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Audi a6, the best all around vehicle you can buy.

I love my Audi a6. The car comes with all the features I would want in my car and some. The Quattro all wheel drive is outstanding and it comes with plenty of power. It is has a roomy interior, comfortable ride but yet still aggressive handling. Great boss sound system, with an outstanding radio, navigation and display.

- Jesus P

Audi review on 2017 a 6 car that was recently bought and has low mileage.

The car is luxurious has all the whistles that are needed with technology. It rides very well and seats 4 comfortably. This is my 5th Audi. The car and service are better than the financing of the car. The paint on the car holds up well due to FL heat. The internal sound system lays well.

- Roberta F

My Audi car and why I love it.

I don't really have any problems with my car. I think that my car is perfectly fine the way it is and I do not think that it needs any fixing or repairs. I have had this car for a few years now and it has not caused any problems for me. I would like to keep this car for much longer.

- John H

It is a very elegant and beautiful fast car.

It has really great performance. It is super fast, very comfortable and smooth ride. It is a very prestige car. I highly recommend it for sure. The car is great for racing and many other useful things. It is a very beautiful and elegant car. Get yourself one today!

- kayla S

the safety and features the car pposses

I love the car, It's safe reliable and really easy to drive. i love that It's safety and features make up for a lot of perks. It is expensive to fill up on gas since everything take premium gas

- Amit M

That it provides one of the smoothest rides you ever come across

I love my Audi the class the comfort and sophistication is what I'm looking for and it's exactly what I got with this vehicle it's one of the best brands and or car companies I have came across

- Tomeka W

Dependable, fast, comfortable

An absolutely great dependable car. Gets me from point a to point by be with style. Performance is top of the chain. Tan leather seats with a warming sensation

- Jay A

It has the smoothest ride! It handles curves,hills and potholes fantastically!

I absolutely love it! It rides so smoothly. It handles the roads so perfectly. From the potholes in San Bernardino as well as the steep mountain climb!

- Queenie H

Top speed is 240. But gas runs out slowly

My vehicle has a Bluetooth so I can connect my phone to listen to music. I don't need keys to start it up all I need to do is press the button

- Chris O

Audi is the best possible brand according to me. Its just my opinion, doesn't mean you will like it but yeah.

My vehicle is very comfortable and nice. the seats are super soft and spongy. According to my way of use i don't find any problems.

- jiya P

It's very easy to drive. I trust it.

The space is very big, the appearance is also very good, the fuel consumption is not very high. I like it


It's very technologically advanced.

my vehicle has great pick-up, quiet interior and a smooth ride. overall, I'm very happy with it.

- Becky Z

Style and Performance Style and Performance Style and Performance

Like the style and the performance Like the style and the performance

- dorothy d