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Is the Audi a4 a good car?

The performance-tuned Audi s4 features an eight-speed automatic transmission paired to a 3.0-liter turbo v6 engine that is rated at 349 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. The 2019 Audi a4 is an excellent luxury small car. In fact, it is one of the best upscale sports sedans on the market. Its interior is refined, upscale, and modern, and flourishes such as standard leather seats set it apart from rivals like the BMW 3 series and Volvo s60. This vehicle also has state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive infotainment system. Its sharp handling helps make it fun to drive, and the performance-tuned s4 model offers ample power.

- Alex X

The best car to transform driving into an experience like nothing else

I love my Audi A4 more than any other car I have ever owned or driven. The engine is incredible and trustworthy, and the acceleration makes driving an enjoyable experience. The convertible feature makes this car the best vehicle to drive in the summer! Additionally the stereo system makes every song come alive, and I love the Bluetooth feature. I have not had any serious problems with this car which is extremely refreshing and comforting. I will never opt for a different make of car, ever.

- Elizabeth G

Used 2016 Audi premium plus

Quick and comfortable car. I'm short and was having issues with finding a vehicle that felt like it fit my height. Screen and buttons feel easy to reach. Premium plus sound system is amazing and worth finding in a used Audi. Tech package is easy to use. Made to be very user friendly. Easy and fun drive. Biggest problem is not a ton of people can work on European cars. More expensive and longer wait to fix.

- Jordan E

Love my Audi a4. Best car I have ever had.

I haven't had any trouble with my a4 ever. It runs like a dream, and I drive a ton! The GPS is a total lifesaver, and I love the heated seats in the winter. Plus, the pick up and go gets me where I need to be. I love how stylish the lines are, and the interior is so beautiful. All the wood is carved from the same tree. I cannot recommend it enough.

- Sabrina C

Audi A4 review Comfortable Reliable No problems Good sound system

I have not experienced any problems so far with my Audi. The only things that I would change are the car alerts. They can get pretty annoying. I also wish that there was a next button on the steering wheel to change songs. This car is exceptional to drive in the winter. I have never gotten stuck in the snow. It definitely has some power.

- Tiara S

The paint job the rims the big body frame

Transmission keep slipping shortage in the light switch seats can't move but it's very fast the AC works the gas meter broke the car is white with nice red bucket seats the car got loud pipes and big rims that's what they like it has a six CD player with one CD stuck in there that Boosie gone til December the development of the car

- A W

Great car that can also double as a family car.

My car has great seats. They are really comfortable. The plush seat interior with the leather makes it that much more special. My family loves the car, and they can really relax in the back seat. With that being said, I am excited out possibly buying a new version. Also getting more tires that have more grip for the harsh travels.

- Megan L

Best car for me.I can easily feel comfortable as long as I drive this car.

I`m happy with my car. While driving it gives me so much pleasure and relaxation that I feel refreshed and energetic. And it represents myself to the society and to my friends more higher. The car is fast, modern,aesthetic, love to drive, anyone can enjoy a long drive with their family in this car without any worries,

- Thomas K

I think my vehicle is a sporty car that is fast, while drives well.

I do not have any problems with my car except the breaks tend to squeak in cold weather. I have gone to the dealership and they assure me that it is not the breaks being worn, but just the breaks themselves. That is my least favorite thing about my car. I love how reliable my car is and comfortable the ride is though.

- Taylor B

My beautiful car, 2016 Audi a4.

I like the car. I do not think the technology is up to other cars. I think my next car will have more technology. I like the interior of the car. I like the color of the car. It does not seem to show the dirt which is always nice. The wheels are verse pretty and very easy to clean. The radio has wonderful sound.

- Shelley F

The all-wheel drive wheel base. Makes for better handling of elevated speeds.

The Audi a4 it is too small. With a much smaller gas tank than my previous vehicle. Cup holders in the front are not convenient with one very small. It makes it hard to hold more than one larger cup. The sunroof is not very big either; only opens over the front seats. Not much room inside for distance travel.

- Morrison M

Wonderful car, expensive but nice.

Very nice car for joy riding. Only holds two people but if that is not a issue then it's a fine car to have. The gas mile is a little low, but that might be expected from such a car. The car itself is very comfortable and stylish. I can really say that this car is worth having. It is fairly expensive though.

- Jacob E

The Audi a4 uses very high quality materials on the interior and exterior.

The Audi a4 is a very comfortable car to drive that is a great value for the price. It uses very high quality materials compared to other cars of similar prices. There are many options that come standard on the Audi a4 that a lot of other cars do not come with. The stock stereo system is also very good.

- Alex G

Its comfortable and black in color which means more respect.

The car is small and has low gas consumption with great speed. It has more mileage but that does not mean that its old, its still a classical car and one can use it at any occasion like going to dates or attending business meetings which means whatever the occasion you will stand out from the rest.

- George O

I love my Audi and would buy another one in a heartbeat.

I love my Audi. It is comfortable, quiet & smooth driving with lots of get up and go when needed. I love all of the added features such as Bose speakers, navigation system, leather seats, sunroof top, all electronics, good mileage, satellite radio, iPhone connectivity, disc player, etc.

- Dawn Z

The best, affordable German car out there.

I have a black Audi a4 - 2016 model that I got as a birthday/grad gift. I am so happy with the car as it was my dream car I have been looking at since I was in elementary school. No problems with the car and it is so smooth. It is reliable and comfortable as a driver and passenger.

- Regina P

it's completely my opinion about my car

LIKES Terrific powertrain Comfortable interior Dazzling high-tech features Versatile Allroad wagon Great safety features DISLIKES Styling a little derivative Price skyrockets with options Allroad could have, should have been a regular wagon Some rivals sharper to drive

- Vicki W

Amazing vehicle to even test drive.

I do not have many problems with my Audi I love it very much I can't wait to upgrade to newer year. Audi is a great reliable fun vehicle to own for that matter even test driving an Audi is an amazing experience. Jump behind the wheel of an Audi and tell me you do not love it.

- William N

A really nice vehicle, that I recommend to other people.

My car is fast and comfortable. It also has a really nice appearance. I highly recommend this vehicle to anybody that is looking for a new car. The car also has enough space for all of my friends and family. The vehicle also comes with a beautiful ceiling window.

- Jayden T

Audi advantage It's a nice driving experience

I don't like the speakers. There's no Bluetooth so I can't listen to my music. The sound system isn't good. There are oil problems and also recalls. The oil change costs $100. The pickup is not as good as my old bmw. Other than that, it's a pretty good car.

- Sharon P

The vehicle is Audi A4 having a very good design and best specifications available for any car.

Audi is a brand which is known for its engineering abilities. The look of the vehicle is eye catching. The mileage of the car is also decent as compared to other cars such as Mercedes and BMW with Luxury car space. The comfort level is very high.

- Param R

It is a very nice smooth car.

It is a very well working car. It drives smooth. I think sometimes there is a bit of difficulty looking backwards. So the visibility for the driver would be something I would improve. It has beautiful leather seats and a great sound system.

- Anna R

I would recommend this car as it is sleek and reliable.

It is an automatic but does have paddle shifters, can access both drive and sport mode easily, back up camera and navigation, amazing sound quality with music. Quit when driving, slow hp, does consume a good amount of gas.

- Jackie H

Very Safe and comfortable to dive

i really like my Audi A4 because it is really safe and gets me to places. I was nervous to drive at first but with my Audi A4 it shows me my surrounding and make me comfortable. There is nothing i dislike about this car.

- Michelle C

My car is lit, invest into it, you'll be impressed.

This car is dumb fyi, I totally recommend this car for people who are savages and fire like me. If you want to be famous, buy this car, it is pretty cheap too, only 200 thousand. . .

- Douglas S

Safe, durable, quality, stylish

Good acceleration, steady drive, nicely designed, safe. It is somewhat fuel efficient but can be I feel that the design probably factored more into the cost

- Ellie X

That it is durable and it is not going to break down.

I like the exterior and interior aesthetic, but I dislike how sometimes it will not turn on. That is the only problem, it is an amazing car otherwise.

- April H

Safety features of the car which are very advanced.

Its has lot of safety features. Has latest technology. Provides smooth drive with great mileage. Provides support for connecting my smartphone to car.

- Tommy B

It has a stylish interior and smart exterior.

It is very stylish car. I like the looks and performance. I like riding it and I am proud to own it. no i don't dislike my car. also no complaints

- Rashi A

Very nice car to drive and a comfort to seat in it is all good.

My car is my baby very comfortable and easy to drive no problems. I change the oil when need and I check the tire pressure nice and easy.

- Missy A

Little if any service ever needed.

audi has always been dependable. also rarely needs any servicing outside of oil change and rotate tires. location is also so convenient

- bruce g

none, I like it and want to keep it for more years.

easy to use and drive, very cheap and I like it when I drive it around with my friends, the best thing is that it is enough for me.

- Lucy M

When you want a car that accelerates exceptionally, Audi fits the bill.

Love my car. Very comfortable, handles like a dream, fun to drive, lots of get up and go, quiet. Would definitely buy again.

- Sarah S

That Audi is reliable and is well made. I like the warming up seats in a cold weather.

I like it because it is reliable. I like it because it is respectable. There is so far nothing that I do not like about it!

- Mahshid L

The Audi 24 is one of the best overall cars on the market today.

It's a great car. Great handling with good acceleration & it's safe. I also love the built-in infotainment system.

- Jason W

It is a good looking car. The model is old but it still looks good.

Car is not reliable because the motor is old and it is not rusty. The German car motors are expensive to replace.

- Todd L

The most important thing other people should know is that it is reliable.

My vehicle rides very smooth. And I like the looks of the car. I like that it is very roomy and it has power.

- Lori W

That it is a safe vehicle.

I like the appearance and the performance. The fuel use could be improved. The purchase price could be less.

- Rob L

It is extremely good for road trips.

I like all the creature comforts. I dislike the size. The gas mileage is good.. Maintenance is expensive..

- Nicholas T

It's awesome. It's fast. It's white.

The tight steering. the road adaptability. The luxurious interior. The way it makes me feel when I drive.

- Joe H

It is reliable, heated seats, comfortable.

Dislikes: sucks up gas. Is not a stick shift. It is slow. Like: color is beautiful. AWD. Heated seats.

- Jackie H

I enjoy driving it. I like the all wheel drive.

I like the style, the size, and the feel of the car. I like the features and interior.

- leigh b

It's sporty yet drives very smooth

I like the way the car drives in sport mode as well as having a luxurious feel to it

- Mark C

classic and clean and nice and relaxing and beautiful

it needs a lot of repairs and an oil change and new wipers and a transmission

- Rory G

It is very powerful and luxury. car I will recommend it to others.

It is luxury and durable It is very powerful and helpful i like it.

- Zara B

It has cup holders i've had it for years and it has over 30,000 miles on it

Very reliable never broke down once or had any issues at all

- Carlos S

Its awesome. You will love it! Luxury at its absolute best

It's a smooth ride. Seats are comfortable. I love it.

- Sachi I

cool and fun to drive and nice color and the music is bumming

it's all good very good car and fun to drive

- Michelle A



- Kay Z