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The 2007 Audi a6 (the a stands for awesome).

My car is an 2007 Audi a6 quattro. It gets about 21 city miles to the gallon and between 24 and 25 highway miles to the gallon. I love the way my car drives and handles in the snow- living in Wisconsin winters makes that a very important thing! It also is a very heavy car, mine is about 5000 lbs. It gets up to speed fast and it does not feel like you are going very fast.

- Alicia P

Audi fun! See for yourself!

Handles awesome with fun interior. Neat to look at. Decent gas mileage, but could probably be improved upon. Extras in car are a real plus to the driving experience. Headlights are special in the bright white and provide ample sight for night driving purposes. Go for the option of a sun roof. . , You will not be disappointed.

- Kevin D

My Audi A6 is German, and rather luxurious despite its age.

My whole life, I have liked German cars and this particular model is especially one of my favorites. It is large enough to fit 4 people comfortably, and gets decent gas mileage with great handling. Its expensive to maintain, however It has had a good life and fulfills my desires for a vehicle for the time being.

- Iah R

A beautiful Audi with a smooth ride.

It is a wonderful car that drives extremely smoothly. It had all the bells and whistles Bluetooth, Siriusxm, Wi-Fi and more. It is great on gas and is definitely a pretty looking car. It does have some electronic issues from time to time but Audi is great when it comes to fixing these issues.

- Phil L

It is very reliable, a good choice for those who do not have much money to spend.

People look at me differently. I am a working professional, so I would like to think I am generally respected; this car helps me feel that way. It's a little bit older but it is and was well maintained and I think it suits me quite well. Great for the weather and financially manageable.

- Elijah R

The A6 Audi model is smooth, however the computer may give out a few issues; money and time can easily solve this issue. It's not really a big deal.

My vehicle consists on ECM (Electronic Computer Module) issues, BUT only lightly and not as often. Other than that, my vehicle is loved by my guests, family, friends, and I. However, I recommend an AUX cord entry or Bluetooth to improve this A6 Audi model.

- Victoria C

A car that's a dream come true

I really love my Audi a6. It is very durable and reliable. I had had it for 4 years and have never had any major services done. It handles extremely well in the snow.

- Willie B

It has a backup rear view camera.

I do not have any complaints about my car. I love absolutely everything about my car. It gets between 20 and 26 miles to the gallon, its beautiful and it rides great.

- Katie P

I love how big the trunk is! Perfect for all of my dildos and toys!

It's a very good car. Very big trunk but the seating heating is way too hot. I love this car. I traded in my Audi 2004 a4 for it.

- Naomi W

It can handle any weather and is really a sports car.

Handsome stance with smooth lines. Chic magnet with all options including the worlds best all wheel drive system.

- Neil W