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Reliable good car that has brought me all over the state in a responsible manner

My car is technologically pleasing. It has nice graphics on the dashboard which was probably a seller. You can connect online in my car, but I don't subscribe to the service. The car is comfortable with lumbar support which is part of my package. I can drive long distances in the car and my back does not bother me in the least. Visibility is great. My only complaint is that it is kind of small, especially if you work a lot from your car. There isn't much space for various items up front with you. I often drive my 3 kids around at times altogether and they fit fine.

- Samara K

Classy and functional Audi.

In general I would say that this is a very good car. And the service provided by the company is also very good: people are always responsive and in any case any pieces are always available. The car is very elegant, and presents very well in any work or professional setting. Plus the prestige derived from the manufacturer is always a good plus. The car is not enormous, so it is not useful for any road trips or anything. This is, in my opinion, a strictly city use automobile. Overall, I would say that I am very satisfied with my purchase!

- Rose P

An all round enthralling experience.

The comfort of the car is very nice. Also, the performance of the vehicle is absolutely beautiful because it's an Audi but that is something that you probably will expect from a car like that. Also, the features of the car are really nice. I really like the steering wheel because it is very soft on my hands and it feels good. Also, the navigation is good because everything is up to date and I am able to map everywhere since I know where everything is and it is updated.

- Shuba L

Great car with navigation issues

No problems at all with this vehicle, but I really wish it had an automatic trunk closing feature. The navigation system also needs work it tends to be outdated and does not give the fastest route. Often times the location I type in does not lead me to the correct place. Also when I search for locations places that are thousands of miles away will show up but not the one that's only 10 miles from me.

- Ann A

Tired of sport vehicles? Want power? The Audi is for YOU!

Love the comfort, great gas mileage and beautiful clean design lines of the car. The technicals (Apple carplay) was a little daunting at first, but once I slowed down and read in the car's guide, it was easy. The air conditioning is GREAT! The interior of the car is very convenient and comfortable. It also has the feel of strength on the road, not mushy or float.

- Jannie V

Audi and its Virtual Cockpit, a lifesaver!

The Audi A4 is a very comfortable car, the cabin is exceptionally quiet. It comes with an optional virtual cockpit that replaces the traditional mechanical gauges. The virtual cockpit is my favorite part of this car, Audi cleverly put Google Maps right in the cockpit so you can easily see the map and navigate to your destination without distraction.

- Sasan M

You can drive it in both a "D" or an "S" mode, although I'm not even certain how to get into the "S" mode.

I like the the look of the vehicle, both inside and out. The package on this vehicle is not as comprehensive as my last vehicle, and I miss my blind-spot detector. Also, my son's wheelchair accessible minivan, has more/better technology than this luxury vehicle. The minivan will read my texts to me...my Audi will not.

- Amber B

The fuel efficiency on the car can get a ton of miles on it with little gas.

My Audi is very fuel efficient and I like to drive it. The interior is very comfortable and the seats are leather and very nice. The overall design of the car is also very sleek and modern, which adds to the value of the car. I also think the car feels nice and smooth to drive but is expensive and a bit too small.

- Bennett M

The most ultra-cautious car I have ever owned!

This car has been a headache from the beginning. There are too many annoyances to list! One of the most expensive mistakes of my life. The most bothersome issue is that the motion sensors/backup camera are way too 'sensitive'.. There are times when the car starts beeping when there is no one or nothing around.

- Jane M

The Reliable Ride for the Small or Tall

We're leasing and love that the lease covers maintenance. We having had any issues with the car, besides the battery always dying with the keyless entry/remote. We love that there is a seat memory so both of us can drive and not face to fiddle with seat settings. It caters nicely to tall and short drivers.

- Jenn F

The 2017 Audi A4 balances perfectly performance with luxury in a package.

The 2017 Audi A4 balances perfectly performance with luxury in a package that's both practical and sharp. Hardly a recipe for excitement, but one that touches all the bases. The cockpit is a little more adventurous, simple yet high-tech. Most variants boast a wide, high-resolution display for infotainment

- Cynthia P

2017 Audi a4 - technology.

I love all the technology options that are available for this make and model. They are also fairly intuitive which is nice. The only thing that took me a while to figure out was that the gas tank locked when the doors locked. Which is nice, but I wish I would have been told that at the time of purchase.

- Kim T

The vehicle is very technologically advanced.

This has been the best car I have ever had, but routine maintenance can definitely add up. Also I had to replace the windshield on this vehicle twice which added up to over one thousand dollars each time due to the sensors in the windshield. Other than the cost expenses this car will not disappoint

- J M

Audi’s high performance model a4.

Performance is amazing and so far no mechanical issues. Tire care is a little pricey but owning an Audi comes with that kind of thing. Very pleased and highly recommend. Would trade it for the world and plan on buying an Audi in the future. Using higher prices gas helps as well with performance.

- Austin N

Stylish runner that will not fail you.

A good all-around vehicle with good durability, handling, and sturdiness. I have rarely had any issues with it and it drives itself very well. It might not be as well optimized for fuel consumption; however, it does not waste it either. If you want an all around stylish car, get the Audi a4.

- Rodrigo F

Audi save the planet and the world so our children can have a better life.

Expensive and I think it is just the way it works and it is not the same as it was in the past two months but it still does not matter if you have any other ideas for the next two years. I think the best thing to do is to get rid of your own personal car and take public transportation.

- Mo E

My love for the 2017 Audi A4

Incredibly comfortable ride. Good technology. Deceptively fast acceleration that makes it incredibly fun to drive. I wish location/bumper sensors and blind spot detection would have been great standard. I also wish that some of the menu options were more clear when it comes to music.

- Daniel P

The best car for the price.

This car is awesome. Maintenance service has been affordable and has been infrequent. The car handles wonderfully and has numerous safety features, comfortable seating, and is spacious. In choosing this vehicle you will certainly not be disappointed with it overall performance.

- Cheryl S

My favorite part of the car is how well it handles.

Have had no problems with the care. I have had it for a little over two years now. . Roomy, fast, clean look, good on gas. Handles well in bad weather. . Tire package, in my opinion is overpriced and it does not cover tire patches. It should for the amount of money they charge.

- Lisa S

Great summer car, smooth and fast

I am always having electricity problems with my car, the sunroom gets stuck. I also have had battery problems with my car. I love the way my car drives, so smooth. The gas actually isn't bad either, great car for the summer, the rad surround system is beautiful

- Michelle R

It is a great car that performs well in all conditions.

My only complaint so far is the low tire pressure warning system. It does not tell you the tire pressure so it is difficult to tell if there is a real problem or the tires are just starting to get low. Otherwise it is wonderful. Very comfortable and handles great.

- Erin V

My Audi is a pleasure to drive.

This is my third Audi. It is dependable, and has features that I love: keyless entry, controls on the steering wheel, large, easy to read dashboard, Bluetooth phone access but not enough cup holders, backup camera, which makes backing out of my driveway a breeze.

- Betty B

The vehicle is very beautiful, fast and reliable

It is not very gas efficient and brakes are too sensitive. However it is very reliable and I like the vehicle. The performance is good but I don't like how the gas is runs out very quickly. Also, I have to replace parts very quickly and it costs a lot of money

- Maggie S

It is a very sporty luxury car

Vehicle only has issues with overheating of engine oil. Besides that issue it is doing just fine and I have not had any recurring issues. I also have a weak battery and it is not running that well. I change my tires very often because it is a performance car

- Tan L

Luxury and comfort with high performance.

Drives smooth, tires easily puncture, comfortable, seat warmers, does not have back seat warmers, economy efficient, read view camera, dual side airbags, leathers, 4 door, GPS and google maps, usb, spacious, trunk space, good color, higher monthly payments.

- Marina V

Navigation system, seats are comfortable. Car drives smooth

Vehicle is very well. I do not have any problems with the vehicle. Navigation system is unique. Seats are comfortable. Car drives smooth even when hits a bump in the road. Car is fast. Comes with a lot of features such as Bluetooth system, cruise control.

- Ashley M

Audi a4, a true driving experience.

I enjoy my a4. It is responsive, quiet and a thrill to drive. It is better on gas than I expected it to be as well. I have had no issues with the car and have only performed regular maintenance. Apple carplay creates a truly hands free driving experience.

- Kyle S

High tech love that also incorporates style.

None come to mind. I like that irises the best technology that is on the market that also includes safety options, I also love the great stylish touches that make the car so sleek and stylish. The size of the car is great and fits in most spaces so easy.

- Michelle C

Loan processing was easy and fast

The car is highly reliable with great performance. Also the customer service very responsive and easily accessible. The car buying process was smooth and really fast. I would highly recommend anyone to buy this car for its performance and reliability.

- Aaron B

Performance & Safety is a priority for Audi. Treat yourself!

Sturdy safe car that handles great in poor weather. It is a good looking car that I am happy to drive. Comfortable driver seat and plenty of legroom for passengers. Maintenance is handled through my lease, so that is not a worry either.

- Donna P

I'm so in love with the A4

I really love my Audi A4 delivers just about everything we expect from a small luxury sedan. There's quick acceleration, a comfortable ride, and the latest connectivity and navigation technologies. I highly recommend it!!

- Nilda B

It's a nice car and rated well.

Has a lot of power, very responsive, lot of features, rated well on resale etc. Can't just go anywhere to get it serviced, and that is expensive, doesn't handle as well as previous car, not a manual transmission.

- Beverly B

It is super easy to drive and makes me feel safe while driving it.

I love the look of my 2017 Audi A4. It is sleek and sophisticated while still being a family car and able to seat 4 with ease and room to spare. I also enjoy the built-in navigation system and the rear camera.

- Ashley G

It has backup camera and built-in Wifi.

My car is very easy and comfortable to drive. It also has built-in Wifi which is very convenient. We always enjoy driving it no matter if it is a short trip to the grocery store or a long road trip.

- Phoenix D

Luxury, comfort, speed, and reliability.

Super comfortable vehicle: even the back seats. The air cools a hot car really quickly. The Audi pre-sense has saved my life a few times (literally). It is a city car, but can reach high speeds.

- Natasha P

Safe car with sport handling, yet the safety you require.

I was used to driving a V6 vehicle and was hesitant about the 4 cylinder Audi. OMG!! This car has SO much power. I love the maneuverability, the features, and especially, the fuel economy.

- Ingrid D

How good it feels and runs.

I dislike how the push to start doesn't work sometimes and the key. And the window. And window. Bit it was a cheap car so I'm not trying to get a new car cause that's to much money.

- Danae R

The fuel economy is superb.

I love the performance, luxury and comfort of the vehicle. I enjoy its handling abilities as well as long distance comfort. I also enjoy the level of technology available in it.

- Thomas A

It's sexy AF. The technology in Audi's trumps all other makes in my opinion

All black leather, gray exterior paint. Built in remote wifi. Design and curves of the car. these are the things I like. I would like a more powerful engine and brown interior.

- John D

2017 audi a4 a car buyers dream

my vehicle is the 2017 audi a4. i've always wanted an audi i felt they have premium interior with great performance i must say this is the best car i've bought to date

- john G

My Audi drives great and low on gas.

I love my audi, it is comfortable, stylish, great on gas and drives smoothly. It has a lot features that are standard so this way you are paying for add on options

- Lena S

The features are all easy to use.

My vehicle is a white Audi. I love how all the features are easy to use. The only complaint i have is that there is no back camera to use when backing up.

- AnneMarie M

Price is high, but definitely worth it.

It is very smooth driving and very comfortable. Audi is a reliable car and I have had no problems with it. Everything is positioned well for the driver.

- John B

it takes you to point A to point B on time, it's a bit pricey but it's worth it

well i love my car so much, the seats are so comfortable and the features are amazing like you can turn on your engine without putting in the key

- ivan p

Audi, it gets better and better!

I bought this car because of its safety ratings. It is truly a solid car and I would recommend to anyone who is in the market for a new vehicle.

- Erica S

That it makes my family feel completely safe.

I love it drives good it is beautiful interior is amazing beautiful color and mileage is great and there is no negative to my beautiful car.

- Eve B

it's a dependable car. I feel safe in it.

Love the look, the brand & the instrumentation. . Tires should be bigger, wished in had navigation package & upgraded headlights..

- Rob J

It's a complete car, they have nothing to lose.

I love my car, I have not had any problems. I only recommend it. The whole system works great, I can go anywhere without problems.

- Daniel D

Great and comfortable for long trips.

I love the luxury and all the technology. Also love the service plan that was available for the first 4 service appointments.

- Tammy H

The most important thing is the value compared to other luxury brands such as BMW. Thousands less for the features/capability.

My car is great value. The all-wheel drive is great. I wish it had self parking capability like it does in other countries.

- Not A

It is a very safe car with a nice drive.

I love the body style. I do not like that they cannot fix the outside air temperature gauge ~ it often starts at 50 degrees.

- Kathy P

audi 4 has been a wonderful drive

i have no problems yet. it has been as described and it is a very smooth ride. the mpg might not be as good as advertised.

- John k

The technology inside the car is extremely up to date and useful. Apple Carplay is the best feature

It is perfect. The appearance of the car is my favorite since it looks very modern and clean. I do not have any complaints

- Jo M

It is a luxury vehicle. Everything about it is fancy.

I love how smoothly it drives. .I can accelerate quickly, but you don't feel it. Everything about the car is luxurious.

- ang m

It is a very safe car to drive.

I love the current technology that the vehicle has available. Also it has pre-sense, which minimizes the accidents.

- Roland P

Fun in the summer when a work.

Love to have the cart that o need wanted for years good to diver ones to help people that I can help go shopping.

- Newell L

You will love it! Very dependable!.

It is very easy to drive, it is great in snowy weather and there are many assistive devices to help in driving.

- Louise R

You don't feel the speed, very comfortable, lights very bright for see the row

The only that dislike is that is a expensive that but I love everything, specially don't use too much gasoline

- Flora R

It is connected to the most updated technology.

Audi is an innovative company they have all commodities and things that I need to drive safe and comfortably.

- Brian N

The car is very stylish and impressive

The new interior dash is great. The car drives very smoothly and trouble free The seats are very comfortable

- dan P

best car on market in 2018

reliable, prestige, stylish with new technology. Love to drive and people looking on me when they see my car

- yee b

It grips really well in snow or rain.

Dislike - no back up camera, kind of overpriced for the model that I have. Like - quattro, steering, grip.

- Ryan W

The seats is amazingly comfortable

No problems at all with my vehicle. The performance is good turbo engine 2.0 and it's smooth driving .

- Trianna P

It's easy to use and it's clean. The car is simple like any other car.

I love how smooth the car runs. It's easy and small. It is tightly compacted and not that comfortable.

- Carlos M

Sporty, comfortable and practical.

Love my Audi! Not sure I will ever own any other than an Audi. So much fun to drive and comfortable.

- Amy B

Smooth beautiful black luxury Audi

It's very fast reliable, smooth but gas is a bit pricey, however i love the luxury look of this car.

- Sar A

It looks stunning, and has all the nifty features a car could possible possess.

I love my car, however, there is one thing that I do dislike and that is the mileage, it is bad.

- John M

It's my first vehicle! It has many safety features. The driving and handling are excellent. The interior is luxurious.

It has many safety features. The driving and handling are excellent. The interior is luxurious.

- Kristian E

safety for me and my family and friends

It's innovated and really stylish model with a lot of power and safety futures. nica to drive

- ye M

It is super comfortable and can take care of weather changes on its own.

I like everything about my car. No complaints so far. It surely has some cool features.

- bati s

You can are going to in the store or do

What I like about my car is that's what about I wanna do you want us it's really cool

- Ronnie W

Freeway driving is much less stressful with the driving assists on this car

I like the driving assists. Hate the brakes. Gate opener doe#nt function 1 way

- Mary F

Don't buy it if you can't afford to maintain it

Love the look and the way it drives. Don't like how expensive it is to fix

- Kath S

Its a luxury car, has pick up and go. Also its well made.

Its fast, stylish, and it has a ton of features. I like the smooth ride.

- Brandon D




It's security features and environmental friendliness

My car has best security features and it is environmental friendly

- Sam L

safety of my family is more important

It's family oriental safe car with new technology, proud to drive

- mi Z

I believe my car should be known as having the highest technology there is to offer in a car.

I like my vehicle because it is the perfect style for me.

- Justin C

it is a very comfortable ride.

i like my car. i wish i could change the startup screen.

- Brian A

safety is on high level and it stylish and innovative design

this ia safe and reliable stylish car, proud to drive

- mi b

Safety, safety, safety, safety, safety, safety, safety

Love the drive. Love the safety. Love it in winter.

- Firistly L



- MI F

Black on black Audi a4 2017.

- Cynthia P

Our vehicle: very much satisfied!

- Annie K