2014 Audi A5 Owner Reviews & Problems


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Audi manual shift all wheel drive.

Smooth ride, great style, great performance, high tech options. This is a car that is much fun to drive and makes heads turn when driving down the road. You could spend much less on a car but the value that you get out of the enjoyment and thrill of this automobile is well worth the cost.

- Bob G

My vehicle is just for me, worth my wild.

Very reliable. Gets me where I need. Consumes gas well. No problems so far. The car is very comfortable and clean. I got a great deal on it. The details are amazing, especially in the interior. I recommend this car for anyone who wants to be a car in the future.

- Connie P

The car is cute the at is cute the car is cute.

Love it love it love it I really love the car it is so cute. The car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute the car is cute.

- Lilly N

The car needs to have a very well built in sound system followed by cruise control and spacious.

The vehicle is very spacious, the interior of the car is very nice and has ver modern finish that compliments the exterior of the car.

- William M

My Audi A5 has a unique feature of the headlights adjusting to the outside light/darkness!

My Audi is very fun to drive as the drivability is very comfortable. The only problems I have had would be with the fuel pump,

- Chynna S

Audi =whiney car and not wine.

It nags constantly. Change my oil, fix my breaks. Get my airbag recalled. My dealer spends more time with it than I do.

- Jill H

My Audi is a very good car.

My vehicle is very good, it takes me where I need to go with little to no complications and I really enjoy that.

- Alexis B

You should always when buying a care always check if the car is working right.

I don't have one there is nothing wrong with my car every thing is working fine and I don't have no problems.

- Stefan H

It has been a part of my life for over 14 years.

No complaints. It is stylish, well-built, and very ergonomic. It is features are useful and convenient.

- John S

It's fantastic and is great to drive and own. I love it

I like the body style of it. I also like how safe it is. I also like that it is easy to drive

- Rhonda D

That it runs safe and is safe to drive.

I like how it runs. i like it does not breakdown all the time. The gas is good as well.

- charles b

It's a convertible. It's got a great interior

It's a black on black convertible. It's 2 doors and has a great sound system

- Tim C