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The 2017 Audi a5 is one of the best vehicles in the class.

The revamped Audi a5 is an awesome and well-rounded vehicle with few faults. It boasts a lineup of powerful engines, athletic handling, and standard all-wheel drive. It even manages pretty good fuel economy. The well-built, elegant cabin includes comfortable and supportive front seats. Additionally, the features list is longer than a giraffe’s neck. The a5 features a 252-horsepower turbo-four engine that accelerates quickly and feels energetic, whether you are driving around town or on the highway. If you want more power, step up to the s5. It features a 354-horsepower, turbocharged v6 and delivers the kind of power and acceleration you'd normally associate with a sports car. New for 2018 is the high-performance rs5 coupe, which delivers a blistering 444 horsepower.

- James D

If you can afford to buy a used 2017 A5 Audi, then go for it. Cause, the 2018 version is only a slight improvement.

First of all, I love my Audi. I rate the smoothness of driving on the freeway 10/10 The car is good-looking, inside and out. My particular model (coupe) can feel cramped in the back seat area. And the trunk is small. So, not exactly an ideal vehicle for hauling the entire family + luggage for a trip to the beach. I heard the 2018 version is an improvement, in terms of slightly more horsepower, and a more sleek design. I think it has a wider grill, too. Nevertheless, I love the 2017 version. If you were to see it used, it's worth getting. The owner's manual is not very big, so I would recommend giving it a quick read, once in a while. There is a PDF/electronic version, too, which you can save to your phone.

- Jacob A

Twat magnet for a man with low standards.

I think it is as good as any car in its price range. It feels very comfortable and has everything in reach of the driver seat. It performs as well as the other German cars if have driven in the past as well as looks pretty. It is also a great chick magnet but not in upscale communities, I mean it's great for picking up pelts in low class underperforming high school areas but not in good neighborhoods.

- James H

Excellent extremely perfect car.

No problems at all reliability perfect I enjoyed my car the seats are Soul comfortable I love everything about the car all the features the Bluetooth connectivity pair my phone to it all the time I love it is so perfect excellent car just love everything about gets me where I need to go love the features just everything.

- Jose V

Cool, effective and the right car for someone who's looking for style

Car looks nice on the inside and runs smoothly. Would recommend test driving before buying the car so you really get to connect with the experience. I liked the color of the car and it often was reliable. I would look into the price and how it compares in the market.

- Sam S

My favorite car I ever owned.

Amazing performance, smooth ride. Power, speed, great control. A very reliable vehicle. Sporty, beautiful, fast, sleek, handles well in snow, sleet, rain. Roomy, comfortable, spacious, controllable, family and sporty car. Very safe. My favorite car I ever owned.

- Sonja L

Dependable affordable vehicle with great features.

I really love how dependable my car is. I spend a lot of time commuting and this vehicle surpassed my expectations. Overall I am quite pleased with its performance. Updated navigation, rearview mirror alerts for parking, and tons of space for my family and I.

- Nina M

Old car I want to buy cadi in the ft.

Gas problem not good I wouldn't recommend to anyone to buy this kind a of car I think that American cars are the best. Even more pricey but worth it to buy a nice care that last for a long time and drives great on the road with perfect conditions and shape.

- Mohamad T

Amazing car need to get these one right now.

Good one very good is nice job people should just buy the it is really good and it gets the job done they also have a good sound base. The car should also be cleaned every time to keep the cleanliness from the fresh look. Car is very nice and looks amazing.

- Chris P

I would buy this car again and again.

I believe this car is very expensive to fix, things like a new hood went over 2k, which is too much money for me. I also think it is a fast luxury car, with a nice inside.

- John G

The Audi A5 coupe is really fast, but handles really well.

I have a black Audi A5 convertible coupe. The drive is really smooth and there is a lot of horsepower. It has a rear reverse camera, navigation system, and seat warmers.

- Leslie J

Very dependable car and rides smoothly.

The car has a very sleek design. Very dependable car. Great job if ever an issue at the dealership.. Love all the options that came with car with no extra cost.

- Carrie B

It's very reliable during all times of the year and is a quality car

I like the design of the exterior, the feel of the driving experience, the aesthetic that the interior gives and the reliability of the brand as a whole

- Frank W

The maintenance is the most important thing about this vehicle.

Not really any problems, other than a very expressive oil change. Otherwise the car is a great car good on gas mileage and nice interior push to start.

- Asia T

It's a stunning white chrome pearl color and has amazing speed.

Breaks down on the freeway ad well as constant maintenance on intricate parts of the engine. The heater does not work and the car jerks around.

- Rachel M

Safe, control, comfort, luxury

great performance, control, safety, comfort etc the only thing I don't like about this car is the size. I feel a SUV is better option for me

- Praveen Y

I do not have anything that makes it special.

I think it is very nice black interior on the inside same black color on the outside. There is no other color on the inside or outside.

- Kiki K

The most interesting detail is the smoothness of the lines of the vehicle.

Love the new features that help bring my phone ecosystem into my car. Also, love the ride and tires that help during the winter.

- freddie W

Is very comfortable and fast.

I like that is comfortable, the car is very fast and the interior is nice, there is nothing that I dislike about my car.

- Vicente P

It has no mechanical issues or problems.

It is perfect it is sleek it is driven these are amazing vehicles to drive. No complaints no issues no worries.

- Charlie S

Audi makes cars that drive fast and safe while looking stylish.

I like my car and the way that it looks and drives. It has all the bells and whistles I want from my ride.

- jill b

I love the whole car I love every little thing about it.

I have no problems with my vehicle it is a perfect car well suited for me so no problems at all whatsoever.

- Jose V

This machine is a monster.

Totally the best car. Good performance and no issues with reliability. Very stylish and comfortable.

- Nav R

It's made in Europe with German technology so it's stable, safe and reliable

It's modern and powerful. It has great features. The camera is great. It is nice to drive

- Jaklina S

Safety features are exceptional Will fi installed Navigation system is great

It fast. Well equipped too It's stylish It's expensive

- Mik K

It is german and it could be hard to repair

it is okay but a bit bourgeoisie scum and elitist

- Jon S