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Be wary of the advertising.

The maintenance and repair are a nightmare, emotionally and financially. As a new car, the comfort and features were a pleasure to behold, but from the first month of driving this vehicle was a money pit. The tires developed air bubbles in the side walls, the brake rotors had to be resurfaced, the transmission replaced, the timing advance repaired and the gas tank replaced as well as plastic cup holders and knobs.

- Dave G

The quattro feature makes all road conditions manageable for any driver.

Excellent vehicle. Great for any seasonal conditions also automatic and manual shifting. Many pros, person/seat specific comfort luxury options. My only complaint would be that it is a difficult car to replace anything under the hood other than a standard tune-up. Not only are parts expensive but they are labor intensive usually only correctly done by a certified dealer.

- James D

Nice car that is still very popular.

The car is actually nice and very good on gas. The only issue is once it starts to have electrical problems within itself you are in for a world of craziness. The car is foreign so all of the parts are overpriced and well you barely know what your reading due to the fact that none of it is in English. Other than that it has very minor issues.

- Lovely M

2002 a6 comfort as well as luxury.

This is a luxury vehicle. The Audi a6 model includes electronic everything, including front and rear seat warmers, a Bose symphony Audio system, a 5 CD disk changer, front and rear climate control, as well as a digital display for the drivers information. It is also spacious, and you have the option to drive in automatic or manual modes.

- Brandy P

Die Hard. Anything will need repair and the costs can be astronomical!

Very reliable but requires upkeep on the maintenance. Also repairs are costly. I live in the North and I wanted to get an automatic start installed. I found out that they don't have them nor did Audi make a provision for one. There are too many diagnostics and changing a fuse is complicated. Think hard before buying German engineering

- Sharon M

It is quite fast for a smaller car.

The car contains a smooth ride and comfortable leather seats. I like that the car is a manual and it drives well in Colorado during snowy conditions. One of the only problems faced with the car is that repair work on it is expensive and it could be a lot better on gas economy.

- Alec T

Reliable with usual repairs.

Love it control arms do not last though have had to replace a couple hoses and the serpentine belt. Headlight bulbs are aftermarket. Just replaced factory battery this year. Have had no other problems with the car. Has always got me where I need to go.

- Kyle J

This car is old but is a functional high-end car that I enjoy driving.

It is an old but fancy car with a timeless styling. It has some issues with the age but runs very well with a tight suspension and has all the bells and whistles that some newer cars still don't have.

- Aaron J

Audi 2002 a6 Quattro summary

I love my Audi it's nice and smooth. I think I do not like is the wide turns! Other then that the car is fun and fast with the dual turbos

- Luis L

It has a turbo that sounds smooth.

I like the color of my car, it's also drives smooth, fast and is gas saver. I dislike the size and the space my car requires.

- J C

That it's very safe and reliable.

I love my Audi. It drives so smooth and has great features. I just wish it didn't cost as much as it does to repair.

- Jessie S

That it is very reliable and easy to maintain.

I like Audi, great car, comfortable reliable. But when it comes to fix something too expensive and complicated.

- Jane G

It's very old I guess, it breaks down from time to time.

Nope, nothing at all. I like my car just the way it is.

- Terry R