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Thirty-five years ago, Audi became the first permanent all-wheel drive.

The new era of electric has officially begun. The Audi e-Tron is the first all-electric SUV that combines powerful Audi performance with intelligent technology for a drive that is unparalleled – and unprecedented. Greatness is achieved by those with the courage to reimagine the possible. Those who defy convention and push performance to the limits. Who engineer lighter, more efficient vehicles. Innovate intelligent technology that anticipates drivers' needs. And design silhouettes that defy trends and the wind. This is the spirit that drives us.

- Audi G

Audi provides acceleration, comfort, dependability, security & music, no matter.

My Audi a5 has been nothing short of a blessing, with over 125k miles it still runs like new and I have never had an issue with ignition. Still has good acceleration, no electrical problems, great heater, and I have only had to replace 2 lights. Brakes well, even though before I trade or sell it, I will have the brakes serviced. The only thing I do not like my Audi a5 is it seems to need a tune up more often than when I first brought it.

- Keith J

Great, reliable, fast, comfortable, good fuel economy and low maintenance

Beast of a car. Lovely to drive handles well. Reliable and very easy to maintain. Great for long distance driving or a quick speed trip on the motorway. Comfortable and can hold 4 people easily on the seats provided. Large enough to boot space and low to the ground for better cornering at higher speeds

- Rak H

Beautiful Audi a5 with issues to be fixed.

Audi cars, as European brand, are not as usable as Japanese cars. But the appearance of my car is beautiful, it is white and well-shaped. The performance of this type of car is fair but not so good, and it sometimes easily get broken on a few parts. Still, it is reliable in short term.

- Jessica L

This car is amazing. Comfortable.

Very comfortable vehicle. Smooth ride and surprisingly spacious for a 2 door. Very quiet on the highway, no cabin noise. It's all wheel drive so it is also great in the winter. It handles snow very well. Pay attention to maintenance as repairs for this vehicle are very pricey.

- Christopher Y

Stylish, comfortable and a sport gran tourer.

When purchasing the card 2nd hand, the car had a few problems that I had to sort out, like the rocker cap and the central locking. However once I got these problems fixed, the car is a dream to drive. Its comfortable, great features and a great overall car.

- Richard F

One thing that's really cool is it only takes 20 dollars to fill it up.

The car runs good, drives smooth, has very good gas mileage, it's only takes 20 bucks to fill up the tank. Never broke down on me once, and I've put 70, 000 miles on it no issues. All I can say is it's a great car.

- Nico B

Its safe. Good gas mileage. Reliable. Comfortable. Easy on the eyes

The most comfortable and reliable vehicle i own. I'll never in another brand other than Audi. And the service department its the greatest. Whenever i need help there there for me

- James G

It can go really fast and drives really smooth.

I love the car and it drives very the only problem I have ever had with it is the sunroof leaks other than that it has been a great car without a lot of maintenance problems.

- Brenda B

It's automatic stop feature when something is in the road it's great!

I think my car is great because all of it's amazing features it includes with it even though it's a 2010 vehicle it runs great on the roads

- Brice C

Great driving car reliable and safe

Great reliable car safe and good on gas drives great on the highway very smooth would recommend the car to anyone

- Lindsey P

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it.

I like it I like it its good its really good I drive this car many times I love it its my best car I love it.

- Brain J

It's interesting and okay and

This truck is a 2010 car its not up for sale yet but it has a motor that needs to be change and its okay

- Alex O

It's sporty, fast and fun to drive

My vehicle is a sporty fast car. It draws attention. It has maintained its value over the years.

- John W

The A-5 is great on snow and ice. The A-5 is solid and well built. The A-5 is fast. The A-5 is safe.

The A-5 is fast. TheA-5 is safe. The A-5 is great on snow

- David R