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This vehicle is good for beginners and people who are not that used to driving.

This car is very good and smooth to drive for anyone that wants an easy to used car. But however my height is making it to hard for me to use the car but a other than that Audi this may have been the best car you've made in my opinion it is also easy to fit into any driveways and garages some cars do not fit but this one does. It has smooth feature and the seats are very comfortable.

- Mp P

The fabulous Audi and all it can give to you!

This vehicle is safe and comfortable. I use it on long trips and the performance is wonderful. So far I have encountered no problems and truly this is a car I trust my life with. I love the four wheel drive and how smooth it rides. It is very spacious and allows comfort for all riders not just the driver

- Mark C

Audi review: the gas is not that great.

It is reliable, the gas could be better though. I find that when driving in the city my gas drops very quickly. It is stylish, I have gotten many compliments on the car. A little dated now, probably going to get a new one in the next year or so, but that is just because I like getting new cars often.

- Rachel C

It�s black, tinted windows, no rims

that car was pretty good dishes sometimes with that crazy that it doesn't really work that fast is because I don't put much legitimately working and traveling so much and not caring about it but he said it to those 70 is a great car. But overall it's a great car it's called the Audi seven 2017

- Regina W

The car is overall amazing for its performance, speed, sheen look, and drive.

I overall love the shape, feel, drive, control, and performance of this car. The trunk space is a little small for what I need but holds almost everything. The audio and sound of music is amazing and I always enjoy listening to music. The car is very spacious and love to drive people around.

- Matthew G

Cars, automobiles, how they work, why we drive them.

Car works great, keep tires pumped full, check oil, keep gas tank full, window washer fluid, all the regular stuff, I love driving, the roads are great. I can drive up to where I need to go. My best car is my Mercedes, it works great, and not too old, not too many miles on it.

- Nicholas G

comfortable and efficient vehicle

It is easy to drive, it is comfortable internally, its performance on the road is very good, the gasoline consumption is quite optimal, as for space maybe the trunk should be bigger but the physical space for passengers is large and comfortable.

- Cedric S

Its safe and dependable and I have yet to have a problem with it

It is a very dependable car that has great pickup and resale value. I get a lot of compliments on this car and will probably be buying another one in a few years

- amber g

It had a tone of storage for a standard full size vehicle.

The audi a-7 is a four door vehicle and has a hatchback. I love it's sleek design and the way is handles on the road. It is my second Audi A-7.

- Mark P

I think my car is nice, the size, color and brand are very good for me.

I don't think my car has a problem. Actually, it's a very good car, everything is in order, its parts, color and size is perfect to me.

- John H

The design is beautiful, I love my car

my main vehicle is very comfortable, I like it very much. Until now the car have not had problems that is why I am very happy

- Jordan R

stable and reliable at all times

It is a like and stable vehicle. presents good grip to the road and very good brakes and it is very elegant to look

- abdulai a

It drives very well. Smooth and accelerates quickly.

Design of the car makes it a great looking vehicle. Speed of the car makes it fun to drive. I feel good driving it!

- Melissa M

extremely faster,has a great engine

very comfortable car, it's a high quality car. I often recommend it to my friends and family, it's a masterpiece

- Ronny P

The cars performance is superior to many others in Its price range.

I love the look. It is spacious and well contradicted. The interior feels very nice and has comfortable seating.

- Nick E

my vehicle is high performance

i have vehicle for high quality and good performance, i like my vehicle, i feel satisfied and happy, so good

- Sean S

A good car to drive around

Good car I would upgrade if I could right now anything else I can't think of saying right now good good

- Shari S

an good last model is cute

excellent vehicle I like all it is an excellent vehicle does not have many problems is very conserved


it is very safe, it has great safety ratings on the national website and it makes me feel very safe.

I love the way that it drives and handles. There is nothing that I dislike or have complaints about.

- maria j

The highlight would be the miles

My vehicle is great it runs wells and it did have one problem with transmission but I got that fixed.

- Waqas S

It has a great features. And it is easy to drive. It also very comfortable.

my car is very good in its feature and quality. It has a very powerful engine

- Denis R

quality and safety with a large interior for the family

great features and safety components and very reliable

- tom s