. As for what kind of design method, I believe that we all know - sets. Yes, it would be nice to give the latest Audi family style a new model that is safe, simple and aesthetically pleasing the new a3 offers up to 12 body colors for consumers to choose from, and the xingrui yellow and kanas green are unique in china. In addition, the s line suite is provided for some models of configuration, which is not available in the domestic a3 of cash, and only available in the import the hexagonal front intake grille, sharper headlights and slightly adjusted front bumpers make the new model instantly young and stylish, and the front face overall visual effect is more spiritual than the older model, and more similar to the a4l. Configured, the new a3 will also offer led Matrix headlights with great visual effects. Ed a3,

- Henry S

It is a comfortable and cool car.

It is a nice car. Not very big so it is easy to park and go around with. It is a European brand so it is nice and comfortable. Plus the quality is very good and you get to choose from many different colors so it is cool. In addition you also get to have a lot of space in the back, even if it is a quite small car. It is a good car for young people so it is nice to have it as a first or second car. It is a nice car but it is good if you are a discreet person because it does not stand out that much.

- Maria M

Great on gas, all wheel drive needed especially for the snow!

This vehicle is very good on gas and drives very smooth. With the two years of having this vehicle I have had no technical issues it has never been to the mechanic only for routine checks oil change, tire rotation, alignment etc... Very roomy for the size and comfortable. Equipped with backup camera, all wheel drive, automatic transmission, sport drive, cruise control. Absolutely love this car wouldn't trade it for anything!

- Raquel S

Best car I have own, looking into another one.

Used to have issues with the volume in the beginning, sometimes I’d turn the car on and no sound would come off. I am able to drive for a good distance on gas and the drive is very comfortable and steady. Would probably want electronic seat adjustments on the passenger seat but overall would buy another sometime soon.

- Vivian S

I love that the screen in my car comes up and down, my year is the only one that has this due to the manufacturer error. Pretty sure it was recalled because the back camera lags.

My car is very comfortable and cozy, wouldn't recommend for a family vehicle. The only thing wrong is that I have a pretty bad blind spot on my right side because the car is small. But besides that I love everything from the seats to the entertainment system in the car. I especially love the apple play it has.

- Alexia H

2. 0 turbo. Sleek design. Great technology.

The 2017 Audi a3 is a compact near luxury car that packs a punch. The screen that pops up from the dash is a very cool feature which can display your wade or google maps from your phone. Mpg's are not as good as you think for a small car but it is a 4 cylinder 2. 0 turbo engine.

- Ja P

My car is a white Audi a3 sedan.

My car is my dream car. I have always wanted it. I love everything about. It is a luxury car and it is safe to drive in harsh weather like rain of blizzards. It is also a very safe car. Safety is my number one concern when looking for a new car and my car is definitely safe.

- Cat T

It is a good review on my car and space.

It is smooth and less gas, plenty of room, very nice size for long trips, it is not a new car but a used car, very well put together and a good car for family members to ride and enjoy, love the way my car look, drive and build, more space for my money and safety features.

- Lorraine G

My Audi a3 is completely perfect for anyone.

My Audi is extremely reliable and luxurious. I love driving it everyday it was the best thing I have ever invented in. The seats are amazing leather and comfortable. It has a great stereo system and it has never left me stranded. It is fast and comfortable and I love it.

- Sarah F

Very attractive car and great performance.

Love the car. Great looking car with great performance. The size is smaller than the Audi a4 but I was looking for a smaller car. It has a fabulous panoramic sunroof and beautiful interior. I spent a long time deciding what to buy and I know I made the right choice.

- Gina C

The magnificent car of mine.

My car not only gets me around, it simplifies my life in so many ways. First of all, my car is so compact, yet spacious enough that it not for it is convenience, I would not be able to carry my work items with me, so my life would be not be the same!!

- Jackie M

It has the benefits of both an electric and gasoline car.

It is an A3 e tron. It gets amazing gas mileage due to being a plug in hybrid. Also it has a very high quality and comfortable interior. The control for nav and entertainment are very easy and safe to use while driving.

- Jon V

Best car I ever had. Great technology.

I don't have any problems with it. I actually like my car a lot since it is made with quality materials and it is very safe. It has up to date technology and it never let me down.

- Ana A

The safety features associated with the model.

I like the back-up camera. I enjoy the amount of space within the car and the safety features associated with it. My Audi feels safe and that is what is most important to me.

- Haley B

You have to know exactly what you are doing while driving an Audi!.

I love how much horsepower this car has. A lot of get-up & go. There are not really any dislikes about my car, only the color that was available! I wish it was all black.

- Survey L

Handles very good. Gets good gas mileage.

The car rides nice, steers nice and gets great fuel. Very nice car. I would buy another one. Love it, love it, love it. What more can I say but I really like the car.

- Brian J

Excellent family car with superb handling and economy

Excellent vehicle, bought the quarto diesel. This gives unprecedented handling and brilliant mpg. The modern cockpit has a lot of features for the s line.

- Ross G

I consider it one of my children.

I love my vehicle because it is luxurious and fits my personality and lifestyle. I cannot think of anything I dislike about my vehicle.

- Carrie M

it's fun to drive. it is fast and gets great mileage

it's fast and it's pretty and I love driving it. it is a very attractive car and it gets great mileage. I will totally get another a3.

- christina f

You should know what to do with every situation with your car.

Love the room and the inside of it. I like how everything looks and feels. I like how everything operates. It is very sleek.

- An E

4.8 I think it's quality is pretty good.

It's good to move any other points. Good to used it. Driving easier from it. It's menu is more easier than any other car.

- Perez S

All the tech and features, like apple play connect and safety features like lane assist and adaptive cruise control.

Fuel efficient hybrid, but I wish to have all electric. It is stylish and quick, but I need a bigger car for my bicycle.

- Barbara M

the car has great gas mileage thanks to they hybrid engine

Excellent gas mileage. Wish the payments were lower. Very comfortable to drive and great service from the dealership.

- trish p

It drives well and is comfortable and a good mid size car.

I like the size. I like that it has a backup camera. It also has a button to close the back hatch which is useful

- Bergen W

That it is safe , secure , problem free and extremely reliable

Love the way it drives and holds the road.I wish I had the under seat drawers I had in another previous model

- Joanna P

The back windows are obstructed by their size.

I like the color. It's sporty. I LOVE the grill. It is fast. It's not made to fit more that 2 adults.

- Monifa D

It's clean an audi a3 2017:

It's very fast and very smooth I love it. It might be my lifetime car and I'm Thinking about buying 1

- Ian I

It's a direct reflection of me. I love driving it and like to be seen as n Audi owner

Love the way it handles the road. Love that it is sporty. Love the Audi brand

- Gregory W

About the quality and service of the car. I giving me good service.

it giving me an amazing service. I have nothing dislike or complaint about it

- Joe S

I love my car. I thought it would be outside my price range and was pleasantly surprised at it's price.

It's stylish. It's comfortable to drive. I have no complaints.

- becky s

It's very sporty car and is a lot of fun to drive.

It would be good to have better gas mileage in this vehicle

- Kar H

Safety and total quality for your family in your car

I have no complaints about my car the best in its entirety

- michael s

The Audi is very safe. Audi service is wonderful.

We Love our Audi. It is dependable, safe, fast and pretty.

- Jim E