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It has a very fast pick up speed and very sleek black color.

My car runs smooth whoever right now apparently it has a recall on it for a secondary coolant pump. I like the back up camera I just do not like that I cannot stream music I can only use the radio or CD. I like that it lets me know whatever is wrong with it compared to my old vehicles I used to have where it was a guessing game.

- Tara S

The car drives like a race car.

I do not have any issues with the car. I do however feel the technology is dated and behind other car manufacturers. The car drives like a luxury vehicle however I feel the features lack that luxury feel. The interior view is very basic, no automatic car starter, no rear view camera, no heated steering wheel or touch screen.

- Giancarlo D

It's a great starter Audi vehicle!

I've had my vehicle for almost 3 years now is a lease. I love it however I'm about to trade it in for bigger and better I'm going from an A4 to an S8. The reason for this is I want more power and more space. The 84 is a great starter vehicle for the ADI line and I have really enjoyed having it for the last 3 years.

- Jean D

Good for long drives and often uses.

Responsible, very comfortable sport seats, good sound system, nice leather, wide wheels which are really quiet, big trunk, enough space in the back, good speed, problems with air condition, nice start stop system, nice to turn, good drive back system, automatic sometimes does not work so radio blocks.

- Emily A

Has heated and cooling seats

Haven't had any problems out of my vehicle. The car is almost brand new. It drives well & decent on gas. Love the sunroof and interior design. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle. Brand new tires makes it easy to drive. The heated and cooling seats are great for summer & winter .

- Amber H

The goods and bads of the Audi

I love diesel engine, the steering is great. Brakes are very tight. The back seat is way too small and the leg room could be better. Mileage is really good. Very low maintenance so far. The cover under the car always needs to be replaced after oil change because the whole never line up.

- Sandy B

All hand controls (volume, air, etc.) are next to the gear shift.

This vehicle is very smooth. Great for putting babies to sleep. The sound quality is great, love that I am able to mess with the bass and everything. The one thing I hate about this car is its navigation system. Not saying it does not work but the screen makes it really confusing.

- Chelsea S

Why buy an Audi-for it dependability as well as it is sleek exterior and interior.

My Audi is sleek and a perfect size for me. I came from a Mercedes Benz and it equals the performance. Lately I have been having issues with the battery performance. The car is comfortable, runs well and I love the heated seats. I feel this is a safe and reliable car.

- Linea P

Super reliable and fast Audi.

Really like my car. Reliable, fast, comfortable in the front and is good on gas. Just back is a little snug unless you are a toddler/baby. So is hard if have adults that need to go in the back. Besides that though it is a great car and trunk has a ton of space.

- Jasmine H

Interesting, I bought it in 2015, it did not need much maintenance.

It is very smooth. I love Audi as a brand, the performance is strong. I love the interiors of the car. Very comfortable. Audi is reliable. It also is classy looking. All my friends appreciate it is sound system and it is heating and air conditioning system.

- Rachel Y

Car is sporty and has a great look as well as handles very well while driving.

I've owned the car for 2 years now, it has never had any issues. I bought from the Audi dealership and it has run so smoothly. I don't like that it tends to go backwards on hills, that is my only complaint. Super comfortable car, enough room for everything.

- Taylor W

It has plenty of power. You can accelerate quickly and the brakes are very responsive too.

It is super comfortable inside. The Audi handles smoothly and is powerful. The engine sounds great when accelerating. We get plenty of admiring looks from strangers. I also love the way you can access the entire menu on both the steering wheel and console.

- pamela r

I love it its the best car I have ever had.

Love it all I wanted was the car and I love it. When my mom said we need a new car I went to go get that one. I can't get enough my car. And it was the best car ever. All I want to do is drive around all day and all night every day and every the end night.

- Amanda D

Great performing Audi a4 quattro. Ideal for summer and snow.

The car is a dream to drive. Has really great pick up and is very quiet on the freeway. I drive it pretty spiritedly so it does not get the greatest mileage for a 4 cylinder, but if you are buying an Audi then gas mileage should not be your 1st concern.

- Ken L

It's fun to drive on both short drives or longer road trips.

It is an Audi A4. I have owned an Audi in the past before it and really liked it so I decided to get another one. I love the way it looks both on the exterior and interior. It is up to date with technology and is an more affordable luxury brand.

- Karen C

Good looking. Also if have to get up and go it can do it.

No problems. Gets great gasmiliage and has great pickup.go on a trip every year and the car gets at least 37 miles a gallon. We have had no mechanical problems and with a Audi you only service once a year or 10000 miles.

- Jim C

It's super comfortable and safe.

No complaints at all. Love the luxury, the style and lines of the car, its comfort, it's a quiet ride, its roomy, it's fun to drive, it's reliable, and it's from the trusted Audi brand. It's safe and it suits my taste.

- M E

The maintenance plan can be expensive over time.

The vehicle is all that you can ask for prestige powerful sustainable reliable. Slick looking aerodynamics I would highly suggest you drive this vehicle if you want luxury with class.

- Clive F

Above all, the Audi is a dream to drive.

My Audi has great German engineering, and handles really well. It has a high degree of amenity. As a bonus, it is very well priced. All in all, it is a great car.

- Jeff K

Eat oil so much! Visual is better, rear view radio you have to dial a knob.

I don't like it that much because it took so much oil. Had to refill synthetic oil after a month. Engine make sounds not as quiet as I thought a luxury car would.

- Liza A

Very comfy and lots of leg area in the front to seats not in the back though.

The seats are comfy, no back seat Chargers, and a lot of drawers, not a large trunk, and the middle seats are very close together so it is hard to fit through.

- Natalie H

It's a great car. I would recommend my car to buy.

My brakes squeak for no reason it drives me crazy and It's so embarrassing. Omg. . I hate coming to a stop. . I knew it would be horrible.

- Samara T

Powerful machine with a great engine.

A really good car with excellent tech features and a great mpg. It runs smooth and is very fast when needed thanks to its powerful engine.

- Gustavo O

I love the navigation and my satellite radio and the handsfree phone.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. This is my second Audi and I will buy more. Great car, drives great and is beautiful to look at.

- Karen G

That it rides very smooth you don't feel too much the bumps on the road.

That does not have a USB attach to the car. Also that does not have tinted windows and when is sunny outside it feels hot inside.

- Maria C

It's a lot of fun to drive but the gas mileage is not great.

Great pick up and very comfortable seats. Beautifully designed as well. Only complaint is that maintenance on it is expensive.

- Fred G

It feels like I am driving technology with innovation.

Great design and interiors. Amazing pick up and smooth drive experience. Has latest features and advanced technology.

- Mark J

I feel safe in my car when I drive.

No complaints the car drives very smooth and haven't had any problems. I enjoy driving my car and taking road trips.

- Steve R

It's a sporty yet luxurious feel

It's great on gas mileage and is sporty along with being a great drive. It has great pick up and is luxurious.

- Jaime A

The headlights go up and down when you start it. Plus it has sonar for cars in blind spots

Love the features and how it drives. Very responsive. Don't like how anything in the doors rattle so easily

- Troy Z

Smooth ride and so far hasn't had any issues. It requires premium gas so it is a bit pricey but worth it for longevity of the car.

I love how comfortable the ride is. The fact it is all wheel drive also makes me feel safer in bad weather.

- Mike C

Low carbon emissions and the color metallic grey

Great vehicle, and the gas mileage ratio is great. Low emissions and driver assistance are great. Love it

- Erika R

It is very comfortable and it is really nice with leather seats

It is a really nice car that is good for single guys. Never has any problems, I really recommend this car

- Thomas Q

security systems at the most characteristic is very funny drive it in any moment

I love It's shape, It's performance besides it has an excellent security , dislike nothing I love my car

- michael J




It is a light and versatile car for its size and the interiors are comfortable and of high quality

It's a good car I have no complaints Its design is very attractive to be a sedan

- alexander a

Not as expensive as you think it is.

Very reliable, drives beautifully. Very reactive and fast. I feel safe in it.

- Alyson B

That it is high class. It drives really well. I love it.

I love my vehicle. It is great. I love it. No complaints.

- Chris G