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This vehicle is your lucky go luxury car you can purchase used at a great price!

My Audi a4 quattro is a luxury car of it is own for an early 2000's model. This vehicle comes equipped with heated seats and a moonroof. I like the ability to drive this vehicle either in automatic or manual mode. I enjoy the gas mileage and large gas tank for driving longer road trips. There is a large trunk for storage of groceries. The sound quality system is wonderful being that there is Bose speakers fully equipped around the inside of the vehicle. This vehicle also comes with an extra rim and tire making tire changes easy instead of using a donut and wait for a spare to get mounted on.

- Brittany R

Audi a4; the peak of comfort and enjoyment.

My Audi a4 handles beautifully. The interior is everything you could imagine or desire. Leather heated seats, an amazing stereo system, illuminated buttons, and little bells and whistles that you wouldn't imagine belong in a car. Though repairs can be costly, the vehicles day to day drive will completely make up for it. So far my a4 has been very reliable and one of the most comfortable, fun rides of any car I have ridden in.

- Jacob W

My Audi is very reliable, performs good, and comfortable to drive.

My Audi a4 is very comfortable to drive, the car runs great and always has, have not had many mechanical issues, performance is very good for a 1. 8 turbo, needs more and better cup holders, could use a better radio, the CD player has not worked since I got the car, it has leather interior that is very durable and has no rips or tears, has nice sized trunk that easily fits my golf clubs.

- James B

Audi a4 convertible:: top is power and completely hidden away when put down.

I love convertible, top is down most of the time in spring, summer and fall as weather permits. Not cold in winter. Has a great heater and heated seats. Gets decent mileage. Looks like new, they do not age. Does not ride like a Lincoln town car, but nothing rides like a Lincoln. Audi is a luxury car without the luxury ride. Does not ride bad, but not great either.

- Nancy L

I can't think of any besides the fact my Audi drives fast

The biggest problem with my care is that it is a German made car and all the parts for this car are expensive compared to other cars. The fluids for this car are very costly too. I can't tell u this car is reliable my personal Audi is breaking down but someone else's may be an excellent car. My car is reliable enough to get me where I need to go even on its worst days.

- Christina L

Reliable all wheel drive foreign car.

It has been really reliable. Has had a few issues in the past few years that weren't too tricky to deal with. It can be expensive getting repairs being that it is an European vehicle. So parts can be harder to find and labor is usually more expensive. The labor is more expensive because the foreign motors are set up so differently from American build.

- Nicole H

2004 Audi A4, used but still reliable

I bought my car used, so there are a few things wrong with it, but generally it is very reliable. When new, it performs very well and it previously had decent gas mileage. It drives very well in the winter and "inclement" weather. It is comfortable, including heated seats which is nice because leather in the winter is not so fun.

- Marissa S

Very happy owner of an Audi a4 looks and would recommend it to everyone.

Love the light up dash. Love the power it has driving up the mountain. It has a very good look and feel while sitting and driving. Haven't had any problems except battery troubles. Very happy with it. The car has lots of room front and back. Truck is large as well. Very classy look to her. My was red with tinted windows.

- Lisa S

Audi is a great make and car!

I love my car especially for road trips or just driving around town. It is a good car. Has everything someone like me would like. It could use more cup holders though just because it only has one in front. And two in back which isn't very well planned especially when one like me drinks fluids like crazy.

- Jessica S

Great car that will last with regular maintenance.

My car has been very reliable. It is an ‘04 and with the miles on it the only issue I have had is the battery needed to be replaced last winter. Good engine good transmission. Again for the year of the vehicle it has fairly decent features. Heated seats, sunroof, satellite radio. It is a great car.

- Shay W

It's a nice car and it's a foreign. But I haven't seen a lot of Audi's like this.

It's a nice car fast and reliable, helps me get to a to z has bought the car 3 months ago and haven't had any problems with it. I would recommend this car to anybody wishing to buy a car. It's good on gas and 30 dollars fills up the tank. Also has a sunroof and its stylish and but not too fancy

- David E

Overall I have been happy with the vehicle after owning it now for 3 years.

Fairly reliable. Battery dies every 6 months?? Handles very well and is fun to drive. Some wiring issues like my windows don't always work properly. Good on gasoline. Turbo engine does burn oil. Ceiling Upholstery is starting to come unglued. Does not like cold weather.

- Chip W

The Audi in conclusion is a very nice car.

It is a really reliable vehicle. After a few years, the windows stop working for no apparent reason. It is a very small car. 4 door. There is also a sun roof. The car lasts for as long as you take care of it. It is a really good first car and it’ll last for years.

- A S

Good use car for the price, reliable & good gas mileage. Sporty, excellent hande.

My Audi a4 has been a reliable vehicle, with only the suspension arm on the right side having to be replaced. Regular maintenance, oil change, tune up, brakes all done according to owners manual. Gas mileage has been excellent, about 24 mpg, mainly in city driving.

- Carlos T

Benefits and disadvantages of 2004 Audi.

It has very good gas mileage. Interior is comfortable and back is spacious. Does not have luxuries of a newer model. For example, this car lacks an AUX cord. The ac and heat work very well. Comes with multi disk player and cassette player. Very cute station wagon.

- Gaia B

The 2004 Audi A4 Quattro is a machine ready to overcome all obstacles.

I love my car most of all because of its manual, six-speed transmission. Audi models also sport very luxurious and comfortable interiors that I can appreciate. The 1.8 motor is turbocharged making the car tuner friendly which appeals to my car needs.

- Dalton S

Sporty, fun, and very safe to drive.

This is a very safe, fast and fun cars to drive. Living in a snowy place makes the all wheel drive very nice feature to have on this car. The heated seats and leather interior trim is also very appealing. I have also really enjoyed having a sunroof.

- Steven T

I think you should know how safe it is and if it's a family friendly car.

I like that my car even though it's small it is roomy. The car runs well but i don't like that it will sometimes make a bit of a noise that i can't seem to fix. I also like that it can play music from my phone.

- Anahi C

Audi has been a very reliable car and I'm happy to be driving the brand, I look forward to owning another one.

I love the sportiness of my car and the nice look of it. I love the fit and finish. However, it is an older car and parts are beginning to fail, clear coat is fading and these things I don't like.

- steph P

Audi cooling system issues.

Audi is a good brand but this particular model has a lot of problems with the cooling system. Had to replace almost all the parts for the system and the parts are no cheap.

- Jose A

Even though oil levels are fine, the dashboard still displays low oil.

After almost 15 years, the engine still works flawlessly. Some features like the ac and AUX don't work anymore, but for such an old car it is still extremely reliable.

- Brandon G

I don't have a title name for the review

It's old and having mechanical problems, Audi's are very expensive to repair. It's at the point where it isn't worth it to do all the repairs for the car.

- Aho H

Audi a4 quattro best in class

My audi is a very comfortable car. It handles well in all weather conditions. It is sporty and has luxury features as well. Very nice car for the price.

- Tina S

It's expensive to fix due to the fact that it is a German luxury car.

Love that it is a 6 speed manual transmission. Turbo works amazing! Heated leather interior is great in winter but don't care for it in the summer.

- Jessica M

It is expensive to service.

I like that it is a convertible, reliable, and has all wheel drive. I do not like the breaks, how old it is, and how expensive to repair it is.

- Caroline K

It is a reliable car most days.

It is a great car just expensive to fix and cost a lot on gas. I have had it for a little over a year and it is been in the shop off and on.

- Taylor H

There is a secret emergency kit.

I like how it drives. I like how nice it is inside. There isn't anything that I do not like about it. It's an excellent made car.

- Jennifer T

It runs and still get me to where I need to go. It's paid for

It was inherited by marriage. It's a chick car that had issues. But it is paid for so I will drive until it doesn't go anymore

- Chad K

It has over 170k miles but runs perfect.

I love how it is over ten years old but still runs like it is brand new. I have never had any serious problems with this car.

- Dominick C

It is a custom order car. It has an Audi tt 225 hp engine in it with a k04 turbo.

I have no complaints about my car. It drives smoothly, it handles like a dream, and it can outperform most modern day cars.

- Ethan N

Audi is my favorite car ever

I love it. Very comfortable and reliable. It looks like new, it is convertible and still looks in style.

- Alejandra C

It's an eye catcher and people will stare

I love the style and the convertible. hate the cost of repairs. love the color. hate the bplus gas

- nadine D

They're designed for both performance and safety. Between weight distribution and placement of a full sized spare tire, I rarely worry

I LOVE my Audi. The handling and control while driving is impeccable no matter the weather

- Samantha B

The ALL WHEEL DRIVE makes this car very reliable. I love that it is small but the trunk is HUGE!

I love my car. It hasn't given me any real problems. It's small and sporty.

- Jennifer L

I liked the price for which I got this vehicle. I love the convenience of having this vehicle. Its an Audi and comfort is very good.

It's a luxury car and is very comfortable for short and long drives.

- Amit S

I've spent thousands of dollars fixing engines and other stuff.

Very smooth car. Needs occasional costly maintenance. Good design.

- Hibiki E