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I really love the virtual cockpit which is not common in other vehicles.

I really and enjoy and love my Audi a5 cabriolet, but the longer I have it the more I realize that it is not practical. I often drive by myself, but the times I have passengers or my children in my car it is very difficult to get them in and out of the vehicle. It is especially difficult for my older parents to get out of the back seat if I do not remove the top. In addition, the back is very cramped. Another issue besides that is the safety system. The car also stops on its own even when the car is far.

- Maria Abigail G

A5 sportback: daily luxury.

The Audi a5 sportback is a phenomenal luxury vehicle for everyday usage. It rides smooth, has pre sensors to help avoid collisions, a cabin that is sleek and elegant, a wealth of information so to be aware of everything going on in and out the vehicle. The automatic trunk makes it easy to put things in. It is not for very tall people, but they can def fit in. All around the vehicle is amazing and at a price that is not too overwhelming.

- Rachel A

Beautiful with Quick Get-Up-And-Go

My car is very attractive. It has sleek lines and its appearance is appealing to me. It is one of the only luxury brands in which I can find a manual transmission, and that helped make my decision. It has speed, which I love. The only drawbacks I've found are that the cup holders are too close to the dash controls (when I move my cup around it tends to push dash buttons) and that it has lights and symbols I don't understand.

- Jolie V

Sleek design and drives smoothly.

No problems at all. Drives great and comfortable. This car model has a sleek design and comes with a lot of extras in the base package. It is a two door but has room for four people. If you need to fit four people in your car I would suggest a four door car as the Audi a 5 only has room for 2 comfortably.

- Carrie B

This car is eco friendly.

My vehicle is the Acura a5 2018and it has good quality. Cars in 2018 have good mileage and eco friendly with better technology and Bluetooth built in radio too. The car runs smooth and soft rides no bumpy. Very fast and comfortable seating. This car also has a sunroof for good weather but not rain.

- Josh R

The car drives so smoothly and is a durable overall all-around car.

Love how it is sporty-looking, and that it has a 2.0 turbo engine. The Audi a5 vehicle is a great overall car. The performance, reliability, comfort & features, are all second to none. I like how they give the buyer the option now of selecting either 4-door or 2-door Audi a5 coupes.

- Dylan H

Money car that drive very nice fast.

It is ok the car I don't have to many problems with car When I do it cost a lot to fix the car I am happy sometimes with the car You have asked way to much to type. I don't know what else to say My English no good The car cost me a lot of money Thank you very much.

- Jacqueline R

The sound quality the stock system has to it.

My vehicle is excellent. The tech can be tricky sometimes. Otherwise it is great. It drives very well. Steering is great. Sound quality is excellent. Speed is smooth and coincides well with how the car drives. More trunk space than what appears from the outside.

- Jackson S

The car of my dreams and hope.

This car handles real good and it was the car for me and I do not plan on buying another one soon love the color and leather seat and the controls that came with the car and the performance is great with this car and the pick up it has just get me all the time.

- Julio A

It has a lot of tech features. Smart phone connection and other creature comforts and I personally feel it is a safe car and for me that is really the most important feature.

It is a safe car, and drives smooth and quiet. There is only 1 thing I do not like the shift area the D,P,R light up white and when the sun is out you must use your hand to shade the area so you call tell which one you are on

- kathy s

The service that comes with it from Audi is excellent.

I have had an SUV before this for several years, so I love having a sporty car. It is quick and corners very smoothly. It does not ride as nicely as the SUVs did. It has more trunk space than you'd expect in a sporty car.

- Zack M

Looking to buy a new car? Audi is the way to go!

I love my Audi but I feel like it is a gas guzzler. I have to get premium gas and it really adds up. I love the smooth drive and it is super comfortable. The pick up is really nice also.

- Julia G

It drives extremely smooth! & looks great while doing so

The functionality is great. The roof can go up and down while moving at a slow speed. The CarPlay works extremely well. Heated seats, etc. The only thing missing is a touch screen.

- Danielle F

It has this really amazing sound toot, the engine is a v6.

It is a great car all in all, one of the best I should say, I got the convertible and I haven't been disappointed once, I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Nathan H

great performance and cargo space

Love that It's sporty and since it is a sportback has great cargo space. No complaints except that it has little leg room in the back seat and rides low.

- r S

It is absolutely a great car.

It is great the car is amazing it has no problems it runs smooth best car in the world I would buy it thirty timers over and over and over again.

- Steve J

Even though it is pretty, it is smart, too.

Likes: it is comfortable, looks great, is easy to drive, has a great sound system. Dislikes: the ac has to be turned on every time I get in.

- Cinnamon N

They are perfect and I love them the way they work perfectly.

No problems. I love my vehicles. They work perfectly. They are my life savers and I take them to everywhere I go. I just love them so much.

- Prince A

Remotely transportable that gives me comfort and speed

I came to this company to look for a car only and I got a good comfort that satisfies my friends, family and anyone who gets in my car

- Edwind G

The looks are sharp. Its professional and sporty and an all around great ride.

I absolutely love everything about it. No complaints. I think everyone should drive an Audi. Smooth ride. Great looks. 10 out of 10.

- Samantha L

The way it looks is very visually appealing.

In all honesty I think it's a reliable fast, yet legally slow car that is able to get the jobs done. In other words, its okay.

- Dylan M

It costs 40, 000 dollars and it is an Audi.

I believe that vehicles can be problematic but reliable a the same time. You should buy cars that are gas efficient and cheap.

- Ricky L

It's very fast. Goes 0-60 in 5 seconds. Handles extremely well.

It's amazing. It's a sports car, but yet it's a 4 door, so it has plenty of room. There's nothing I dislike about my car

- Elaina H

The car doesn't have details. The only details is for use.

Excellent, this was good, i love it, i want to try this again in the future. To all people please do this, is so good.

- Carter A

It has 4 wheel drive which is good all year round.

Its fast, drives smoothly, has latest technology and handles great. I have no complaints about my a5. It is terrific.

- Bob M

Probably the most innovative make on the market today.

The vehicle is stylish and modern. The technology is cutting edge. The dealership is amazing. Low cost of ownership.

- Guy A

Luxury in a bigger size!!

I love the way this car drives. It is nice to have a crossover with extra space but it drives like a luxury sedan.

- Hope B

I did not had any problems with the vehicle so far

It is a good car very comfortable and luxurious, it is easy to drive and it is quite comfortable on long highways

- zack w

Great road vehicle with comfort for all

This vehicle is a pleasure to drive. Comfortable interior and plenty of power. Road handing is impressive too.

- Bill L

Sporty,Classy and Elegant

Sporty, inside is comfy. Looks amazing. Drives like a dream. Love the navigation, bluetooth is easy to pair.

- Lindsay F

technology is always good and especially when it comes to managing

his designs are special, I like his power and the boot, the built-in technology is of great help. is good

- ceci s

Audi is a premium quality vehicle

Has superfast acceleration. Love my first convertible. Lots of great tech. super luxury

- wendy K

Beautiful ride and very smooth. Gas mileage is fairly decent. It's a vehicle I'm proud to be seen in. No regrets

You will not regret this purchase. Smooth ride no complaint at all

- Holly T

It is a hybrid car and very conservative with the environment

is my style and represents what I am has the comfort that I need

- julito g

It's brand and it's quality and it's emergency number and my insurance number

I have nothing to complain about. Nothing at all. Nothing really

- Ashlynne K