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The gas mileage is wonderful.

My vehicle handles great and my Audi gets great gas mileage. The air conditioning and the heater both excel my expectations. The noise I reduction is top of the line, and with the power and performance of overall road conditions and control on the highway, I could not ask for a better car. My family and I love the way it performs the design is sporty and at the same time sleek. Thanks Audi for making a great car. The interior also comfortable and. Easy to clean.

- Thomas K

Reliable updated and new Audi.

It is okay but I do not drive it much. It has all the functions and equipment of a new car. Performance is great, really reliable and comfortable. Has all the updated features and GPS system. It comes with great insurance plan but the issue is with the oil change. There's minor issues here and there and issues with having service for it is costly.

- Sally T

The performance is next to none. The drive system is filled with power.

My vehicle is very reliable, and the performance is pretty good. I never did have any issue with it at all. The down side I must say is cost of service, but aside from that is one of the best car I have ever owned. Is always a joy to drive regardless of weather condition. Is a simple word, this is a car I would recommend to anyone to buy.

- Jay Spencer O

Its very low maintenance an good on gas.

It is a really nice car love driving it rides smoothly very fast I would recommend this car I love it I will buy another Audi I am going to when this car breaks down overall a very good car this has been the best vehicle I have ever owned it is great on gas too it has treated me very well very low maintenance car.

- Nick M

The Audi is a really smooth car overall

It's a really good car. Drives smoothly. Safe, quick reaction time in terms of breaking. System runs nicely and it's a very pretty and luxury car to look at. The seats are plush leather that is nice, the seat warmer is really a plus because it warms up the car. The sound system is loud too and that's awesome

- Kate A

Safety and very smooth drive.

The vehicle is awesome to drive its too comfortable it has best safety system. Drive is very smooth, break system is awesome no trouble during drive. It has best mileage less fuel and high speed. I am not going to change my car until 5 more years. Its available in different colors you must enjoy its ride.

- Muhammad J

Audi A6 where luxury meets technology!

My Audi A6 is a wonderful car which brings together luxury and performance.My personal favorite part of the car is the technology intertwined with it from Audi; Their side assistance, blind side monitoring, collision control and much more, really allow me to relax and feel more comfortable when driving.

- Val H

Love the Pirelli tires for a smoother ride.

Excellent ride and precision and quick start up with a lot of power for a 4 cylinder.. It does require premium plus gas. Excellent car and would buy another a6 in a couple of years. Navigation system is not difficult to use also like the blind spot option which is very helpful when changing lanes.

- Marianne V

My second Audi, even better than the first.

I love this car. It has navigation, xm radio, is comfortable to drive, fast, responsive and has a big trunk with split fold down back seats. It has lane departure warnings and back up cameras, parking assist, a great sound system. This is my second Audi. I have had it 2 1/2 years with no problems.

- kay m

Very fast and nice from inside and outside.

It's very reliable and can drive very fast and has a very nice interior and can be very good at highway and any street. Really nice ac and very good experience. No problem at all with any interior or exterior and it look very nice from inside and out. It's really nice to check out. Please do.

- Mo M

Luxury vehicle that is great on long trips.

Great handling on the road. Comfortable seats and smooth ride. Navigation system is cumbersome and a pain to use. Quiet ride. Heated seats are a nice option. Room for 3 adults sitting comfortably in the back seat. Trunk space is great and drop down rear seats provides additional trunk space.

- Elaine M

Not being able to feel the speed of the car from within

The car needs a lot of maintenance and can be extremely costly. For example, the tires have needed to be replaced several times already. Additionally, the brakes padding needed to be replaced. It is extremely reliable, comfortable and has amazing features to guarantee my safety.

- TIffany W

White fast car no issues love it.

I love my vehicle is a very nice and reliable car it's fast no problems or issues or anything like that it's awesome and super white is the color. I cannot complain I have the best car ever. I really have nothing else to say the engine is fast and no issues at all.

- Lak L

I want others to know I have style and class.

I like my Audi because it is a luxury vehicle. It allows me to express my individuality. It has all the bells and whistles and performs great. It's interior is spacious and comfortable to drive short and long distances. I don't like the cost of upkeep it requires.

- Greg L

Audi sedans are the best!

Runs nice. No road noise. It's pretty and has plenty of room. My two kids love it as well. It's a sedan and drives like a dream. It's the favorite vehicle I've ever owned. I'm planning on buying another one soon as 2020 model comes out! I want a white one though

- Lyndsey S

Tremendous speed and power.

Very reliable I use this vehicle daily and I've never had an issue. I would recommend this as well as any German car. I enjoy the power and handling this car was made for speed. This has been the best decision I ever made as far as a car is concerned. Thanks.

- David S

If you are looking for luxury it's perfectly affordable and so far has required little maintenance

It's very roomy for my family and comfortable. I feel it is very safe stylish and perfect for my lifestyle. I love how it feels on the road and it's been so dependable. I wish it had more technology in it but otherwise it's perfect

- Lori G

Audi A6 is a perfect blend between utility and performance at a very attractive price.

Audi has top-notch performance but costs considerably less than Its peers. It is a nice blend between a family sedan and a performance vehicle. My entire family feels comfortable riding in the car.

- Chuck F

It is a very versatile vehicle that is sporty, roomy and has great gas mileage.

This vehicle is a great all around vehicle. It is very sporty, has great gas mileage, all while providing plenty of room for storage and passengers. Has all of the latest technology

- John G

Decent features for a luxury car

it's a little big for my garage, and the navigation system is a bit slow. The reverse camera is fairly helpful and the power adjust heated seats are nice in the winter months.

- Adam H

It gets me from point a to point b.

I like how the car looks. I also like how it feels when you drive and many of the interior features like heated seats. I dislike the cost of the car and maintenance.

- Philip G

It's also has a really cool back cam.

My Audi is black and silver. It has chrome wheels and many other features. It is a really smooth ride and really hope to own it after my lease is up.

- Keith A

It is very comfortable to drive.

The ride is smooth. The steering handles well and I have no complaints about the mechanics. One dislike is the high cost of maintenance.

- Carmen P

The A6, which I drove last week, should enable Audi to remain at cruising speed.Audi features are integrated into the cycle including LED lighting, a belt drive, aluminum and carbon fiber components, and disk brakes

Audi features are integrated into the cycle including LED lighting, a belt drive, aluminum and carbon fiber components, and disk brakes

- armando A

Good gas mileage. Smooth ride. Comfortable interior. Handles well in snow.

Safety recall on passenger side airbag in June. Still not able to repair. Front cup holders are too small for standard size cups.

- Carmen P

security and Comfortable is the best

The appearance is beautiful, the space is very big, the power is very strong, the fuel consumption is not high, a very good car.


It is very comfortable and easy.

Perfect and very easy to use. No problems at all just the perfect car. I recommend using it and getting it as soon as possible.

- Amanda K

I think they should know that it is worth the money

I enjoy my vehicle as it is a nice color, rides safety and is super comfortable. It is fast but also a very unique vehicle

- Justin G

Audi A6, is my favorite brand of cars that I had ever drive.

It is working with me very well. Actually, it has great and different quality, which makes it more uniqueness from others.

- Adam N

That it is so reliable. I never worry about it breaking down on the road.

I like everything about my car. There is nothing I hate. I love it all. It is great. There is nothing I hate about it.

- Brittany E

Very easy and comfortable to drive.

Audi A6 gives me much good experience,it has goo comfort and easy to drive,it has many features to ensure my safety.

- John S

It gives you a sense of accomplishment for all your hard work.

The Audi a6 has very low road noise. Gas mileage is decent for a turbo vehicle. The quattro system is amazing.

- Felicia W

My Audi handles very well and gets very good gas mileage. Comfortable on long rides as well.

I love the way my Audi handles. The comfort is awesome. The gas mileage isn't bad. I love the way she looks!

- Phyllis K

It is fast and luxurious. Smooth ride.

Mileage and easy smooth ride. Almost like luxury in a box. Radio and speakers are great. Gas pedal is fast.

- Mike G

It has gps, backup camera with sensors

It has had zero problems and it's been going strong. It is very comfortable and the drive is very powerful

- Amon P

Goes up to 250 mph an its wi-fi capable.

I love the way the engine sounds the leather seats the muffler color of the car tires are amazing 3gears.

- Jones V

Large space and easy to drive

I am very satisfied with its performance and reliability,it also has a good comfort and easy to drive.

- Matt J

It is a affordable car to get and it has style to it.

It is a very good vehicle. It has great gas mileage. Thus, the performance overall is great.

- Thomas F

Audi vehicles are mad to be experienced

The comfort level and style are superior and the craftsmanship is amazing

- Frederick W

It has useful features and the best is the light quality,.

It has very useful features and nice color I like.

- terrence H

The Audi it is a comfortable, reliable, showy and fast vehicle.

- Carter H