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Amazing 2006 Audi, still going strong!

I have had my car for about 3 years now and I love it, for a majority of the ownership I was a nanny so I was definitely driving a lot so I hate the gas that I have to put in it, I wish it was the unleaded. The acceleration is really good, and it really has that sports car feel without it being over done. The features inside have all stayed good and I haven't had to fix or change anything. The clear sealing has started to appeal in places where you touch a lot, but being over 10 years that is expected. Also the cloth on the sealing has started to come down in the back. I also love the trunk space and how you have side compartments in the back; one that is open and one has a door so you can store small things in there without being seen. I really enjoy the look of the low profile tires on my car, but I feel like I can hear more noises when I run over bumps or mini pot holes on the road. I take care of the regular maintenance stuff and I have only had one repair, nothing major. I have leather seats in my model that come with seat warmers and I like that I am able to pick how hot I want the seat to be, instead of just having a 1 or 2 setting it is 1-9. Overall it has been a great car that gets me to the places I need to be.

- Lindsey G

Introduction of the 2006 Audi a4: features, problems, and status.

My Audi a4 is very useful. It is a bit rusty, however, but still working. The only problem with it is that it has a transmission problem, and it is max speed is only 100 miles per hour due to that. It accelerates slowly, which can be useful or terrible. However, I am used to the car. I may be willing to go buy another Audi car. The a4 only costed me about $2000, which is a seriously good deal. Am looking for a 4 seater car too (like the one I have now). Soon I may sell the car for $4000 in the condition it is in right now and if I am able to fix everything, maybe $6000. That is the condition of my car and the status it is in right now. The features it has is that it can go for 25 miles per gallon, which is really good. The car weight about 2300 pounds and it drives smoothly (can even surpass sharp objects) without a flat tire. This is all I have to say at the moment.

- Alex C

My new 2006 Audi A4 that makes me love driving

I just bought this car not too long ago. I love how luxurious it feels. I'm normally used to a Volkswagen but this has stole my attention. The set up of the engine is turned in a different way in the Audi's to where it looks like a good change. There is a lot of space to work around the motor with how it is set up. The black leather interior makes it look very sleek. The turbo has nice pick up to where I feel nice driving it. I can hear my exhaust and turbo when I press my gas. The sound in the car is so clear and nice to where it sounds like I have a sound system when I don't! I have enough room in my backseat for both of my kids car seats. I have everything I could want in a car in this car.

- Ashley M

Fast and reliable Audi a4 2006.

I love my Audi and how fast it is but I do not like the multiple. Problem it comes with buying a foreign car. Much more expensive as well. I like the look of my Audi and I get many compliments on how I have such a nice car even though my car year is only a 2006. The leather interior is very nice and an Audi is a sports car so you will always get compliments from guys lol. Audi’s are reliable on gas a little bit but thing I like about the gas is that it tells you how many miles you have left until empty.

- Brittany G

Best car I have ever had. Will be hard to part ways when the time comes.

It does take premium gas, therefore the cost of driving is high. Also, the repairs are fairly expensive. However, I love this car. It handles beautifully. The inside (including the trunk) is big enough for me. Altho' the back seat can be a little uncomfortable for larger adults. The 4 wheel drive really handles well in the snow. I have kept this car for over 13 years because I love it so much. Will definitely consider another Audi when I have to get a new car.

- Denise F

It has all wheel drive as an included feature.

I enjoy the all wheel drive feature that comes with the car. I also like the real leather seats and appreciate the inclusion of an Audi first aid kit. I appreciate the fog lights that are also on the car, they make visibility at night much better. The one thing that i dislike about the car is the radio does not have an audio jack for my phone.

- Thomas S

All about my car the good and the desire.

I really love this car. It is so reliable especially during the winter when I have snow storm. It is comfortable kids love it. The only thing I wish it had an AUX for music on the road. The only problem that I have with the car is the back seats are small but it seems that way kids grow. In due time we will buy a bigger car from Audi.

- Pablo G

Cool Audi vehicle I suppose.

It performs very well and has a smooth ride. The air conditioning and ventilation could be better. My insurance for my vehicle is very good and reliable. My vehicle is in perfectly good condition. Definitely worth the price. May have been a bit low to be honest. The mileage on it is pretty high because I drive it everywhere everyday.

- Mikayla S

It is my car, highly modified to my own specific taste and enjoyment.

I really enjoy the interior of the car, all materials are well sorted and quality. The overall driving experience of the car is a very luxurious and comfortable one. All options on the car make sense, nothing being unusable or different in any way. With all of that being said, I am not a fan of the fuel consumption of the car.

- James L

Awesome car and very comfortable.

At 115000 miles I needed a new battery and also am having some engine issues. Some of the leather in the car is wearing out and will need to be repaired. Engine makes a sort of clicking sound. The car is extremely comfortable and has a nice rum of the engine when you drive. Very quiet drive when on the freeway.

- Carla R

Audi is a combination of luxury and speed. Comfort and care at its best.

I love the body style the turbo. I love how smooth the car rides. It is a little small for my frame me standing at 6'2 inches tall but other than that I love everything about the car. The leather seats that also heat up. The control and handling on the car are amazing. The car comes with a first aid kit.

- Thomas B

I love my Audi A4 because of how well it drives and it's beautiful interior.

My 2006 Audi A4 has a beautiful interior and exterior and I could not be more happy with how it has driven for over the year that I have had it. Although I am first starting to see the engine light here or there it is usually for only minor fixes such as low oil or the spark plugs needing to be changed.

- Josh P

Great riding car overall. Seats are very comfortable and good quality leather.

The ride is a very smooth one. It has a lot of very nice features including heated seats, electric seats, and adjustable steering wheel. I do find the electrical system has some quirks and sensitivity. But overall I do love the car very much. And I know that it will continue to give me many more miles.

- Maria F

When running it runs smoothly and makes you feel great

Bad leaking. Not even a month after being bought the car started having problems of leaks under the engine. The hotter it is the more it leaks. But when cold there's another issue the car starting. In a 6 month period the car failed to start about a half dozen times with it needing to be jump started.

- John D

Audi drives like a race car.

The only problem will be the parts are hard to find in America, the sunroof is priceless, the drive is smooth, like the seat warmers, the handling, beautiful lines, very reliable, great on gas, starts great, maneuvers great curves great, is better than any American car I have ever driving.

- Ferdinand R

Best car I have ever owned

Very reliable vehicle with lots of room for people and passengers. Gas mileage is great as well. Automatic turn on of windshield wipers when it rains is a plus. Heated seats keep you warm in the winter time. Moon roof to help cool the car down. Chrome lines make the vehicle pop.

- Miranda F

Audi-expensive but beautiful reliable cars.

It is a smooth ride, very nice and well put together car and beautiful interior. Things do not often break but when they do, it is expensive. Even so, it has lasted me a long time. My car is about ten years old, driven daily and running perfectly. I would buy an audi again.

- Danielle G

Audi a4. Go fast and topless.

The car is smaller, and taller people would have trouble with the seating. The sports mode is great, and it has great acceleration. The best feature is that it is a convertible. However, the soft top takes a lot of extra effort. The car cannot go through a regular car wash.

- Hannah M

An enjoyable driving experience

Fun to drive. Repairs are expensive. Suspension and handling better than all my other cars. Takes only premium gas with not the best gas mileage. Interior of car is not very spacious but has nice leather and wood trim. The car is fast and powerful with all wheel drive.

- Kimberly K

Audi car the review is regarding automotive.

Great gas for mile and great horsepower it's also a great family car that you can take anywhere from the beach to the mountain also I love the look its awesome its also have great upgrade capabilities and great suspension and its comes with 4x4 I will always by a Audi.

- Sal D

Good car, great review??.

It's not the worst car in the world. It gets me places. It's a smallish car so good for smaller people like myself. One bad thing is the seats. They are leather so in the summer they get really hot. It is a fast car and easy to control. I love it and it helps me a lot.

- Peyton K

The turbo engine is killer.

The vehicle works great. It has a turbo engine that I love but have to be careful when shifting so as not to pop the clutch. The ride is smooth and the interior is comfortable. It comfortably seats 5 people and the trunk space is ample, much bigger than it would seem.

- Angela B

Luxury car, but may not last

The Audi A4 is a very nice, comfortable luxury car. It is fun to drive and looks great. However, my car has had multiple mechanical problems over its lifetime. Additionally, the backseat is a bit small for adults to comfortably travel for any extended period of time.

- Alex M

Very cool car and very nice car

It's a fast car, very spacious, and nice details. The trunk putting in the car goes under a wheel compartment and it still has space to put more items. The car itself is very nice. It also has a sunroof. The colors of the cars stand out. The car can go really fast

- Ivette A

How safe an Audi is because of their quattro technology.

I love the quattro of an Audi. My car is silver with dark leather interior - I love that look. I love how it performs on the road. I feel safe in it. I also love the Bose speakers - and love to listen to music in it. But mostly, I love how safe I feel in it.

- Jenny D

Audi are the best cars on the market

I have over 200k mike and has great performance, gas mileage and appearance. Very reliable and dependable and extremely fun to drive. The safety features are high and everything is very functional and the rear seats even fold down for hauling bigger loads

- Jason R

Pre Owned Audi a4 2006. Refurbished.

Audi a4 2006. Bought gently pre-owned. Recently had brand new abs in car, new brake pads and windshield wipers. Great gas mileage. Ability to heat, move, and massage in seat. Has a 'sport' setting on gear shift, allows for faster/easier acceleration.

- Gene L

It is reliable as long as it is well maintained.

Reliable gas efficient needs new spark plugs. The interior needs to be fixed. The glove compartment is broken but stays attached and the top of the center console is missing. The radios black paint has been partially scratched off.

- Teresa H

I can go anywhere with no issue and it is pretty fast.

I love that my car is fast and also the color of it. I love that the interior is leather which makes it easier to clean and it comes with a first aid kit. The only complaint is when it breaks down the parts are very expensive.

- Jennifer L

It has been with us since 2006 and is part of our family. The only family member to never drive the Audi is my middle brother

I love it. The only problem is that it is on the older side and has seen a lot of car accidents. As well I live in Florida and I think the heat really puts and extra strain on the car so it might be time to give her up :(

- Maranela C

The comfort of the car is probably the best part.

The car usually works great and is very reliable on transportation. It takes about 50 to fill her up and will last me almost the whole week.

- Keonte A

Its reliable and dependable.

It is a really good running car. I like the sun roof and comfortable interior. I do not like that the fuel pump went out so quickly.

- Justin R

Comfortable and nice looking car

I like Audi because it's comfortable and strong enough for all my needs. For the last 5 years did not have any mechanical issue

- Thomas D

It can be very expensive to maintain, even if you buy it for a cheap price you will still pay a lot over time.

I like how fast my car is, the built in gps and the gas efficiency. I don't like the cost of repairs and standard procedures.

- Dessiny J

A nice car over all nothing to fancy but it still feels luxurious

I like my car it has a sense of luxury but it is affordable and practical. I have not had any issues with my car so far

- Becky H

The 4 wheel steering makes it very easy to park! You can go 80 and the car doesn't feel like you're going fast.

The car is comfortable. It drives well in all conditions. But it is expensive to maintain and is expensive to insure.

- Mary M

When the car is in its best shape its performance is remarkable.

Electrical problems had to get the alternator fixed twice in the same year other than that the car is pretty cool.

- Al-tariq L

Beauty meets performance in a compact and reliable machine.

Smooth ride and handling. Just right body style. Near perfect performance for range. Damn engine clips suck.

- Javier P

The quality and handling is above par.

I love how it handles in the snow and rain. I love it is compact size. The build quality is exceptional.

- Shane V

It is no very expensive and it is very reliable.

I like that it is very comfortable, I like the performance. It is no very roomy but it does the job.

- Jose C

This vehicle has endured weather and mileage from just one owner

Love the reliability of it, wish it was equipped with more modern amenities

- Anson H

It is reliable and it is not that expensive to fix

I really like the performance I like that it is comfortable

- Jose C

it is an a4 but not quattro

it is blue. it is fast. it is comfortable and safe

- brian F