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I love the my Audi. It has comfort features unlike other mid size luxury cars.

I enjoy the interior size of the Audi a6. It has large seats and still enough leg room for 3 adults in the back seat. The truck is unusually large for this size car also. It features navigation, Bluetooth, rear view camera. I like that the navigation once your destination is entered shows up on the dash for ease of reading the map with driving. It has great gas mileage and a lot of pep for a 4 cylinder.

- Jean B

That it's a very fast car has a very nice engine.

It's a gas hog but other than that very luxurious. , very comfortable ride and very nice inside and out no complaints. Has a very strong and smooth motor and just purrs just the way it's supposed to couldn't ask for a better vehicle. It has all the latest features in it all digital and voice control automatic start and everything.

- Kelsey S

Amazing car, no problems and super easy to drive!

Great performance. Super comfortable, easy to use tech. Amazing in the snow. Only problem I have had is that it uses a lot of oil but that is to be expected with the supercharged 6. Overall value for the amount of car you get is really good too! Would definitely consider another one in the future!

- Adam A

Luxury & reliability combined to create a beautiful, timeless sedan.

Feels luxurious from the way it drives to seating and features. Comfort. Reliable in the technology built-in to tell driver when car needs something, never have to wonder before a road trip. Trunk space sufficient, especially for a car. Heated seats are great for back support and chilly mornings!

- A A

This is a very good car for driving.

It is very reliable, the performance is excellent, it is very comfortable. The performance can only be described as remarkable. Everything about the performance, reliability, comfort, and features is very good. This is a very good vehicle. The vehicle is a wonderful vehicle. I love this vehicle.

- Cawl A

Blue automatic automobile with nice lights, peanut butter interior.

Sensitive car, not as many features or amenities. I have had problems with battery, car stalls to start and radio is not of great quality. It is also a hard drive. Tires are 28 inches, also considered to have or require bigger tires. Do not love the color either. Insurance will go up as well.

- Tenia R

The performance overall is what I love about it.

I love my Audi. One of the best cars I have owned I have done an easy 100 mph in the car and it felt like I was going 20 mph I really love the performance of this case wouldn't trade it for nothing but a newer model. I have had it for three years and I have had no problems at all.

- Richard S

It's a diesel and was impacted by the diesel emissions scandal.

I love my car. It is luxurious and comfortable to ride in and it handles like a dream. It is a diesel and it gets fabulous mileage, up to 45 MPG on long highway trips, around 30 in regular city driving. No complaints whatsoever.

- Kathleen F

The interior is very spacious and luxurious feeling.

Performance of the Audi A6 is expected on a luxury midsize car. The ride experience is smooth due to powerful engines and great suspension systems. The interior is roomy and luxurious feeling. The mileage is also fantastic.

- leon c

It's really comfortable for everyday drive.

It is really comfortable and really quite in the inside seats are perfect for my bright and drives flawlessly handles great acceleration is great it has given me no issues whatsoever and it is a 2014 Audi a6.

- Jason M

Quality second to none. Comfort, user friendly, great mileage!

Audi - worth the price. Didn't know they made vehicles this nice. Quality everywhere. Drive 3 hours and feel like it's been less than one! Wish I'd found Audi sooner. Now I'm spoiled!

- Mark C

Audi a6 - sporty and refined.

This is the best car I have ever owned. Just as reliable at 100k as it was when I drove it off the lot. Highly recommend! Beautiful, reliable, and fun to drive!

- Ivy B

Its can drive very fast. Its smooth riding. Awesome car.

I love the way it looks. I love the smooth ride and pick up it has. It has supercharge turbo. Nothing to dislike about the car.

- Melissa R

Know how to use cruise control and pay attention to your gas.

It rides and last along time and good for traveling. Low miles perfect for a regular car make sure you get your favorite color.

- David B

The car is expensive on gas.

Like everything except the handle. I wish it were tighter and I also wish it picked up speed more like a sports cat.

- Dominique W

This is a great car I love it.

It's a great car I have no issues with the vehicle and I love driving this car anytime I can get out to drive it.

- Conner T

Great to drive and keeps my family and I safe when we drive

Love the navigation system and safety features. Also handles well

- Deena F

It's reliable and you won't be disappointed

It's very comfortable and runs smoothly. I have no complaints

- Emma A

Smooth ride with no complaints. Will get another one when time comes

No complaints, very smooth. Very satisfied with car.

- Kelly K