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My Audi a4 wagon is a good gas saver.

I have a blue Audi a4 wagon. Leather seats with chrome trim. I like that the car is AWD. I live around snow, so AWD is prefect. The control I have when drive, lets me know who's in charge when driving. I've had a few problem, one the oil get low fast, so I have to do a oil change every 3000 miles. The turbo blow, and the fuel injectors clogged up. Other then that my Audi a4 is the perfect car for me.

- Foreman T

My car has a strong engine with some custom work needed. If you buy an Audi brand new you will not have any problems.

Problems with this vehicle include easily broken engine mounts, previous owners putting unleaded gas in it, which causes the o2 sensors to back up and the catalytic converter to be garbage. The German parts are expensive to fly in, and to get. But this car is great, V6 can get to 100 in 7 seconds. The car is small, easy to park, and has a great steering radius.

- Maddie M

Awesome AWD Red Audi Wagon

Audi are amazing vehicles. All the things you want in a car are there. Heated seats, nice sound system, smooth ride and so much more. Audi makes so many different models of cars to fit everyone's wants and need. I have the a4 all wheel drive wagon. It snows a lot where I live and this car really makes its way around the snow just fine!

- Arianna C

Car preparation is important and key oils in check is key.

The oil runs quicker than new car. Just the fluids I have to keep putting it extra amount. Rather than new cars that you put in once. The mileage on the car. I would say is a lot to replace. The car Celica is my favorite. Toyota runs better than ford. They both replaced the spark engine plugs a couple months back.

- Samantha O

it is not a lemon, it is a top of the line care , i wish it was bigger but it drives fantastically.

i love the way it drives, all the components that came with it, heated seats and all wheel drive. great heater and great condition. the car is starting to show its age. constantly keeping it alive while in the shop , but it better than paying a car payment. i love my car, just wish it was a little bigger.

- mitchel m

My Audi does have some nice features, but the cost of upkeep is very expensive.

Parts are very expensive. To many parts can go wrong. It performs well, but I have a lot of problems with the wheel bearings, I have to replace them twice. It is very comfortable. You feel like you are in an airplane cockpit. Nice leather seats, I do love the seat warmers during the winter,

- Joan R

Sparkle: silver Audi with an interesting silver shine when clean.

Ac just fixed, low-beams not working well, rattling noise, tear in the driver seat, strong high beams, strong steering wheel, good battery, comfy leather seats but they get hot, holds fragrances well, good windshield wipers, no AUX for the radio, good speakers, strong seat belts.

- Jojo B

I do not recommend this car to anyone it is very costly to keep up with.

Always has check engine issues, and the doors are broken. Many issues occur throughout the seasons and the oil is constantly being guzzled. Having a car from a different country becomes very costly especially when parts are needed. I do not recommend this car to anyone.

- Rose A

Turbo is such a fun addition to this car!

Great luxury vehicle, comfortable interior, great gas mileage. All wheel drive is perfect for winter driving. Dependable everyday driving sedan! The turbo is a fun edition! Repairs are more costly on this type of vehicle. Has a lot of great features! I love this car!

- Amy E

My car is small so it is good for parking in a crowded parking lot.

No ac, there is a rumbling in the motor, tear in the driver seat, console fabric ripping, bad on gas, good on mileage, clear windows and mirrors, leather is bad in the summer, radio work but no AUX connector, newer turbo so good on speed, only takes premium gas.

- Jo B

It drives nice and smooth

It's always having problems but it drives well and is fun. The air doesn't work, had to buy a new engine and sometimes it makes noises but other than that it's good and comfortable and has nice speakers. It's perfect for small people because it's compact

- Sabrina M

It is a really dynamic car

I have had Audi a4 for 3 years and even tho its 17 years old it is still in a great condition. I had some problems with transmission, but nothing really serious. If you will take a good care of your car it will be good.

- egils M

The interior is leather and immaculate

Is an older car however it has relatively low mileage from previous owners (140k) Audi's generally break quicker, require more expensive repairs. Runs very well for an older car

- Nathan B

The gas mileage is a plus and the safety factor is a big plus.

He car is great on gas and has five cylinders. So it has a little lower and rides like a Cadillac. It's easy to work on which isn't usual being a foreign vehicle. Rick f.

- Rick F

It will run forever with some minor maintenance

The car handles very well. It is an older car, so things like paint, windows, radio, and overall condition are not as nice. It has been very reliable though.

- Wayne J

My car has one of the best, minimalist interiors I have ever been in. It is a very comfortable, nice place to be.

It is horribly unreliable. The running costs over the years have eclipsed the purchase price of the car but when it is working properly I love it.

- Dakota L

It is very reliable, and dependable.

It is fast. I love the wagon look. I wish it got better gas mileage. The push button shifter is my favorite.

- Ashley P

It's fun to drive and handles nice on the road.

I like the performance. I like the handling. I don't like the gas mileage. I don't like the maintenance.

- David W

It's hard to get a car seat in the back. The truck has a ton of space

The only downfall is the backseat is small. I love the car

- Alicia M