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Audi a5 excels in safety, but soft comes with problems.

Overall, I think my car is very safe and comfortable to drive. I bought it used, but the interior seemed to hold up very nicely and the a5 body style does not seem to age. I can barely tell the difference between my 2011 versus the newest models. One major downside however is the back window in the soft top convertible. After time, the glue erodes and the window is no longer attached to the top, it is just dangling in place. I went to Audi to try and repair it but they will not just replace the window or reattach it, you have to replace the entire soft top which costs about $3,000. I have also had some issues with my car consuming oil which I had to get fixed. Other than those two problems, the car has been great. Driving it with the top down makes the body of the car look beautiful! I have had two Audi cars and will be considering them for my next.

- Alex B

Audi's are beautiful but you must have the money to keep up with maintenance.

I love everything about my Audi, except for one little issue. The windows do not have a panel along the top like most cars do. This was a just a design they did to make the car look sleeker. However, because the window needs to go down in order the avoid hitting the top of the door it will sometimes freeze up in the winter. This causes the door to not shut all of the way in freezing temperatures because the window cannot go down and back up to avoid hitting the top of the door.

- Emily J

It�s a great car...it�s a must have.

It's a great car. I haven't had any real problems. It's comfortable and spacious. It's just right for me because I love room but I also like to ride in style. As long as a car is safe and it fits my needs then it's fine. Another thing is it rides smooth, like I'm on the cloud. Besides the bumpy roads, I can't even tell Im driving.

- George G

Car story, that works good.

It is a good car, and works really good. Does not have problems now. When needed, I can someone to look at it like for the oil in the car. Go to good gas stations and get reasonable prices. Get it a car wash and keep the car nice. Clean out the car and vacuum it to and keep in nice inside and outside.

- Rebecca R

It belongs to my mother not me.

My mom's car is great to ride in. It has only had a few problems over the years that she has had it. We needed a new radiator not long ago and that set us back for a while. But other than that nothing has been wrong. We do have to get the car detailed more often than the other cars.

- Keegan B

Wondering what it�s like.

The vehicle I own is very comfortable and reliable I had this car for little over two years. Maintenance is a breeze but is a must if decide to have any car long term. It smooth riding is great for kids and I can't forget it is very stylish as well. Overall I just love my vehicle

- Amanda R

Great car, reliable and safe.

Great car all together. I haven't had any major issues. The oil was easy enough to change, I had a family friend do it. If you like a coupe, this is the car for you, but the back seats are very tight and uncomfortable. I like the tight steering, it is fun and zippy to drive.

- Shannon K

The car is sleek, fast, comfortable and reliable. No serious problems.

The car is fast but it takes a second for the car to start moving quickly. It is expensive to get the car serviced. There is no back up camera or navigation installed on the car which is a disadvantage. The car is sleek looking and the inside in comfortable.

- Stephanie L

The car has an issue where it loses oil.

It is a fun ride and it looks nice. The only complaint would be that it loses oil on a continuous basis. The motor had to be replaced after 140000 miles. It is a two door and the backseat is not very comfortable or convenient.

- Bobbi B

That it is paid for and I will take care of it and hope it last forever.

It goes really fast,the cons is the parts are expensive and hard to find when it breaks down an a lot of places won't fix it if they do it cost a lot of money.

- Brenda B

The car never seems to break down and it is a very good model.

The vehicle is very reliable and is good looking. It runs great on gas has good gas mileage and it is very recent. The car does not have any problems.

- Chris C

The speed I love it so much

The car's performance is amazing.use it all the time helps me go every no problem.Always ready to go on a long journey with this car

- Harris T

It is all wheel drive. There is no stopping me now!

I love my car - it is cute, sleek, fast and sexy. Putting the top down makes it even sexier. I do hate that the turbo burns oil

- tammi W

Audi is the best ride you can have

It is good and super nice and fun to ride. It is better for me it is very noiseless. It can be converted into 7 seater.

- Meghana T

It gets me to and from work reliably, and rarely breaks down.

Its quick, attractive, and made to a high quality standard. What I don't like is that premium gas is expensive.

- Jordan D

The basics of having a cool car.

The car is very fast and reliable it gets you to anywhere you need to go and it runs on gas plus it has belts.

- Jose P

The ladies I pick up day to day

Good mileage. I've had it for eight years and never gave me a problem. The best thing about it is the looks

- Makenzie S

Take great care of the car before it needs maintenance

No problems, maintenance the car well. Beautiful and drives smoothly. Couldn't be happier with vehicle

- Lin K

There's nothing interesting it's just a car

I enjoy my car very much. I currently have no complains. It is very comfortable and gets the job done.

- Revan G

It's a car and it can drive and go places

It's big and it can fit in places usually but sometimes it doesn't sadly

- B a