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Runs great and wouldn't want any other car for a first car.

Overall great car it is old but I still love it. Has about 151, 000 miles on it and still runs like a champ. As long as you keep up with oil changes and check ups it is going to run for a long time I promise. I am the 3rd owner and everything in the car still works just replacing old tubes and valves because they are rotting.

- Paul D

Fast and smooth driving sedan.

My vehicle drives fine gas is a lot. A 4-door sedan. White surround system with speakers inside. It is somewhat spacy drives fast if you ask me I definitely would consider getting a Audi of you were going car shopping and needed suggestions. Also has very good traction when turning.

- Ken N

This car feels heavy and has good quality.

I like this vehicle because it has a somewhat luxurious feel and functions properly. However, it is an earlier model, so even though it was a very nice car during its time, it is certainly outdated now. The a/c no longer works, but it is still running.

- Sarah E

When a 2000 car still looks decent (appearance wise) until now.

Audi cars are always awesome, great design, great engine and everything. However my car is already 18 years old and starts to have problems every now and then. The fixing cost is always expensive for an Audi. It's not energy efficient either


It is a very good car for Its age and has been very good for me.

The 2000 Audi a4 has issues with the fuel pump fairly consistently. It has heated seats and many nice features such as cup holders and window screens. The car is fairly reliable for Its age but parts can be expensive to replace.

- Sebastian R

The car runs very well. It is older, so it has the occasional electrical problem.

The car is really good. Functions great to be totally honest, would absolutely recommend to anyone with some money on their hands looking for a reliable car.

- Mahmoud B

Trash car, time for the dispose of it.

There are lots of problems, it breaks faster than most iphones. The battery is in the side of the trash side of every other car.

- james T

It is a great car but needs regular maintenance. If not properly cared for it will break down.

It is really fun to drive.it has almost 200 HP with all time all wheel drive. It was given to me by my brother.

- Jody H

The interior of my Audi A4 is very comfortable. The only big problem with this vehicle is if you are an adult or anyone of 6 ft, it will be uncomfortable. This car is overall great and pretty fast.

This car is very reliable and speedy. It is just not what you would call a family car.

- Joe V

It is avery small "station wagon" but should be classified as a compact hatchback nota wagon

My car is 18+ years old and has low miles. It is aging badly for a garaged car.

- Talia T

great in the snow...easy to drive

I like how it handles in the snow.do not like the cost of parts.

- rj m