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Overall good car: gets you where you need to go and does not feel unsafe.

I really do love this vehicle. I plan on buying a newer version when I graduate with my bachelor's degree. The steering on this car is very controlled, which I find very safe. The car drives perfectly well in the winter and snow. I have only had one problem with this vehicle dying because the alternator broke, causing the battery to die. Expensive repairs for a college student (or anyone else for that matter). Great sound system. All over good car.

- Lauren S

Great car, poor oil consumption.

The main issue that I experience is very high oil consumption. It requires a quart of oil every 150-200 miles. Overall, I really enjoy the vehicle. It is luxurious and drives very smoothly. My vehicle has not broken down in the time that I have had it, so this far it has been extremely reliable as I use it to travel back and forth from southern California to northern California and back for school.

- Jasmine V

Perfect car for me overall.

I haven't had any issues with this car yet,I am very comfortable with the cars handling and with the seats and all it has enough power for when you need it but is a tamed beast when you don't. The entertainment system is amazing sounds like I am in a concert 24/7, one thing I do dislike is the car having a odd aux cord you have to buy online other than that I am in love with it.

- Henry Y

Comfortable and reliable car!

Very comfortable and reliable. Haven't had any problems besides a flat tire. Easy to fix the tire obviously. Love the color (got a black one). Has a good amount of legroom, but not the best for really tall people (more than 6 feet tall people). Good space in the back (can fit my luggage and my friend when we went to college).

- Katy T

Too low, bumps easily. But amazing quality.

It is too low, it normally bumps when entering the driveway. The quality is good but I would prefer a car that is taller so I do not have to be so careful on not to bump it each time I get home. Other than that it is good, the insides are amazingly comfortable and the seats are leather which is a nice touch.

- Laura R

Fantastic awesome wonderful. It is my favorite car to drive.

I have a a4 Audi and I had the car for 3 years and it still drives like the first day I got it. It is very reliable and it is always been my dream car I kid you have a Audi you know what I am talking about it is very comfortable and it be smooth sailing by the way, I call her "Siver".

- Tiffany J

It is fun to drive, and very comfortable.

Very reliable. Performance is very good, fast acceleration and good braking. Gas mileage is above average. Only complaint is I can not play music from phone without plugging it in with cable. Seats are comfortable, good lighting interior and exterior. Would definitely recommend.

- Riley D

Oil consumption issues Audi a4 2009.

Audi a4 has an oil consumption issues. Lawsuit was against Audi only cover the issue until 80k miles. Unfortunately my car was outside of this warranty and consumes a qt of oil every 200 miles. Get great gas mileage but I do not recommend this year of a4s.

- Rick W

This car has really good gas mileage both in the city, as well as on the highway. It is sporty, but with a family oriented look.

I like that it is a sedan, but has the turbo engine that allows it to feel more sporty. I also like the amount of trunk space and over all interior space. The one thing I do not like is the oil consumption due to the turbo engine.

- Danette S

It is a fast car and I recommend it for car lovers.

I have no problems with my car. It is a nice car I have and I love it I had it for over 4 years now and it has not made any problems for me. It is a nice and comfortable car that you can do your daily to do stuff.

- Sarah R

My car has a very smooth suspension and the drive is very comfortable.

The car that I drive is very comfortable. I love the sound system and how good of a driver's car it is. However, it does get a bit expensive to maintain. All around a great vehicle.

- Jeffrey M

I only seen one other audi like mine

I love my convertible the way it drives, the limited edition of the color combination navy with a navy top. there is nothing better than putting the top down and driving

- kent C

Consumes a ridiculous amount of oil... Great otherwise

Very good looking car it's just that the 2010 model has so many issue like the high oil consumption. Basically the car runs well but consume so much oil.

- Eddie R

Very sleek and sporty looking

I own an A4 Prestige edition in Rocket Red. It is a smooth riding sporty car. The only thing I don't like is t is to low to the ground.

- Loretta S

It goes fast and bumps really loud.

My car has good bass, and decent gas mileage, it drives smoothly and gets me where I need to go. So far the best car I have ever had.

- Ashley M

It drives very well and handles amazingly.

I love the way it drives. Also love that it is a convertible. The electrical system could be better. All in all it is a great car.

- Brandon V

Never to slam my doors shut.

I like that it has all wheel drive. It's also has manual transmission which i love to drive. And it came with navigation

- Ryan R

Convertible wonderful with the top down on warm days.

Convertible and is lot of fun on warm days with the top down. Very comfortable to drive has all the bells and whistles.

- Ida M

That is is very reliable and can trust driving it in any weather.

Performance is very good, fast acceleration and speed. Braking is also good. It is a fun and comfortable drive.

- Riley T

This car has lasted me a long time and is durable

It rarely needs things new. I've used it almost 10 years now and haven't had to change much other than oil.

- Jennifer C

It is roomy enough for our family of four to fit. Great for gas mileage too.

I love my car, it is sporty and fun to drive. My children love it too. There is enough room for our family.

- Jason H

Really comfortable and pretty. Awesome for independent woman

I like my Audi because it's comfortable. I don`t my Audi because the gas it's really expensive.

- Ingrid M

It is a great looking car but be prepared to pay for repairs and premium gas.

I love the style and speed. Don't love the repairs and the cost of oil changes.

- Mr G

It has great resale value.

My car is luxurious and fast. It gets great mileage. It is prestigious

- Mel W

Very expensive vehicle to own and maintain. All-wheel drive and German parts. Beautiful car with incredible sound system and very comfortable seats.

Don't buy one if you can't work on it yourself, it's quite pricey.

- Garry C